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Counter Strike Member Review for the PC

Sams_Hitman By:
GENRE Action 
PLAYERS 1- 32 
PUBLISHER Sierra Studios 
M Contains Blood, Intense Violence

What do these ratings mean?

Born to kill the noobs, design to kill the noobs…
Iceworld, Welcome to my World…

In the dark, swirling sea of multi-player mania swims a goliath. This man-eating leviathan lurks at the depths of imagination and skill, luring hapless gamers to their certain demise with its innocuous title, Counter-strike…

Years of my childhood had drift off with the Question that was never answered, "which game is the perfect game that I would ever play" I have only played PS1 and Nintendo 64 at the time. Then PS2 came out and I still haven't found the perfect game that would suite me and my personality. The world was too big for me to find my perfect game until I went to Lord Lansdowne Public School for Grade 7.

Until I heard the rumors of the place they called Net Plaza and the game they keep talking about called "CS" I still haven't found my perfect game, until I decided to check out the game they keep talking about. Until I had played that game for a few weeks my Question was answered... The lord had answered my prayer, my question when I asked him a few years ago. I discovered the game at Net Plaza on College and Spadina. My School was less than two minutes by run from where Net Plaza was.

Months went by and I told all of my friends and at every single school day at Lunch, we would run pass red lights, streetcars, buses even huge construction vehicles risking our lives to just play what I now know called Counter Strike... For 15 months we did that from Monday to Friday at 11:35a.m sharp. As soon as the school bell rang we where out of everyone's site. "COMPUTER 8 FOR HALF AN HOUR MR. KIM!" is a sentence I would never forget because I have said it so many times in my life to play Counter Strike.
Counter Strike was like my daily bread, food and water to me, I was nuts! I was so addictive to it; I would pass out from not playing it. I would dream of tomorrow playing Counter Strike, and that my dear friend was a very good reason to encourage myself in the morning when I woke up to go to school, everyday... and that improved my attendances allot…

Now I am going to Grade the Principles of the game, which is the Graphics, game play, sound, the controls on the PC, and the entertainment.

-The Game play

The game play my friend was... is what I called godly, it's amazing…
It's was breathtaking…
The shooting, the excitement, your mind would blow up with the question" would I survive this round?" or "where are they!?" or "what the hell is going on!?" I feel like I am in a different world when I am playing Counter Strike, that's how good the game play is...
There's no other game play like CS in this small world my friend.
The gameplay is godly… no ands, ifs, or but's.

Mark for Game play: A+

-The Graphics

The Graphics are perfect for this type of game. There decent, but not the best.
I personally love the Graphics and so it gets a decent mark.

Mark for Graphics: B

-The Sound

The sound of the guns are great, it's very realistic,
The foot steps, the latter climbing and the reloading. Every movement in this game makes a sound and the sounds of those movements are Excellent.

Mark for Sound: A

-Controls on the PC

"W" is to walk forward, "D" is to walk right, "A" is to walk left, "S" is to walk backward. Left click is to shoot; Right click is to put on silencers on certain guns and activate objects. There's more but that's just the basics you need to know for now.
My main point is the controls are amazingly easy…

Mark for Controls on the PC: A+

-The entertainment

The entertainment is nuts by its self, no comment on that one...
CS is the most additive game I have ever played…

Mark for Entertainment: A+

My comments on the games:

I have played Perfect Dark and from the looks of the guns I thought they weren't real and so when I played Counter Strike, I then again thought the guns weren't real until I saw my older brother surfing the net on eBay looking at guns... The guns in CS are real and most importantly can be purchased on eBay in America, and so you can have a test shoot in Counter Strike before you buy an AK-47 on eBay.

The Physics in this game are breath taking, the details of where the bullets go depending how you shoot them is amazing...
The air, the gravity, and the environment anything can change where a bullet can go.
With these kinds of Physics, it's going to take a long time to learn for a beginner how to get a head shot from skill, not luck...there is so much to learn in this game I have been playing it for 19 months and I am still learning more! It's going to take you a long time to become Godly, like the Pros online right now.
This is the God of Games for its Category, first person shooter. This game from my opinion is the God of games. For every 5 gamers out there one of them have experienced playing this game, I love this game it's godly. I have reviewed this game on December the 30th of 05 which is a long time from when Game Revolution had reviewed it and they said there where no bots which was a down fall, well now there is bots they are the best, you don't need to play with human players to play Counter Strike.
The online part is the best part of Counter Strike, when you go Online there's about a Couple thousand servers that you can play in! You could be playing with somebody in China!!! That's if there willing to stay up very late from where they are... The world plays Counter Strike every day and it's been like that for years and it will be the same for years to come...

When my friends would agree to play in Ice world at Net Plaza during Lunch time I would yell "ICE WORLD WELCOME TO MY WORLD" after I created it, because I would kill everybody on that map. Me and my SMG we where on top of the world!!! And "Design to kill the noobs" was another slogan I made up because I used to play allot of noobs and I would kill all of them.
This is the best PC First Person Shooter game in the world!
It gets an A+ from me because it was the perfect game god has shown me that match me...
It show's god really knows me better than I know myself; well... after all he created me on his server...
God's Server is the world…

+Godly Game play
+Godly Entertainment
+Godly Strategy
+Godly Bot component
+Godly Online component
+Godly Sound
+Godly Controls for the PC
+Never gets boring
+Worth playing for a dollar a half an hour at net plaza...
-Hacks can ever be defected
-Will be beaten one day by another game

By: Sam's Hitman, A serious CS player. I am a noob by the way so if you run into me online, go easy on me!

*DEAD*(Counter-Terrorist) Sam's Hitman: LOL!

Fy_iceworld2k, okay let's play…

My new name is Sam

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