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Dokuro makes the jump from handheld to PC, but does it help or hinder this unusual platformer?

About Love, Hate, and the other Review
Simple feelings. Complex puzzles.
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With multiplayer action set as its focus, Evolve surprised us earlier this month by introducing a single-player campaign mode where you can switch between mercenaries.
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Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Gamers
If this awful trend is going to persist, you may as well do it your way.
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Gamer Love
By ryanbates
Posted on 12/19/14
When a player one meets his or her player two, it's a beautiful thing. Check out this cake my friend and GameRevolution reader Lindsey L. gave her sweetums on their two-year anniversary!   ...


The People Speak Deluxe - Game Boy Meets World

Posted on Thursday, April 24 @ 17:30:00 Eastern by

When the world falls apart, what will remain? Snide comments about how crummy the drinking water is, probably. A few cans of Campbell's soup, maybe. The forums... forever. Get in there and post something!

The Game Boy Turns 25 Today!

The first games I played on the pea soup powered brick were super mario land and tmnt II, I borrowed it from a friend for a trip and being completely honest I thought that something was wrong with it because of the ghosting on the screen, but once I got used to it it wasn't much of a problem. My friend had another gb so he let me keep the one he lent me, sadly this amazing gift was taken away from me shortly after an awful family trip by, I suspect, a heartless "SoB" in room service (and with zelda nonetheless), the hotel owner was an uncle of mine so we set no fuss and not a f**k was given for my precious lost item, years later I ended up buying a Gameboy Color and that was the portable system that I totally fell in love with, the screen ghosting was fixed! plus the batteries lasted eons. I bought a lot of crazy stuff for my gbc, the awful pelican survival kit with a lot of unnecessary accessories and even the gb camera and printer! I missed a lot of gems from the classic gameboy era so my favorite games are Megaman Xtreme, Zelda dx and Pokeman! Crystal.

PS4 Vs. Xbox One Is "A War That No One Actually Wins," Says Titanfall Dev

Truly the only losers in this war are the ones who endlessly argue about it.

Do You Experience Male Gamer Privilege?
Stephen Smith

Looks like Jonathan's research is as lacking as that of the web video series he produces.

I hate to break this to McIntosh -- or anyone else with a worldview as set in stone as his -- but the male privilege argument is only ever used as a method to shut down and dismiss dissenting opinions.

Without going through this point-by-point -- I have the distinct feeling that McIntosh will be as unreceptive to criticism as Anita Sarkeesian -- none of his points had any grounding in fact and he didn't give his audience the benefit of doing any research. The idea that men "can be relatively sure my thoughts about video games won’t be dismissed or attacked based solely on my tone of voice, even if I speak in an aggressive, obnoxious, crude or flippant manner" is ludicrous, as any gamer with any knowledge of online gaming will know. Any gamer who has even spent any time as a member of a gaming forum will know that's not the case.

McIntosh can't assume that his audience is as ignorant as he is with regards to gaming.

PS4 Vs. Xbox One Is "A War That No One Actually Wins," Says Titanfall Dev

I completely disagree with the whole "nobody wins" shit. If gamers didn't demand high standards and bitch about all of this stuff, right now we would likely have two systems that are less powerful and more expensive so that MS and Sony turn a larger profit. We would also likely be "blessed" with a DRM-laden turd of a system from MS. So, competition and gamers bitching probably pays off. The only thing that pisses me off is when companies pay for exclusivity and DLC.... even when I own both systems (like last gen) it's annoying.

Edit: As i posted this somebody else said people who argue lose. True (but sometimes it can be a little fun).

The People Speak Deluxe - Haiku to You

Who makes the money
off National Haiku Day?
Clearly Zionist plot.

From the forums: Trying to hook up my old NES to my HDTV, help please

​I've tried connecting my NES to my HDTV using RCA cables plugged into the A/V ports. I get sound, but no video. I've triple-checked that the cables are hooked up to the correct porst on both ends, so that isn't hte problem. Any ideas about why, and how I can fix this?

My TV is an LG-brand from 2010, if that matters any,

From the forums: Do you name your Pokemon?

Or do you keep it strictly OG with the generic pokedex names? What's the name you gave a favorite Pokemon that you best remember?
Do you use ALL CAPS? I feel like the game always wants you to use all caps and it drives me nuts.
Oh, also, do you give your trainer your real name and do you name your rival just the filthiest curse word?
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