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Welcome Back to the West
By oneshotstop
Posted on 08/01/16
The only thing that stops the dust is the rain. It’s a sweet reprieve, but there is no middle ground. The land is either as dry as the Betty Ford clinic, or as wet as the ocean floor. Everything can be seen from the ridge overlooking Armadillo as John Marston gently bounces along atop...


The People Speak Deluxe - May Day

Posted on Thursday, May 1 @ 17:30:00 PST by

We've been tackling a number of social issues in 2014, but the best part comes when we get to read your reactions and your opinions. We love our commenters, the greater community surrounding GameRevolution, and the viciously intelligent responses we get. Is there something going on in gaming that GameRevolution needs to get to the bottom of? What kinds of topics do you want to see on our site?

As always, please enjoy some of our favorite comments, forum posts, and social media shares from the past week:

Do You Experience Female Gamer Privilege?

I had to stop putting my real first name down in online gaming profiles because it's more commonly a girl name in the States, than where I'm originally from. Anyone who thinks there isn't a difference in how men and women are treated in online gaming need to grow up, get a clue and stop being part of the problem.

Iwata: Nintendo No Longer Just a Video Game Company

Stop worrying about other people's quality of life when your console is a corpse.

Editor's Corner: A Website Doesn't Give Out Review Scores, A Writer Does

I actually really like Second Opinion reviews without scores or too much into it, just a three paragraph thing saying "I agree/disagree with this review for reason reason opinion reason etc." I just like seeing other viewpoints and such, since a lot of people have different perspectives on things.

Nintendo: US Market Wants "Strong, Angry Kirby" More Than Cute Kirby

​I personally love the idea of an ultra-cute puffball roaming the countryside devouring all life much more than a "tough" guy doing the same. The dichotomy is one reason Kirby interests me.

ET Died for Our Sins And Microsoft Dug Him Back Up

I actually played the ET game way back in the day. It was dull and tedious, and even with the instruction manual it was pretty tough to figure out what the hell was going on. Then again, I hadn't yet seen the ET movie at the time, so that might have contributed to my general dislike of the game.

Super Mario Bros., Roger Rabbit Actor Bob Hoskins Dead at 71

Bob Hoskings was an amazing actor. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a great movie but sadly that and Super Mario Bros are what he's probably going to be remembered for the most although he's been acting steadily for decades. I saw Super Mario in theaters. I feel old sometimes...

Destiny's Competitive Multiplayer Must Be Unlocked

I like it. I'm a single player gamer primarily who occasionally dabbles in multiplayer, and one of my gripes with multiplayer is entering the arena with no clue about the map and being given no weapons or gear and being killed off quickly by more experience players. It kills the enjoyment when you don't know what you're doing AND you're not really given a chance because you have no effective weaponry and/or gear. At least this way you actually get some gear and weapons you want to take into the fray and it will make the mode better in my opinion.

Sledgehammer Call of Duty Reveal Coming Next Week [Update: Jaw-Dropping Screenshot, Teaser Video]

The tradional Nation State vs. Nation State model of warfare is over. Which is making the scenarios for a lot of FPS' seem ridiculous - Actually, the slight disconnect from reality that these games build with outlandish USA vs. N. Korea type stories make them attractive to me, but if people actually followed Blackwater or Xe, and knew what they were really up to (at home and abroad), they wouldn't want to glorify them in a video game.. probably the opposite, they should be the primary villains in any FPS coming out in the future.
This is an industry that feeds off of global instability, so once their cashflow begins to taper - we start seeing a prison industrial complex type situation where conflicts are manufactured and instigated (ie. see far right Russian sympathizers in Kiev, Ukraine).
"I left the army, because the money wasn't good enough for what I was getting paid to do.." That statement should tell you that you are dealing with unstable people with little to no moral compass. The fact that VICE seems to think they've got the inside scoop on what they really do is laughable.
Sorry to talk about the content and not the game but I'm not typically someone who rings the, "games breed violent behavior" bell, but this marketing campaign makes me sad.

tl;dr - I'm terrified.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Doesn't Fight Rape Culture, Gives Examples Instead

Yeah, let's just dismiss what games could or should be because "they're just a game, don't take it so seriously" And then people wonder why the mainstream media still sees video games as a toy for kids.

From the forums: GR Production Presents: Uncharted - Drake's Fortune [Casting]

From the forums: This cold sucks.

I have a common cold and it's highly irritating. Since there is not cure, what do you do best to rid of this fast?

GR on Facebook: Rape Culture and Metal Gear Solid V
Andy Taylor

Well written point of view but it really does depend on your opinion on the use of troubling subjects in games and/or other media. I think it's there to make you feel bad for the characters and anger towards the games antagonist, whether it achieves this or not is a matter of opinion.
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