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Wish List for Fallout 4
By oblivion437
Posted on 11/24/14
So I promised that list and here it is.  It's late and it's not as thorough as I'd hoped.  I also wish I had images handy to illustrate every point where helpful.  So, in no particular order - a subjective set of desired features for Fallout 4: Things to...

Odama Member Review for the GameCube

GENRE PInball 
E10+ Contains Violence

What do these ratings mean?

The mightiest weapon is at your disposal. Towering over your soldiers, the mighty Odama rolls a path of destruction over all it touches--friend or foe. Direct your soldiers with voice commands, and guide them out of harm's way and on to victory!

Sounds exciting right? That was the teaser at the back of the case. But is it really? Well, to be honest, it's a joke. This game, only for the Nintendo Gamecube, is nothing but a pain in the ass. There are thousands I can say about this lousy game that are negative, but according to my "characters remaining", I probably wouldn't have enough. Odama is a very weird and a challenging game, but has no back up of being good. In an Angry Video Game Nerd sort of way, this game brings my piss to a boil. After all, it only cost me ten bucks, and I'm not even getting my money's worth! Except for the microphone that came with it. I could use that for Mario Party or something.

So anyway, the plot takes place, not surprisingly, in Ancient Japan, somewhere in the 1500's. I mean, come on! If that's not been used in many movies, games, or commercials, then what is? A train robbery in the Wild West? How about fighting a dragon to save the princess? Or saving helpless little furballs from a mad genius? It's not something I'd take note of, but compare Odama to something like "Red Steel", or "Ninja Gaiden", except with less fun. Now, getting to the point. You are a samurai leader in charge of a ball called the Odama, You know, it sort of reminds me of Obama, or Osama. Yeah, it rhymes, no relation. Use this ball to annihilate your opponents in a pinball-esque sort of way, and evidently onto victory, and claim your right as leader! But that's not all you have to do. You have to being this bell that some fat drunkard chus are carrying over to the gate on the other side, and get some soldiers to safety at the same time. Without soldiers, you will probably be screwed for the next level, and trust me, this game gets VERY hard, VERY fast.

The game play is basically just that, but with weird and challenging layouts along the way, you'll have to complete some action in order to even get the bell to the gate. Like if a hill is too high, use a ladder. So, to make things more challenging, you'll need to use voice commands via the Gamecube microphone. With zany commands like "press forward", or "rally", you'll be yelling loudly in your mic for at least a few minutes before putting this game down in anger because they don't even listen to your commands. Or perhaps your little sister calls the medics and have you sent to an asylum for the insane. That's right, this game is SO hard, you'll go crazy! You'll want to go outside, or read a book after playing Odama. And if the cruddy, Japanese-Chinese language that the narrator spats out at you doesn't do the job, than this game play will. Odama is by far, the most challenging game I have played yet! Now you're probably thinking "Well this guy hasn't beaten the second level of Odama, what can he say about this game?" Well, you know, if you think highly of that, fine by you. Try this game for yourself. See how much you have to do to beat the first level alone. I guarantee, you'll NEVER beat this game on the first try. You WILL have to continue at least fifty times before finally getting things right on level 5 or whatever.

There is really no music in the game, just the title screen, and the repeating chants of your merry men as they carry the bell. That's pretty much it. After listening to that for at least a few hours, you'll want to put Odama down and not play it again for a long time. I could be wrong, but if you can get through the bastard hard levels, tell me if there is some. I'll like to critique your awesomeness.

I can't critique the graphics on this game as much as the next guy since it is on a Gamecube. But they could have done better with guys who look like skinny crayons that remind me of Pikmin, but so stale and stereotypical in a way. There are other enemies, like a spider dude with a big head, according to the case cover. There's probably WAY more enemies than that, but I don't have the patience to play this monstrosity.

In short, samurai sword fighting and pinball don't mix. It's like they drew out two names from a hat and put them together. Maybe a third sheet that said "piece of poo", and added that in too for laughs. To be honest, this game IS hard, but if you like to multi-task, then be my guest. I don't recommend Odama, but go ahead and play it. To me, it's hard as ever, but there is nothing I can say that makes me happy when I play this game. I barely beat a level, then realize there's just going to be a more challenging level coming up. There is no point, really. Except the microphone i got for ten bucks! Now my throat is sore, and hair is falling out of my head in chunks. I think I'm going to go outside.

TOEZNG's Rating of Obama, Odama, or Osama (whatever):
Graphics: 5/10
Story: 2.5/10
Sound: 4/10
Game Play: 3.5/10
Audience appeal: Chinese Pinball with Samurai's and a big spider head.
Overall Rating: 3/10

- A challenge for those who want it

- Microphone technology

- The harsh difficulty
- The voice clarity response

- Limited variety of commands

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