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The Latest Rockstar Verified GTA Online Community-Created Missions Reviewed

Posted on Wednesday, January 22 @ 18:00:00 Eastern by
Rockstar Games updated GTA Online with ten brand new Rockstar Verified jobs created by the community and ready for play on both Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms. This is the second round of Rockstar Verified and community developed content for the massive online world in Grand Theft Auto V. I hopped online and played each job so, how about a quick review of each new race and deathmatch:

Twists and Twirls - 2/5 - Pay: Low - Competition: Light

This is a race laid out over the Vinewood Hills area. It's a bit too similar to some of the other races that Rockstar Games launched with GTA Online last year, so you might have a hard time getting your lobby to vote for it. Rockstar warns of fishtailing and that's certainly a danger here. Being a race, the payout is determined by how well you do and how many other racers you're up against. I'd recommend a different job.

Stars In Your Eyes - 3/5 - Pay: Low - Competition: Light

This track is inspired by a race by the same name in Grand Theft Auto IV. With Super cars being the suggested class, many players will probably fly off one of the LS freeway's on-ramps and into a big wreck, wasting a ton of time. Be sure to keep turns tight. Control is better than speed when you come up to the end of the 8-lane straight-aways. Races seem to be the popular mode to develop in GTA Online's Creator tools, so if you like this one, replay. If not, find a deathmatch to grind up bigger cash rewards.

Monaco Grand Prix GTA ed. - 2/5 - Pay: Low - Competition: Light

This race is styled after the Monaco Grand Prix. The author, even says it's about as close as anyone can hope of recreating the historic race in San Andreas. In the end, mimicking Monaco ends up leaving the race with forced zig-zag turns in the middle of wide-open roads. While the race is a lot of fun, it loses points for trying so damn hard in the first place. Are we already stuck with real-world mimicries with all of Los Santos at our disposal?

Casal Dos Ferros Race - 4/5 - Pay: Low - Competition: Medium

While I don't expect this race to become a major favorite among GTA Online's Criminal Records-obsessed masses, it does present some entertaining twists and turns for players accustomed to the less insane races designed by Rockstar themselves. This race feels like something you've run before, but takes you to new places and finishes on Del Perro Pier. If only there was a big jump off the end and into the ocean for a splahy finish.

4 Way Madness - 5/5 - Pay: Low - Competition: High

This is my favorite race in the latest Rockstar Verified update. It takes a section of road players have worn tread on since Grand Theft Auto V's launch and turns it into something wildly different. While the image representing this race on voting screens makes it look like a deathmatch in a busy intersection, it actually features excellent turns and plenty of high-flying jumps. Be careful for opponents trying to pass you overhead.

Crastenburg Drifting Race - 4/5 - Pay: Low - Competition: Medium

Are power and control the same thing? They are in this race. The only way you'll reach top speed at any point during the Crastenburg Drifting is if you can control your cars weight and speed into every hair-pin turn. And believe me, there are a lot of those. The entire track will have you jamming on the breaks in the hopes that you don't over steer. If you do, make sure to go wide. Some of the containers that mark U-turns might feature a bit more traffic than you'd like. Swing around them fast enough and you might get the lead on anyone foolish enough to take the inside track while part of the pack.

Laguna Seca Remake- 3/5 - Pay: Low - Competition: Medium

Same deal as the Monaco remake race. I like this one better though because it has a pretty slick presentation where red and white tires mark an out-of-bounds area (or as I like to call it the "you're boned zone"). Plus, if an opponent happens to foolishly cross that red and white rubber barrier, they'll likely get stuck thanks to Super and Sports car classes featuring low suspensions.

Classy Construction - 2/5 - Pay: Medium - Competition: Low

I don't see Classy Construction replacing Prison Thugz Fight as the most popular community-made deathmatch any time soon. For whatever reason, GTA Online players love stabbing each other out in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Classy Construction has some nice sniper positions and plenty of high-end cars you can ignore or blow up, but ultimately I don't think this will gain traction in lobby votes. If you have a big group, it's still worth playing a deathmatch like this for the cash.

Paradise Ally - 3/5 - Pay: Medium - Competition: Low

This deathmatch offers up multiple points of entry, making it hard for campers to rack up the headshots they may feel entitled to. How sad! Rockstar Games offered this tip, which I tried and had fun with in my match: "The audacious play is to snag an ATV from the perimeter and charge through the burnt out cars and buses into the central corridor to try and spring a surprise attack." It was certainly a surprise when I accidentally rolled my Blazer and took out an enemy before getting shot after my stupidly lucky wreck.

Terry's Hangout - 4/5 - Pay: Medium - Competiton: Medium

Do your best to encourage lobbies to vote for Terry's Hangout as it's my favorite new Rockstar Verified deathmatch. First, I like the fairly open layout out near Sandy Shores airfield. Second, not enough Creators are exploring the space outside of Los Santos. There's plenty of fun stuff downtown but maybe players should look to the San Andreas wilderness for inspiration next. Third, stay off my hangar. Terry's Hangout is easily dominated from two positions: the air traffic control tower and the top of the hangar. Get a group together and load this up to grind away a few hours in Team Deathmatch and make some cold hard cash while you're at it.

We'll have more on GTA Online, Grand Theft Auto V's impending PC release, and Rockstar's plans for DLC as things develop.
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