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Metroid Prime: Hunters Member Review for the DS

GENRE Action 
T Contains Animated Blood, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

                    Paper or plastic?-oops. Wrong review, let me see's here somewhere............oh, here's the actual review! -Clears thoat- "You son's of a bitc-" OOPS AGAIN! Ok, where is that blasted review? I know I had it here somewhere! (Sun: maybe It's up your a$$ somewhere. Everything else is.) -_- You know what sun? Me and you argue EVERY review, and you know what? I'm done. I'm finished. I'm not going to say anything to you anymore. Call me what you want, but I will be the mature person, and not stand for it! America depends on it! (Sun: -_- dance dude) Me: what? (Sun: Your name is dance dude. How can I NOT make fun of you? That's like seeing a fat person eat a salad! Or ordering 2 #4's at mcdonald's and a Diet Coke! Point? How can you NOT laugh? That's like Chris Crocker crying on youtube and you taking it seriously! Point? Laugh godd#mnit! That's like someone being locked in a small room with your mama, and that unlucky son of a b!tch dehydrating! Point? Your mama is huge! Overall point? Your asking for it dance_dude.) Hmmm....I never really thought of it that way! Now that I think of it, that's a little like yo big a$$ mama. Mama so fat, when she go to an all you can eat buffet, they install speed bumps! (Sun: Oh!! I know you aint talking about mama's being fat! Yo mama so fat, she fell. She tried to get up, but she rocked herself to sleep!) :O That hurt sun. But's it's ok. Yo mama mouth so big, she talk in surround sound. ( Sun: :O k dance_dude, you have improved your trash talk technique! You win this time, young grasshopper...but BEWARE! I will be back..........Sun out!-) Wow, isn't it fun to play with friends?

                  Kind of like in Metroid Prime: Hunters. While unusual for a Metroid game, the multiplayer provided with Hunters is astonishing. No wait, for better word, Impressive. ( Kind of a downgrade, huh? ) Especially if you consider it's all on a handheld, of all systems. Some people could argue that, in the near far future, handheld games will be just as powerful as console games. But we all know that right now, if you want to have a multiplayer experience like Rock Band, or Halo 3, than don't go looking for em' on any sort of handheld. Ironically though, I think that gap closed 'just' a bit when Hunters was released back in 2006. C'mon, admit it, we were ALL expecting a sorry excuse for a multiplayer game like in MP2:Echoes mutiplayer. But, surprisingly, this game actually proved to be alot of fun online! Infact, I would go ahead and meager up ( meager up?) and say that this is the closest you'll get to a portable Halo, even today! I am not lying when I say this is the best online experience you can have on your DS. It's fast pace, intense, electrifying, everything an online console FPS feels like, ( a solid one at least) and even a little strategic. The framerate remains nearly constant while four players duke it out in semi-large areas, and lag is non-existent. Well, almost. There were a few times where my hunter tried to do the Keanu Reeves dance, and I ended up dying because of it. But ONLY a couple times. And you know the best part about this experience? It still feels like metroid. No matter how many times you frag, see 'headshot' at the top of the screen, or have some cheap ass player camping around godd#mn corners, you never forget that it's still metroid. Of course, in order to play as the bonus hunters, you have to play through the single player mode.

                  Kind of wierd how I ended that paragraph without saying ANYTHING about single player. ( Sun: huh?) More wierd, is how I talked about the multiplayer before the reason why metroid is....well metroid. (Sun: wha?) And you know why? Because I tried to talk about everything that was good about this game, FIRST.

                                       DO NOT BUY THIS GAME
                                     FOR THE SINGLE PLAYER!!!! 
                                      I REPEAT!!!! NO I DON'T!!!!

In my humble opinion, Metroid Prime is the best game on gamecube, with Echoes coming in a close second. Their single player experiences were amazing, with haunting atmospheres that, at times, had me a little jumpy. And the best thing about them? They were still Metroid. Nothing felt FPSish at all. I was doing all of the same things I did in the 2D metroids, only in 3D, and really, it didn't feel different at all. I don't know how Retro did it, but whatever it was, they did it brilliantly, and somehow, under all of that brilliance, still retained Metroid. I wish I could say the same thing about Hunters. Now, I know, it's kind of stupid for me to expect the full-blown console experience on a handheld, and deep down, I knew it wouldn't be as amazing as it's bigger brothers. But DAMNIT, I didn't know Samus was going to turn serious sam on a mothaf#cka! Gone is exploring each, and everything in sight, and figuring out the enviromental puzzles.In Hunters, all you do is scan something suspicious, and wala, a door is unlocked ( or......unportaltized........) Gone is selecting the best weapon for each enemy type. In Hunters, just choose a weapon, and it'll probably kill whatever you'll trying to kill. Gone is the atmosphere that kept me on my toes the entire time I played the Older Primes. In hunters, there's nothing that stands one room out from the rest. They ALL feel the same. Sure, the 'finding a new weapon, and using it to open a previously closed door' rule still applies here, but after a while, I began to lose that excited feeling I got when I found a new weapon in the earlier games. And before long, the game even got a little, I don't know, boring. Sometimes, I just didn't know what to do, and to be honest, I didn't really care. This game borders on predictability, something that you couldn't say about the older titles. Open door, find portal, enter portal, find boss, beat boss, escape before the planet blows up, repeat. And the planet doesn't even blow up! :(

                  How is it, that I keep comparing this game to the gamecube titles, despite me quoting earlier that I understood not to expect brilliancy? I might be contradicting myself here, but this is a METROID title. I will forever expect greatness from this series. If you've never played the earlier metroids, you won't notice what your missing out on, and you'll probably have a pretty good time with this game by yourself. But I'm not one of those people. And half of you won't be either. F.Y.I. the single player experience retains NOTHING that I liked about the series earlier, and turns itself into (gasp!) an FPS. An FPS, that gives you nothing better to do, than shoot anything that moves, run through empty hallways, and rooms. The only, and I repeat, ONLY, reason I played through the single player mode, was so I could unlock more hunters to play as in the stellar online mode. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING prepared me for the surprise I got when I first played online. Funny thing is, Nothing prepared me for the surprise I got when I first played single player either. Ironic, huh?

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