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Welcome Home - PAX AUS 2014
By Master_Craig
Posted on 11/18/14
Last night I returned home from PAX AUS 2014. Long story short, it wasn't perfect, but it was quite possibly the best weekend I've had this year. It was a lot of fun. If you'd like to continue reading, the long story is just below. Buckle up. This is gonna be...


Ten More Rockstar Verified GTA Online Community-Made Missions Reviewed

Posted on Tuesday, February 11 @ 16:30:00 Eastern by

That's right, I'm still playing GTA Online! Let's check out the latest community made maps promoted by Rockstar Games.

Beach side race - 2/5 - Pay: Low - Competition: Low

This race starts off with some winding turns and the jumps near Del Perro pier, but being a point-to-point for motorcycles it can be too short to bother loading or competing for cash in. The creator possibly saw this and threw in plenty of awkward obstacles on the final freeway straightaway. I tried to take a construction dumpster launch pad to shortcut one of the containers blocking the ride side and flew off my motorcycle after the wheels and placed objects didn’t interact properly. I’d say you’ll likely find better competition and better payouts elsewhere.

CUSTOM FREEWAY GYMKHANA - 4/5 - Pay: Mid - Competition: Low

My favorite race in the last set of ten Rockstar Verified community-made missions took downtown Los Santos and gave us a wild new look at a section of the game that every player had already worn tread on. CUSTOM FREEWAY GYMKHANA does the same thing with the awkward industrial district in the south of San Andreas. I’ve never navigated the roads in that particular way, which means the race feels unique and familiar at the same time. Still, be wary of getting comfortable in your hot lap. This race includes a few walls and blocks so you don’t make the wrong turn, but come up to the finish line too fast and you’ll fly right off the on-ramp and into the water, wasting a lot of time. This race defaults to three laps which works well given the track is rather short. Try voting for this in your next post-job lobby in GTA Online.

From Weazel to Weazel - 4/5 - Pay: High - Competition: High

This race is long and entertaining enough, but there seem to be many other players looking to race from Weazel news back to Weazel news through the coastal freeway and gorgeous mountain pass. I placed second in a race between four players and walked away with $4000. Overall the race took about 5 minutes meaning it’s one of the better choices in a post-match lobby screen.

Rush Hour - 3/5 - Pay: Mid - Competition: Low

I only got one other player to race with me in Rush Hour, a roughly 8-minute lap around Los Santos on the surrounding freeways. It’s a well constructed race but the length might turn some off. Try to get your post-match lobby to vote for it though as it’s one of the better paying races in GTA Online. Truth be told the one guy I got to play this with me got into some spectacular crashes, to the point where I actually slowed down and followed just to see. Literally, like flipping over me and landing on the other side but still flopping upside down thanks to the median.

High Road - 4/5 - Pay: Low - Competition: Low

This is actually a really cool lap race that takes you through a few patches off-road (default set to motorcycles, but don’t worry it’s mostly paved, so choose a road bike like the Akuma). The neat thing is that many off-road race-makers have been creating point to point races, while High Road actually loops around from city to mountain side like a big halo hanging off of San Andrea’s greener pasture. I couldn’t even get someone to stay in the race lobby to play this with me though. I’ll try again later.

Long Haul 2 - 3/5 - Pay: Mid - Competition: Low

Long Haul 2 is one big ass race. It goes around the entire San Andreas island, there are some weapons and other pick ups in GTA Race, which you’ll definitely want to play in to make it interesting. Basically, this race always works out where one person pulls ahead of the pack, if there even is a pack (good luck filling those 16 slots). Still, it’s a long race so you’ll be able to chat with friends all you like.

Horseback Hell - 2/5 - Pay: Low - Competition: Low

More like "Horseback Helluva time trying to get anyone to play this map." Pickups are kind of scattered and no one wants to vote for this. People don't seem to be enjoying deathmatch as much as free roam lately.

Lodge Battle - 3/5 - Pay: Low - Competition: Low

I like this map because I typically owned by climbing on top of the lodge or really anywhere that gave me a higher vantage point. Watch for enemies hiding around corners. I hope this map catches on because it turns an obscure locale into a very playable arena.

Woodbury - 3/5 - Pay: Mid - Competition: Low

This map is all about positioning and maintaining the dominant position over the opposition. If you play the map with its default settings, everyone will start with knives and pick up better weapons throughout the match. That's the best way to enjoy Woodbury, but good luck getting a lobby to vote for this.

The Pad of Death - 4/5 - Pay: Mid - Competition: Mid

Everyone knows this spot as one of the many helicopter spawns in GTA Online, but in The Pad of Death it's a cement platform full of dead bodies. There are a bunch of powerful weapon pickups, so go with Forced + Pickups when setting up your match. I like this map a lot as there are plenty of ways to get around your enemies or sneak up for melee kills. Further, there's always some asshole who has the bright idea to go on the overpass look over the heli-pad. Take him out immediately.

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