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New Super Mario Bros Member Review for the DS

GENRE Action 
E Contains Comic Mischief

What do these ratings mean?

Few games in the history of plumbing have annoyed me as this has. Why? You may ask. The reason is simple: This is super mario bros. It's not new. It's the same game with just a few new gimmicks, which are completely unneccesary. Take for example, the giant mushroom. This turns mario into a behemoth that can crush anything in his path. The problem is, this is absoloutely useless. Firstly: it only works properly on certain levels. Secondly: By destroying everything in your path, you may wreck a block that contains a valuable power-up.

For a while, I actually liked this game. It was chance to bring part of my childhood with me in my pocket. Now however, I can see through the cracks and find myself playing only the (brilliant) mini-games and completely leaving the main game alone.

I can't help but feel that putting in the original game with it's original graphics and sound, would have been a much better choice. It certainly would have made me a lot happier. And would have given the game an  A.

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