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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Member Review for the PC

Santiago_G By:
M Contains Blood and Gore, Language, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence

What do these ratings mean?


 Although this game DOES look like a single-player adventure game, it's more of an RPG. This game, judging by the date it was released (2006, in the week commencing 20th MARCH) is really really awesome. Well, in fact, it never stopped amazing me with it's overwhelming graphics, it's extraordinary story, and all the things you can do, or stop doing :P.
 It seems that Bethesda invested a lot of money and creativity to create such a monster. I believe there's no other game like Oblivion. With a very large script of voice acting, and lots of races to choose from when you create you character. Creating you character has been improved, you shall not choose from pre-fabricated faces, but you shall modify each section of the face (such as nose, lips, cheeks, jaw, chin, etc.) and you will modify the skin tone. It offers you a system of Attributes (for example: Strength wich affects how much you can carry in weight units) and skills (such as Marksman with it's ranks like Master, advancing in each ranks makes your bow stronger and you do more damage with it) from where you can advance your character to be a mage, a fighter, a sneaky guy, etc.

 What makes this game so amazing is the environment, ambient sounds, for example the quantity of shadows and trees, the wave effect of the grass, the animals in the wild, the incredible number of places you can visit, and you can explore the inside of each house, mine, ruin, cave, etc. You might get pretty confused with all that options you get to complete a mission, and all this things are enhanced in Fallout 3 with the Karma system (another game of Bethesda Softworks), because there are ways and other ways to complete each quest you are given in the game.  Of course, not all quests have 20 different endings, unfortunately the wide variety of actions you can do in the game has a limit. Also Fast Travel makes the game easier to play, because the map is very large, and you can't go from here to there on foot, cause it's gonna take you a long time. So what this tool offers is that everytime you discover a new location (big cities are already located in map) you can fast travel in any particular location of the map without having to break your fingers pressing W button! lol
 If you complete the game, and play ONLY the principal mission or quest, you will say "this game is really short" but to enjoy and sqeeze the fun out of the game, you must complete other sidequests, or join the large number of brotherhoods, where you get more and more funny quests! There are lots of brotherhoods, but the ones we can distinguish are the following:
 Dark Brotherhood (Assasin's brotherhood)
 Arena (be an arena combatant)
 Fighter's Guild (some sort of mercenaries guild)
 Thieve's Guild (play as a thieve to discover the mystery concerning the Grey Fox, a very particular character ^.^)
 Mage's Guild (a very large story, wich includes earning spells, advancing through the ranks as all other guilds and explore the large magic world)
 All this brotherhoods and guilds have their own stories and you shall advance in your career through the guild ranks. Ranks shall give you more "benefits" and more gold coins.

 Leveling in this game, is not like all other RPG games, where you complete a quest ,or kill animasl and enemies so you gain experience. In this very paticular gaming, Bethesda Softworks offers another kind of leveling, in the beggining of the game you are asked by wich sign you wish to be born (although you are already a grown-up) and this shall give you a boost to your attributes and skills. Then you must select 7 skills that will become your master skills, that means that everytime you gain one point of experience with that skill (for example using blades and killing enemies with this weapon will give you exp points to the Blades skill) you will be advancing in skill-level, and in some period of that skill level, you will be asked to rest, so that when you do that, you will finally raise your CHARACTER (not skill) level and win some points to enhance your attributes.

 NPC cycle. Somekind of living programming. NPC's eat, NPC's sleep, NPC's will walk around the town, asking other NPC's questions with incredible real answers! This adds the final touch of reality that every game should have. You can almost feel life in the NPC acting. Bethesda should be really proud! Creating this engine must have been very hard to achieve, but they did it! and it's great!

 This game is COMPLETE, you cannot expect much more in a game, than what Oblivion offers. Local map is incredibly large, more than 100 locations to discover, 6 cities to explore (every city with their own houses, markets, inns,etc.); lots and lots of NPC's to talk to with different texts and voice acting! Just Amazing. But Oblivion wideness for gaming, has not ended. It just begun! If you want to add mods, you can download tons of them in Tools can also be found in the URL, like the TES creation tool, wich allows you to create your own mods and alternate weapon, armor, potions qualities.
 One of my most powerful amibitions in the world of PC gaming is that this incredible game comes ONLINE, like Lineage II or something like that. It would be Awesome! Just imagine how much things you would be able to do with your friends!!! Imagine how much you could do!!!
 Oblivion has blowed my mind, every little thing of this game fascinates me, I can't believe they had created this game in 2006! I can't wait for this game to go online and for another Elder Scrolls. Bethesda rocks!

 Keep in mind that my english is not very good, cause my natal language is not english! ^.^ I hope you enjoyed reading what I killed myself writting hahaha. Thanks to!

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