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Pokemon Stadium 2 Member Review for the N64

gavincomfort1 By:
GENRE Strategy RPG 

                                         GLADIATOR STADIUM OVERUN FROM POKEMON

  Pokemon stadium 2 is a great game. The graphics look as if it were on the ps3! It`s defenently not edgey. The light is crystal clear. the pokemon aren`t edgey giving graphics an A.

  Gameplay is all about fighting pokemon so you dont go through the hassle of catching pokemon. They`re are mini-games that are entertaining. They`re is stadium, mini-games, and more but you cant really accsess much without a gameboy transfor pack. gym leader castle is fun. Since they`re isnt much too do gameplay is an C.

  Multiplayer is fun. You eather play many of the fun mini-games or you fight with the pokemon of your choice wich is fun. You can test your skills against your friends in multiplayer. Multiplayer is an B.

  In all Pokemon stadium 2 is an B.

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