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Battlefield 2142 Member Review for the PC

AngelofDeath3030 By:
GENRE First-Person Shooter 
PLAYERS 1- 64 
DEVELOPER Digital Illusions 
T Contains Violence

What do these ratings mean?

Battlefield 2142, to start off, the game has had a lil to much hype about it. To much hype always leads to dissapointment, example...Fable. Now, battlefield 2142 puts you in a future...a very simplified future. In battlefield 2 there was only conquest, now of course everyone knows of Titan. Titan mode is fun. You have to get silo bases that are located on the ground. Once you take over a silo it shoots missils at your enemy's Titan ship. Which in turn takes there shield down so your team can board it and try to blow it up from the inside. Now, the problems with Titan mode are as follows, first, Until you actually board a Titan the game feels exactly like conquest except its more like "chase" your team will scurry about back and fourth taking over and losing silo's. It is really dissapointing at this point because you will fight with all you got to take over a silo, then while taking the next one your previous silo is taken back over by the enemy. Very frustrating to go along with this, is when titan's move. It causes really bad fps. EA must have not perfected this mode. I personnaly have a pretty bulky rig. And in a 48/48 player map I get horrible unplayable lag when a Titan moves. Once your titan loses its shields the battles can get really fun. It is at this point when you will get the most points you will ever be able to get. The small corradors on the ships cause close end battle's. And weather your attacking or defending a titan it's fun.

Now, onto the most dissapointing aspect of the game. The weapons, the weapons almost all of them look cool, but they just are not what I'd expect from the future. The guns are all a lil bit too weak. You can shoot full clips into people and they still run as if nothing happened. The unlockable weapons are argueably different. Everyone has there opinion but here is mine, personaly most of the unlockable guns thereselfs are pathetic. There not but a lil tiny bit better than the stock ones. Unlike BF2 where the guns felt and were better, these only look more bulky and mean. The support class has guns that when you shoot the sights will get closer in turn making you shoot more accurate. But the downside is the gun overheats. So you wont be unloading for long, plus until the site zero's in, you wont be killing anyone anytime soon. The unlockable guns are exactly the same except they have more bullets and overheat faster. And teh guns of the future to me should blo wthings up, be powerfull, and these are not.

The equipment that is unlockable is 50/50. The equipment is eather usefull or useless. Depending on how you play really. For example, the recon has the cloaking device, it sounds awesome at first. Once you unlock it the thing makes a load noise and is easily seen, and your unable to have a weapon out while its in use. So its mostly just a excape route, instead of a splinter cell effect. The bad thing about the game. And to me was a cheap way of prolonging the unlock/playtime effect, was the fact that you have to use a unlock/rank just to get the medics affribulator <--and yes its spelt wrong. To me that made one of my rankups feel wasted.

Ok, now on to the second disspointment, the vehicles, there must be a sort supply of vehicles in the future. There are no jets? The future is slow and the vehicles are mostly for transport. The only vehicle that really is used for combat is the nearly invencible walker, that thing is right at invencible unless your in a vehicle/tank. There are only two flying vehicles and they are more like helicopters from BF2. The handling is easier though. I feel like a pro in it. The vehicles and guns have no learning curve eather. You no longer look down a open site. All the guns are red dot digital looking or something. So there isnt much to learn. Put the red dot on a person shoot until clip empty reload shoot half a clip and usually by that time you got yourself a kill.

Now, the graphics thereselfs are not much of a upgrade from BF2. The levels are smaller. And less futuristic than poeple say. The buildings look sort of futuristic and the textures are the same as BF2 just now they put shiney light effects on metal surfaces. So there hasn't been any huge leap into the future on graphics. The vehicles also look kinda ...simple. There boxy and look like what people in the 80's thought the future would look like. The maps are decent. Some are fun some are plan boaring. You'll be doing alot of running around. People still do not really work as a team in any case. The worst case of this is the medic. There are a huge sortage of medics that can revive because no one will use there valuable unlock on the affribulator thing. So you'll die alot and stay dead. I used my review to point out the negative things about the game because I have read alot about it and all the reviews never point out its flaws. The game is still fun. Dont get me wrong, but it lacks alot that would have made it really good. It does in alot of way feel like it could have been a expansion pack. I have had many great fun on the game. It is alot easier to jump into and kill than BF2 was. Weather that is a good thing or a bad thing you'll have to judge it by playing it yourself.

Also, I want to point out that eventually EA is going to start putting ad's into the game. Now I personaly have mixed feallings about this. And feal it is a uneccasary thing to do. I for one do not want anything scanning my pc for ad's to put up ingame. To me its shows greed, invasion, and stupidity. It doesnt make the game anymore realistic seeing reall life ad's on the buildboards. PLus the game is based in the future so the ad's will be out of date. So the point of that is obviously money. As we all know EA is getting bad for selling out for cash.

Besides all the problems almost anyone with a bulky computer will enjoy playing BF2142. Its not revolutionary, its not a huge step from BF2. But it is a new game on the market and something new to play. So enjoy the many killings you will have.

Graphics: 8 they are smooth and intristing just not futuristic for my taste

Gameplay: 8 Detailed deph but not satisfying enough for hardcore gamers like myself

sound: 8 top notch goes right with the game

overall a C they could have done batter with this title by making the future actually more futureistic and the titanmade lag is a serious issue that they will never fix.

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