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REVIEWS The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Review
Electronic Arts hopes that Get to Work will make you Get to The Sims 4.

Axiom Verge Review
A single man spends five years on a solo project and the result is Axiom Verge. It was worth the effort.
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PREVIEWS Dirty Bomb Preview
Looking for a more competitive, challenging online FPS multiplayer game? Splash Damage is introducing just that by dropping a Dirty Bomb on the free-to-play game market.
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NEW RELEASES Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones
Release date: 04/01/15

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
Release date: 04/07/15

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At the Call of Duty World Championship, Mike Mejia explains the success of the tournament and how Call of Duty needed to evolve.

BAMF Babes #4: Kitana
She slices she dices she kicks ass!
MOST POPULAR FEATURES Top 50 Pokémon of All Time
Can you believe there are now six generations of Pokémon? Six!! That's a crazy amount of different creatures to collect. But which are the cream of the crop? Don't worry, Magikarp isn't actually one of them.

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Re-Masters - Next-Gen Backwards Compatibility?
By shandog137
Posted on 03/30/15
I am a PS3 owner and someday hope to be a PS4 owner, yet I am not at all dissatisfied with my choice to delay purchase, solely based on the current PS4 library. When I transitioned from a Playstation 1 to a Playstation 2, I was pleasantly surprised that I could for the most part rid myself of my PS1...



WarioWare Touched! WarioWare Touched!

Mario Kart DS 11/22/05
Metroid Prime: Hunters 08/15/06
Animal Crossing: Wild World 12/13/05
Nintendogs 08/15/06
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow 12/11/05


Phoenix Wright Phoenix Wright
Ghost Trick 10/08/13
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks 09/29/13
WarioWare Touched! 09/24/13
Pokemon Dash 07/23/13
Elite Beat Agents 02/25/12

Title Created Rating Pageviews
Super Mario 64 DS 11/17/05 1947
Sprung 12/10/05 1789
Sonic Rush 12/29/05 1258
Super Princess Peach 03/10/06 2741
Sonic Rush 03/31/06 1191
Super Princess Peach 07/23/06 2578
Starfox: Command 09/02/06 1974
Starfox: Command 09/04/06 1574
Super Mario 64 DS 10/15/06 1489
Scurge: Hive 01/23/07 1375
Sprung 08/03/07 1056
Super Mario 64 DS 01/03/08 1114
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 01/13/08 1175
Spider-Man 2 01/17/08 1188
Super Princess Peach 04/16/08 1168
Starfox: Command 08/08/08 950
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood 01/24/09 798
Suikoden: Tierkreis 04/28/09 777
Scribblenauts 12/21/09 1082
Title Created Rating Pageviews
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