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Release date: 01/20/15

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Gamer Love
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Posted on 12/19/14
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The People Speak Deluxe - Kinected

Posted on Thursday, May 15 @ 17:00:00 Eastern by

We celebrate the community around GameRevolution weekly and feature your comments and reactions! Let's hit the list for a lot of snark and always a little wisdom:

Nintendo Apologizes for Tomodachi Life on Facebook
Marq Stonestreet

I'm gay, and I'll deal with it... still not quite as big a shock as me not being able to be black in Pokemon even though they made the tone for NPC's...
At least they were tactful enough to apologize. Now that it's been brought to my attention, I will just wait patiently for honest reviews to see if I'll purchase it.


I feel that their reaction toward the situation shows a great deal of compassion. They handled it well. However, as a HUGE member of the beastiality community, I will continue waiting for an apology. My lack of romantic representation in Tomodachi Life has me a bit bitter toward Nintendo.


Wow, there's some good competition for troll du jour here. BigTruckSeries, step your game up.

Borderlands 2 (Vita) Review

hahaha a four out of five stars?!?!? you guys over at gamerevolution are delusional sony nut bags. ign gave this game a 5.4 out of 10
In my honest opinion I think you got this score mixed up with titanfall for the xbox one, titanfall deserves a 4/5 stars and borderlands 2 deserves a 3/5 stars.
I now know for a fact after this review sony is giving gamerevolution MONEY to give good reviews to sony games and extra money to bash xbox one games. pathetic website.


Then fuck off?


​You do realize people can have opinions that differ from your own, right? I too haven't seen outstanding reviews from all over but, hey try it for yourself and tell me how you like it. I think if you're writing for a video game website, you aren't biased towards a single console. You're probably just passionate about going to where the game are. People gotta stop with this rivalry. Just because you care which system does/is better doesn't mean every reviewer does. WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!

PS. GR gave Plants vs. Zombies a 5. Rating don't mean anything. Read the actual review.

Microsoft: Lack of Kinect Could Boost Xbox One Performance

This makes perfect sense! You can unplug your Kinect, and plug in a "next-gen console gaming module." Plus, it looks sweet.


Their powers combined they create....
The average gaming PC!
Their competitor (Wii U) quakes in inferiority!


Nice, Edd. I'm incapable of reading that first line and NOT doing it in the SuperFriends' announcer voice. "Form of... cable box. Shape of... a spy camera!"​

Here's How to Get a Wii U for $200

Here's how to get a Wii U for free:
Walk up to someone who owns a wii U
say "I'll take that burden off your hands, hell, I'll even throw in a steam gift card"
they respond with tears in their eyes: "Th...Thank you"
You respond "Just doing the work of lord Gaben"
They reply "Praise him"​

Xbox One Kinect-Less SKU Announced

Yeah...still not interested. Microsoft really screwed the pooch for PR for this system. That, coupled with the fact that I have owned three 360's makes me want to never invest in a Microsoft console again.


But you kept going back. (I'm on my second 360 after the first one broke again after returning back from RRoD warranty service.)


The only thing that surprises me about this is that they pulled the trigger on it so quickly. Figured they would at least wait until E3 to drop news like this, but maybe they're doing it so they can focus on showing how the xb1 will work without the kinect rather than being bogged down by the announcement.


Thank you microsoft. Now you make all the commenters that said it would never happen look bad.

From the forums: Video Game Survey / Absurdly Forgiving Teacher

I have no idea why my statistics professor is giving me two weeks extra time on my final project. Nevertheless, I thank him for it, and need to pounce on this opportunity while it lasts.

I would appreciate it very much if you could answer all three questions below.

How many hours a day do you spend playing video games?
• 0-4 hours
• 4-8 hours
• 8-12 hours
• 12+ hours
How many hours do you spend around friends?
• 0-4 hours
• 4-8 hours
• 8-12 hours
• 12+ hours
Which genre of video game do you play the most?
• Role-Playing Games
• First-Person Shooters
• Fighting Games

From the forums: Bork!

Let's talk international food.

I would try almost everything in that video. I had a bacon insider from Jack in the Box a while ago, but it turned out to be undercooked bacon in a plain-jane beef patty.

My mom and I like to go to whatever local world market we can find, and look at all the ridiculous stuff they have, like spotted dick in a can. MattAY, do you like spotted dick? I must know.

From the forums: Weirdest thing you've seen today

What's the weirdest thing you've seen... today? If you saw anything weird that is. Hey, if you don't see anything weird, you never know, you might see something weird tomorrow.

Today I saw a guy out on the street in the city wearing only shorts, standing in the middle of the sun with his arms out and making fists, like he was receiving energy from the sun or something.

I saw him and the first thing that popped in my head was "Praise the sun!" - thanks Dark Souls.

From the forums: Canadia

So, long story short the latest australian budget was just announced.
So now i'm weighing up staying, new zealand and maple syrup land. So, what's canada like these days? Jobs? Any stupid laws kicking around? What areas are shit and what are nice? Is healthcare properly free, etc?

From Facebook: Nintendo to Release New Hardware in Emerging Markets in 2015
Paul Davis

Don't encourage them.

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