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The People Speak Deluxe: WoW, Hoe, Ho, and How

Posted on Thursday, August 7 @ 19:52:26 Eastern by

GameRevolution's community always has interesting stuff to say and we missed a few weeks thanks to event coverage and more, so let's get back to our weekly round-up of the community's best.

World of Warcraft Subscription Numbers See Major Dip

That's because people quit playing before the release of the next expansion and resubscribe when the expansion releases. The entire guild of mine declared "summer vacation" and will rejoin when Draenor expansion releases.


It's gonna go straight up again when the expansion comes out. There's always a lull between announcing a new expansion and releasing it. People get bored with doing the same outdoor raid boss on Timeless Isle every reset, unsubscribe until autumn and wait for WoD. I don't think we'll ever see WotLK numbers again, but WoW is a long way away from dead.


Nah, Wildstar all the way.

WoW is 10 years old, it's system archaic and boring at this point. Yeah, I get it, the new expansion has new character models. Woo? It's still WoW, it'll always be WoW. It'll get a spike when the new expansion hits, then everyone will realize, "Holy shit, it's still WoW." Then it'll decline again.

Note: I played WoW for eight years. I loved the game, still do, really. But I've moved on since, Don't take my post as hate, it's a fine MMO.. but it is definitely archaic in design and systems.


%u200B6.8 million subscribers is incredible. Even during this "lull" in subscribers, is there or has there been any other game that has come close to attracting as many people? I forsee Blizzard keeping wow alive for as long as they can. Ten years doesn't seem completely out of the question.

Insomniac Explains Why Sunset Overdrive Is Exclusive to Xbox One

read: microsoft shelled more dough


edit: Microsoft shelled more dough and allowed Insomniac to keep the IP rights.

verity treacle

edit: Microsoft were the only ones willing to shell out the dough and allowed Insomniac to keep the IP rights while Sony wasn't gonna pay them a single bean to be exclusive...

Gone Home Developers Reveal New Game And New Name

Please don't be mobile only. Please don't be mobile only. Please don't be mobile only.

GameStop Will Change Trade-In Process to Give Consumers More Money

have never and will never trade a thing to GameStop. Blockbuster actually used to have a decent program here and it was always $5 minimum which imo is still low but that'll get you a new game a lot faster then 50 cents per game.


They obtained internal documents.... Damn you snowden!!

Kevin O'Neil

Gamestop doesn't want to make LESS money. *Ahem*

Wii U Name "Abysmal," Reason Behind Poor Sales, Says Former Nintendo Employee

I think the name has been a hindrance. A lot of Wii owners were not gamers, and a lot of them got over the fad which meant the chances of them buying a Wii U were slim. If the new console had to have Wii in the title, they could have helped the situation by calling it the Wii 2, and actually marketing it. Couple that with the act that the Wii U looks very similar to the Wii at first glance, and you've got an issue.


I would agree except the Wii also had an awful name, yet it sold by the milliions. XBone is hardly better. PS4 is almost just stating a fact. The Wii U has dealt with many negative issues in its short life but its name is certainly not the reason for its struggles. I do think Wii 2 may have been better for those who thought the Wii U was simply the gamepad.


I don't doubt that the name has contributed to the console's woes, but there are more fundamental problems with the wii u's architecture and the brand's image coming off the original wii that are the true core problem.


I'd say a product name IS a rather large facet of marketing.


Well I didn't mention the marketing, though it has been atrocious by and large. Especially the ads at launch that were nigh impossible to watch and didn't tout the system itself so much as the gamepad which I don't doubt added to the confusion of people thinking it was merely another worthless peripheral for the original wii.

Still, blaming that alone would be ignoring the larger problem of nintendo basically abandoning the wii about four years in thereby leaving the market to sony and microsoft. By the time the wii u was announced the wii brand had been all but forgotten and being a system only slightly more powerful than the hardware many people had been using for years hardly made it seem like the future, especially when sony and microsoft revealed their hands. The wii u basically just looked like an hd wii, which doesn't seem all that impressive since gamers, aside from the most dedicated of the nintendo faithful, had grown accustomed to hd years ago.

The wii u has been a systematic failure from the ground up, to think it's simply an issue with the name is naive.


​I lost count how many people I've talked to that didn't realize that the Wii U was it's own separate console and instead just a Wii with a(n even weirder) new controller. In that respect, I agree that the name hurt the console.

Unique Indie Game Hohokum Featured in New Art Gallery

Am I tripping?


Mario ate a bad mushroom and is now trying to beat Reznors.


I just hope the gameplay does the art direction justice.

Thailand Bans Tropico 5

​This is the same country that declared John Oliver a "threat to their regime", so I'm not exactly surprised.


Hey I'm from Thailand! Haiz, there are more serious issues in this country than banning a video game. And this action will only promote even more piracy in this country. I see Tropico 5 on cheap plastic boxes everywhere in the streets. The Board of Film is stupid, the coup is stupid, the whole government is stupid. I can go to the corner of my street and get this copy for 2$ if I wanted to. Stupid imbeciles.
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