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REVIEWS Fallout Shelter Review
Bethesda's strategic vault simulator is fun and nostalgic, but will the publisher get fallout for the micro-transaction advantage?

Batman: Arkham Knight Review
Rocksteady concludes its Batman trilogy with Scarecrow, the mysterious Arkham Knight, and a whole lot of Batmobile.
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PREVIEWS Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Faf Preview
Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight has a long name, but don't make fun of it. It can kick your ass.
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NEW RELEASES BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTEND
Release date: Out Now

Lost Dimension
Release date: 07/28/15

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This hot Summer has plenty of hot games.

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FEATURED VOXPOP whytenoiz ~~        When I was eleven years old, it was a very good year, and I can remember my daily routine vividly. These were the years before I owned a Sony Playstation, and I used to venture to my friends house - everyday after school - to watch him play through Final...

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  • PS3 vs 360 - My Predictions Unlike most Manifesto entries, this one isn't funny, and I don't insult anyone, except the Belgians because they smell bad.
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2007-10-03 21:03:57
    PS3 vs 360  - My Predictions
  • Halo Mania Part 2 You know this artist is happy because his female Master Chief statue is already bid over $2,000 on eBay. Or should that be Mistress Chief?
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2007-10-02 21:50:02
    Halo Mania Part 2
  • Happy Birthday Atari 2600 The Atari 2600 video game console (they called it a "Video Computer System" back then) turns 30 years old this month.
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2007-10-01 21:40:35
    Happy Birthday Atari 2600
  • Behold The $170 Game Well the news is out, Rock Band will hit the streets on November 23rd, and will cost a wallet-punching $170.
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2007-09-28 21:03:40
    Behold The $170 Game
  • Crysis Carrier and Gay Porn I spent the day today with EA on an aircraft carrier, playing Crysis. Plus, Jack Thompson finally makes it back into the Manifesto.
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2007-09-27 21:46:45
    Crysis Carrier and Gay Porn
  • Beer Robot Engage! Sometimes I complain about my job. Other times I realize that part of my job is to play video games while a robot brings me beer. Awesome.
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2007-09-26 22:01:53
    Beer Robot Engage!
  • Robots, Plus Music Part Two We have a Roomba that scuttles around the place keeping things tidy and immensely cheering me up, so I spent part of the day today building him a robot friend.
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2007-09-25 21:51:38
    Robots, Plus Music Part Two
  • Don't Forget The Music I spent the weekend at the Monterey Jazz Festival, so I've got music on the brain. Too many game designers neglect this one out of five senses.
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2007-09-24 22:00:20
    Don't Forget The Music
  • Some People Win More Than Others As for you, you didn't win the $250 gift card to Game Stop, unless you actually happen to be the winner I announce in 5... 4... 3...
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2007-09-21 21:27:59
    Some People Win More Than Others
  • How Sony Got It's Rumble Back The big news from Tokyo Game Show is the new wireless DualShock 3 for the PS3.When Sony said they couldn't put vibration in the SixAxis because of tech limitations, they were simply lying.
    Duke_FerrisBy Duke_Ferris
    2007-09-20 18:50:18
    How Sony Got It's Rumble Back
2015-07-03 10:04:56
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