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Welcome Home - PAX AUS 2014
By Master_Craig
Posted on 11/18/14
Last night I returned home from PAX AUS 2014. Long story short, it wasn't perfect, but it was quite possibly the best weekend I've had this year. It was a lot of fun. If you'd like to continue reading, the long story is just below. Buckle up. This is gonna be...

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Member Review for the DS

E Contains Mild Cartoon Violence

What do these ratings mean?

It is true that the dungeons can be tedious... especially the post-credits, 99-floor dungeons. But then, most of everything in this game post-credits is... lacking. But in the first half of the game, the story, oh I love it so much. It is the Poke'mon game with the most plot, and I definitely love plot. It was like a cute little short story you had some control over.

Oh! Mr. Tackett, I have a comment about a part of your article. The 'Friend Making' is NOT indeed... ENTIRELY random. And there are MOST DEFINITELY ways to boost the possibility of making friends. The higher your level, the higher percentage of befriending a Poke'mon. Secondly, there is also the 'Friend Ribbon,' which you can get in Far-Off Mountain Top 30F with a key, or you could download for free a handy dandy Wonder Mail Generator and make a wonder mail with it as the reward. Friend Ribbon raises the possibility of befriending a Poke'mon by an extra 10%. And of course, there are those Poke'mon that are intentionally un-befriendable, aka the evolutions of Poke'mon you CAN indeed befriend.

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A- Revolution report card
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