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Day of Defeat Member Review for the PC

Sams_Hitman By:
PUBLISHER Activision 
T Contains Blood, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

Today is your Day of Defeat
If you read my previous reviews before, you would know that allot of them are somehow connected with all sorts of information.
In the dark, swirling sea of multi-player mania swims a goliath. This man-eating leviathan lurks at the depths of imagination and skill, luring hapless gamers to their certain demise with its innocuous title, Day of Defeat…
One thing I forgot to mention about the Lord Lansdowne Era for me was I not only played Counter Strike, but I also was introduced to a game similar to Counter Strike in what we call Fun.
I would like to just take a moment to thank all the people who gave there lives in World War I and World War II for bringing us some peace and harmony into the world, even though the World is still unsettling and unhappy, with people like George Bush trying to take over America and eventually the Planet.
You know my Birthday is the Day the First World War came to an end, so I would be celebrating by writing this review. My Birthday is November the 11th 1991.
I would also like to take some time to thank all the people at GR for the Freedom of Publishing as I made a small complaint about how they haven’t had a page to write anything for DoD and so they acknowledge my concern and assisted right away, and I would just like to say again, for all those who helped thank you for making this review possible.
When we got bored of Iceworld, Poolday, Houses and even Rats, we went to a map called Flash. As usual, the Legendary Internet Café was always on fire from one or the other. For many years from playing this game I always wanted to study The World Wars, my teachers told me they will educated me about those things in High School and before you know it, I was there. There have been many days before I got to my History class to study of the Wars. For one whole semester in Grade 10 I studied of the Holocaust, Adolph Hitler, the Tiger Tank and Trench Warfare. I soon also learn WWII was the continuation of WWI. The Germans wanted revenge but that revenge was born, by the Devil’s Architect. I am very sorry for all those families and soldiers who died or lost someone in the World Wars. 
In junior High School, Counter Strike was the Political Leader, the Political party in power, of the Internet Café, and DoD was the Opposition party. We played more CS then DoD, CS was like your primary weapon and DoD was like your secondary weapon which I completely forgot to say and CS does not get all the credit for the Lord Lansdowne Era.
I dipped into High School with one friend, and spent five years good luck in picking a School with an internet café that was seconds of reach. With only one friend in Central Commerce, I recruited an army of eight henchmen to play in Iceworld with me over the course of two years. Everyday like nerds we went. This time is wasn’t 11:35pm; it was 11:40pm. This time we didn’t run for the game we ran for the Exercise.
This time it was an era of four years instead of two, Lord Lansdowne was two years for one hour at lunch time, this time its four years at half an hour at lunch time. Equal playing time.
But this time the Primary Weapon wasn’t Counter Strike, it was Day of Defeat, and Counter Strike became the Secondary. Like the Liberals and Conservatives, there must be one chance for the Conservatives to win in which they did. Hopefully they will not stay in office for long as we don’t want Canada to lose its free Healthcare.
It was Counter Strike’s Day of Defeat.
If I were to show a WWII veteran the game, his mind will explode, and he would be disgusted at the human race. Most maps start out with 5 flags from what I played. Two flags would belong to the Allies or the British depending on the map, and the Axis which are the Nazi’s would have two flags are there side of the map. The middle flag will belong to no one as the teams would have the try and claim, due to it being in the middle of the map.
Unlike Counter Strike the game is rolled out by reinforcements, every minute or so, all dead players would spawn again. There is no round of killing as there is only a round of capturing of flags. When one teams captures all five flags they win the round. So the game is not like Spawn run and kill and then die, it’s really WWII fighting as players struggle to team together to fight.
When a round starts the players run out to capture the flags and in the process people die. Who ever survives, survives. It’s not like when all players’ are died there is a new round, when you die you will spawn again with another life acting as a reinforcement. Until you die you will live to suffer the horrors of life.
The game rolls out very nicely and even speculating can be nice. With a touch of imagination, you picture the whole battle in real life, explaining why the veteran’s head will explode. In Day of Defeat source, less of such imagination is require as for the game is so real.
Mark for Gameplay: A
The higher the Resolution, the better it will look. You don’t need a very powerful video card under today’s standards of technology. Day of Defeat is what it’s supposed to look like, unlike some other games. As I would like to say, today’s best games don’t need that much computer horse power.
Mark for Graphics: B
The background music and the winning anthems are really nice tunes for the game. Day of Defeat has the perfect song for the Menu Selections. The Gun Shots mix well with how the guns look. It’s really gets the game feeling crazy when Germans and Americans and even the British are talking among each other in the mitts of battle with the Team Commands, in Day of Defeat Source the action gets even more crazy as war appears with less imagination.  
Mark for Sound: B+
-Controls on PC
Day of Defeat was made for Computer, so the Controls are easy, since the same developers created Counter Strike, I guess the company decides to make both game have the same controls, makes sense to me. As like I said before the controls are amazingly easy, hope you enjoy.
Mark for Controls: B+
-Entertainment and Life Span
I often referred to Day of Defeat as the WWII Counter Strike when ever people asked about it. With more strategy and less skill, Counter Strike vice versa, there is still much space for improvement in skill. Similar to Counter Strike, both games can carry you a long way. From my perspective, it was Counter Strike with more physics and Day of Defeat with more movement strategy. Day of Defeat will last for a very long time.
Mark for Entertainment and Life Span: A-
This is a revolutionary game, and should be remembered for the generation it came from. As the leader of my crew, I always seem to call the shots on what game to play at what map, recently we started playing Avalanche, which is like DoD Iceworld but in Europe somewhere.
Net Plaza and Net Zone hold some great memories. Don’t mind that the game is Rated M for Mature; the game is good for all ages, as there is no blood or gore, but just suspenseful war.
Like CS and other world games, there is wide skill range for this game, and you could be playing for years and still be improving. Valve is really good at making games, as they made Scarface for Playstation 2 and was really good. It’s also been two years since I wrote the three reviews of Counter Strike.
As my author name, Sam’s Hitman was my killing famous name for CS and DoD. I dedicated my name to these two games. The machine gun does add a little bit of spice to the game as well, unlike CS. And for some reason Day of Defeat feels much more real then CS.
And I forgot to say, the online component is the exact same as Counter Strike, that’s where the real game gets into play.
+Godly Gameplay
+Godly Graphics
+Godly Sound
+Godly Controls
+Godly Entertainment
+Godly Online
+Costs $9.99 to buy
-Bots suck
-Will be beaten one day by another game
Day of Defeat is World War II Counter Strike, just remember that.

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