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REVIEWS Faster Than Light: Advanced Edit Review
FTL's Advanced Edition is a natural fit for the iPad. But whatever platform you're playing on, the new content adds depth and variety.

Kinect Sports Rivals Review
It's been far too long since Microsoft's Xbox consoles had a Kinect-only title. Is the wait worth it?
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PREVIEWS Sniper Elite 3 Preview
Sending bullets through the hate.
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NEW RELEASES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
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Trials Fusion
Release date: Out Now

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Release date: 04/29/14

Bound by Flame
Release date: 05/09/14

LATEST FEATURES Ouya's Best Games Coming to the Platform
The Kickstarter console is slowly establishing itself with a couple of creative gems on the way.

Tips for The Elder Scrolls Online: The Vestige's Guide
Just a handful of ways to keep yourself from dying.
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FEATURED VOXPOP danielrbischoff
Peace in the Era of Call of Duty
By danielrbischoff
Posted on 04/15/14
In a world dominated by violent media, Americans are no more eager to go to war than they were in the 1980s or the 1960s or the 1940s. Hasn't it always been someone else's problem? The overwhelming majority would rather go on thinking it had nothing to do with them and there...



WarioWare Touched! WarioWare Touched!

Mario Kart DS 11/22/05
Metroid Prime: Hunters 08/15/06
Animal Crossing: Wild World 12/13/05
Nintendogs 08/15/06
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow 12/11/05


Phoenix Wright Phoenix Wright
Ghost Trick 10/08/13
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks 09/29/13
WarioWare Touched! 09/24/13
Pokemon Dash 07/23/13
Elite Beat Agents 02/25/12

Title Created Rating Pageviews
Nintendogs 02/17/06 1875
Nintendogs 08/15/06 3652
Nintendogs 10/09/06 1231
Nintendogs 10/11/06 1373
Nintendogs 04/22/07 1182
Nintendogs 12/27/07 870
Nintendogs 12/28/07 965
Nintendogs 03/27/08 860
Ninjatown 01/07/09 465
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword 04/18/08 1023
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword 05/28/08 578
New Super Mario Bros 06/05/06 2289
New Super Mario Bros 06/14/06 2426
New Super Mario Bros 06/25/06 1901
New Super Mario Bros 07/03/06 1958
New Super Mario Bros 07/24/06 1672
New Super Mario Bros 08/13/06 1835
New Super Mario Bros 08/30/06 1885
New Super Mario Bros 09/19/06 1573
New Super Mario Bros 09/27/06 1875
New Super Mario Bros 10/15/06 1498
New Super Mario Bros 11/27/07 963
New Super Mario Bros 12/27/07 623
New Super Mario Bros 06/12/08 704
Naruto: Ninja Destiny 05/20/08 710
Title Created Rating Pageviews
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