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Command & Conquer: Generals Member Review for the PC

Sams_Hitman By:
GENRE Strategy 

Cammand and Conquer Generals is a sick game.

Orde Street Public School was my hood in Grade 5, at the time there was only Playstation 1 and Nintendo 64, in those days that was the stuff. We had a new kid that came to our class named Tommy, it was hard for new kids to be part of the group because in junior school (1-6) your always in the same class with one teacher and 25 or more kids. Bringing back memories anyone. So me and the Tommy chilled alot and became cool friends, after some time we both realized we lived in the same building. I was on the 9th floor and he was on the 10th.

I feel kinda bad now (15 years of age) knowing the fact that everysingle weekend even some school days, i used to call this guy 24/7 to ask him if i can come over. It wasn't for even him was the reason that i wanted to come over. Yes we were friends but he showed me something that was awsome. This was the first time if my life i played a computer game, back in those days i never even thought computers had games (becasue i was young and small of cource and i thought consoles were the only games).

So guess which game i played? Cammand and Conquer Red Alert 2. When i first played this game, i highly got addicted to it. Every time i came over, he got upset, with the fact i always wanted to play it. It was his birthday when i first got the chance to play Red Alert as much as i could. It was one of the best days in my life at the time. As time went by Tommy moved out and i thought Red Alert will never return, i never even got to play to the to my full potential. It was very sad for me.

Grade 6 came. My borther got a computer, nice computer for the household( I typed this review on the same computer). I decided to search for the long lost game i always dreamed of. my Brother as you know if your read my other reviews, works at Future Shop and one day, i found the game on one of the shelfs. It was selling for so cheap and the memories came back.

I got it and played so much to the point time was longer it existanse, weekends went by in seconds, months went by in like minutes. My computer was partially able to handle the campaign, sorry it wasn't that good for computer games. It was only intended to do home work like what my brother said. but it was still nice.

Grade 7 came, the era inwhich i was introduce to the mighty Counter Strike of Lordlansdowne Junior High School. Read my Counter Strike Review for more details on that. From there i played CS and was naturally introduce to Generals.

The computers at the Cafe was kinda crumy and couldn't really support and the game intirely, so i got it for my computer and played it just like Red Alert 2. Command and Conquer Generals is a sick game. I played Zero Hour at Net Plaza  and so i wanted the Zero hour for home but i needed the Orginal to install it so i had Generals and the expansion and Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Renvenge. When the computer has that many games, it crashed after some time, and my brother got pissed and so i was never to play those games again.

Grade 9 came. Central Commerce was my high school and Net Zone was an excellent Internet Cafe to enjoy all the games fore there computers can probably even run Supreme Commander. There computers are awsome, they have strong systems. They had Generals Zero Hour and today and I currently playing it again with my friends thorugh Network. Which is Grade 10 then i wrote the review which is what your reading. Long story you think. I know this is supposed to be a review but instead its a story, sorry yo.

Nows the time for the Actually Review of the game from my perspective.


I love the new engine for Generals, i love how the battles roll out, and it is really fun when versing your friends. I love the units and all the factions of the game. (GLA, China and US) I had a time with each side but i don't know currently which is my favorite side. I am currently playing as the US Laser general and normal GLA.

The game starts out having to build your base, multiple buildings and soon you unlocks other structures in the process. Once you built certain structures you can buy and build a good variety of tanks and units. Same thing goes for Soldiers and aircraft. Certain factions will and will not have certain units, it also depends on the General you might be playing as, as in the Zero Hour expansion. At the beginning part of the game there is allot of suspense and once all sides builds up there bases, that where all the action starts. Chaos begins

Mark for Gameplay: A-


Generals does some resource hogging, so in return you get some great graphics, also the game is in 100% three D, also getting the feature to turn your camera angle around 360 degrees to get a taste of the action from different angles, which is really nice. But when you zoom in the infantry are a little crappie looking but I don't really mind.

Mark for Graphic: A-


The overall sound of the game is really nice, the destruction, screaming and construction and as well as the music, each faction plays there own separate sound tracks for the background  music, each sides background music strongly reflects on the faction you play as, which has a nice style to it. If you listened to Chinas soundtracks, you would automatically know it some kind of Chinese music, same goes for GLA and USA.

GLA's music gets your heart beating during the action due to there style of war, very suspenseful. I also love all the units’ responds when you select them, me and my friends often repeat them to express our love for the game, and then we want to play Generals afterwards

Mark for Sound: B+


Generals has great controls, I thought you had to used to mouse the whole time to scroll your screen (which is very annoying) but it turns out EA games placed some tricks with the controls, I just discover you can stroll with the arrows, also recently you can select specific units by clicking one of the units and pressing W to select all the units on your screen and if you press it again it will select all the specific units on the map, which is great. Overall you can have complete control over your military with the control options you have

Mark for Controls: B+


Generals is a very addictive game at first but for most games, everyone gets tire of it eventually and want to change to another game. But Generals for me is off and on but you will stick to it quick a while. There are many things to explore in the game and accomplished which makes it have a decent life span. Generals comes to be very fun when challenging other people or friends right beside you at internet cafes, but sometimes depending on the hardware the server will crash and your going to have to vote somebody off to continue.

Mark for Entertainment and Life Span: B+

I heard Warcraft is the king of RTS games and EA is some where on the ladder for this Cateogry, so if you like a RTS games with a majority in Non Fiction or got sick of WarCraft then try Generals, its AwsomeI never really like WarCraft because i saw all the fiction in it, and i don't really like to much fiction in games. But alot of people like it, (way more then Generals I think) So i am definately not going to say anything about WarCraft, i never even played it, but i don't think i am going to like it due to its mass majority of fiction. Thanks for Reading

+Great Graphics

+Great Background Music and Sound Effects

+Mass Strategy

+Great Controls

+Long Lasting

+Cool game overall

- Some times cuts off during Lan Game

- Abit of resource hogging, kinda laggs sometimes

-Bots are dum and st*pid

-Waypoints really are not good

By: Sam's Hitman C&C Name: Gen. Xavier

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