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REVIEWS Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Review
Amiibo Crossing is (not very much) fun for the whole family!

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Review
[Update] Mario’s latest tennis game can be a multiplayer blast, but the single player experience is pretty shallow.
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PREVIEWS Stellaris Preview
Paradox Interactive turns their lends from history to space, with their 4X/grand strategy hybrid.
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NEW RELEASES Eiyuu Senki - The World Conquest
Release date: Out Now

MOP: Operation Cleanup
Release date: 12/01/15

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Eyes of Heaven
Release date: 12/17/15

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Windows 10 Review for Dummies
By Ivory_Soul
Posted on 08/11/15
After all these years, and growing up with Windows 3.1, I have seen an entire evolution of computers and software. Touch screens and large resolutions were a pipe dream just 15 years ago. Now it's the norm. Going from a Packard Bell (yes, before HP) that couldn't run 3D Ultra Mini...

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  • New meaning to the term "Flea Flicker" It was the last day of E3. "Protesters" wearing t-shirts that read Judo Baby had been picketing outside the LA convention center for three days.
    Josh_LaddinBy Josh_Laddin
    2010-06-21 15:42:11
    New meaning to the term
  • Super Mario Beatbox Japanese Beatboxer HINAKIN is totally legit.
    Nick_TanBy Nick_Tan
    2010-06-21 13:48:54
    Super Mario Beatbox
  • Pushing Buttons I decided I should help Harmonix errr... tweak their Rock Band 3 presentation at E3.
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2010-06-19 18:22:49
    Pushing Buttons
  • Post-E3 Haiku Fridays It's been an exhausting week for all of us here at the GR compound. We spent it running around the Los Angeles Convention Center checking out everything we could during the day and drinking copious amounts of alcohol at night. It's a tough job, but s
    Blake_MorseBy Blake_Morse
    2010-06-18 19:17:17
    Post-E3 Haiku Fridays
  • Full Nintendo 3DS Game List (So Far) Including Super Street Fighter IV 3D... wait, WHAT??!!!
    Nick_TanBy Nick_Tan
    2010-06-18 18:42:35
    Full Nintendo 3DS Game List (So Far)
  • Gears of War 3 adds Beast Mode No, this has nothing to do with the old Transformers cartoon where Optimus Prime would turn into a gorilla. Instead it's a chance for you and up to three of your friends to finally play as pretty much every  Locust ever. And a few new ones.
    Blake_MorseBy Blake_Morse
    2010-06-18 15:32:38
    Gears of War 3 adds Beast Mode
  • I Forgot To Post A Picture Earlier In The Week These are the weird robes the audience had to wear during the Microsoft Kinect Cirque du Soleil event. The bizarre shoulder pads are full of mutlicolored led lights that they could control remotely.
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2010-06-18 13:24:03
    I Forgot To Post A Picture Earlier In The Week
  • E3 Number Fifteen In The Bag Having now been to fifteen consecutive E3's I'm something of  a veteran. Over the years it has slowly changed from an exciting event to a dreaded obligation. Don't get me wrong, there are ...
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2010-06-17 20:03:00
    E3 Number Fifteen In The Bag
  • Nintengasm I spent a good two hours at Nintendo's booth today, and I could have easily spent the entire day if time allowed.
    Josh_LaddinBy Josh_Laddin
    2010-06-17 03:54:08
  • Ice-Tray to be in Gears of War 3 I will eventually get killed for being a jerk, but I'm going to milk it for as long as I can.
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2010-06-17 01:54:23
    Ice-Tray to be in Gears of War 3
2015-11-26 11:55:39
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