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REVIEWS Titan Souls Review
Titan Souls isn't much like Dark Souls, but the Prepare to Die tagline still works.

StarDrive 2 Review
A 4X strategy game in space. Sounds like a perfect match, right?
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PREVIEWS Tales of Zestiria Preview
Oh boy, a new Tales Of game? Gosh, I hope it will be a high-fantasy anime-styled JRPG... that would be so unique.
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NEW RELEASES Farming Simulator 15
Release date: 05/01/15

LATEST FEATURES Dragon Quest Heroes: It's Warriors, It's Action RPG, It's Tower Defense, It's Damn Fun [Hands-on Preview]
I'm not a fan of Warriors games, but I sure dig the hell out of this.

Bandai Namco Understands Niche Games Better Than Any Other Third-Party Publisher
Pac-Man, Dark Souls, F1 2015, and Naruto... any other publisher would just give up.
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Can you believe there are now six generations of Pokémon? Six!! That's a crazy amount of different creatures to collect. But which are the cream of the crop? Don't worry, Magikarp isn't actually one of them.

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Old Before Their Time
By oblivion437
Posted on 04/13/15
Bloodborne's apparently successful launch (see note below) has yielded two interesting points, for me.  One is that it's being hailed as the PS4's savior (see note below) and the other is that it seems to have serious technical problems.  Conversations erupting around...



WarioWare Touched! WarioWare Touched!

Mario Kart DS 11/22/05
Metroid Prime: Hunters 08/15/06
Animal Crossing: Wild World 12/13/05
Nintendogs 08/15/06
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow 12/11/05


Phoenix Wright Phoenix Wright
Ghost Trick 10/08/13
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks 09/29/13
WarioWare Touched! 09/24/13
Pokemon Dash 07/23/13
Elite Beat Agents 02/25/12

Title Created Rating Pageviews
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story 06/04/10 1077
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time 01/28/06 1987
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 04/08/08 817
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 11/14/08 647
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games 08/29/11 764
Mario Hoops 3-on-3 07/25/07 1220
Mario Kart DS 11/22/05 10902
Mario Kart DS 12/10/05 2606
Mario Kart DS 12/21/05 2086
Mario Kart DS 12/23/05 3068
Mario Kart DS 02/24/06 1847
Mario Kart DS 03/24/06 2010
Mario Kart DS 07/24/06 1831
Mario Kart DS 08/16/06 2605
Mario Kart DS 09/19/06 1644
Mario Kart DS 10/15/06 1440
Mario Kart DS 12/10/06 854
Mario Kart DS 05/23/07 889
Mario Kart DS 05/29/07 1064
Mario Kart DS 08/17/07 1821
Mario Kart DS 09/20/07 1015
Mario Kart DS 10/15/07 1284
Mario Kart DS 11/28/07 937
Mario Kart DS 06/09/08 766
Mario Party DS 01/17/08 1227
Mario Party DS 02/04/08 1130
Mario Party DS 03/08/08 1130
Mario Party DS 04/11/08 1140
Mario Party DS 12/21/08 798
Meteos 11/02/05 1646
Meteos 07/31/06 1433
Meteos 12/23/06 1427
Metroid Prime: Hunters 05/21/06 2324
Metroid Prime: Hunters 05/23/06 2037
Metroid Prime: Hunters 08/15/06 5866
Metroid Prime: Hunters 05/23/07 1445
Metroid Prime: Hunters 08/17/07 1372
Metroid Prime: Hunters 10/19/07 1408
Metroid Prime: Hunters 10/24/07 1698
Metroid Prime: Hunters 01/28/08 1167
Moon 09/06/09 1059
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 03/21/08 1029
Title Created Rating Pageviews
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