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F.E.A.R. Member Review for the PC

JesseDarkin By:
GENRE First-Person Shooter 
PLAYERS 1- 16 
M What do these ratings mean?

Created By: VU Games/ Monolith

Genre: FPS/Horror

Players: 1 + Online 16

Difficulty: Medium – Very Hard

Rated: Mature

I have redefined hell to be an eight year old girl with long black hair and bland red dress

First Encounter Assault Recon or better known as F.E.A.R is the newest first person shooter horror game out on the market. In this package we get monster graphics; bullet time action, astounding A.I, and one scary ass little girl. I have played a good amount of FPS titles and a handful of horrors game and wanted to know if all the hype I got for the game was backed by the final product. I have turned off the lights; maxed out the volume, gripped my mouse and keyboard, and now am ready for this new experience.

You take the role of the "new guy" on the special task force for paranormal activity known as F.E.A.R, which is quite the aptly named squad for this mission. Now all the action starts when a psyche man named Paxton Fettel hijacks a military research facility with an army of perfect soldier clones. In doing so it seems a mysterious little girl with some very powerful psyche powers has been released. F.E.A.R is given the task to investigate this activity, and you the "new guy" are tossed into a mysterious adventure full of adrenaline pumping action, devastation and fear. What is Fettel looking for? Who are you? What was going down at that facility? Lastly who the hell is that little girl? By playing this game all of the above will be answered in good time.

Game play is like many FPS, but with a few little experiments within its many crevices. You are allowed to carry three guns at once, from a great selection ranging from; an assault rifle, dual hand guns, triple-pod rocket launcher, a plasma rifle and more. Now these guns are not the only weapons within your grasp. The mightiest weapon of all is your own body! You are given a variety of melee moves including; a round house kick, a machine gun kick, and the ever popular sliding kick. Another nice feature the game offers is as easy as one stroke of the keyboard. The ability to lean both right and left opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You can now check around corners without enemies detecting your presence and make fire fights much more realistic and more fun. Another nice addition is the "new guys" super reflexes translate into bullet time madness. Now you're going to need bullet time as an option, due to the top notch A.I of the super clone soldiers that make up the enemy population of this game. The enemy is smart and by this I mean really smart. They will flank, suppress fire, retreat, call for back up, throw grenades, taunt you, and anything else that will possibly kill you. The only thing you got going for you is a superior arsenal, fast reflexes, melee abilities, and even some health and reflex boosters littered throughout the game to help you combat evil and unravel the puzzle that is F.E.A.R.

Now F.E.A.R's graphics are good, perhaps to good. On high graphic settings these are possibly some of the best graphics to ever grace the bright screen of a gamer's domain. On low settings they still look phenomenal for anyone's senses. I own a quite new Toshiba with a pretty good graphics card and I needed to run on low settings in order to avoid lag. If you are willing to put money into your graphics card or already own a pretty good one, then F.E.A.R is for you. You get all the blood, gore, and frightening images in a real life like grim reality.

Now even though there are plenty of jump out of your seat and hide behind the couch moments you will find most of the fear comes from the tension of not knowing what is going to be behind the next corner, through the next crawl space, and over the next ledge. This tension is perfectly complimented by the sound that F.E.A.R offers you. When bullets are not whizzing by your skull and enemies are not busy barking orders and cries to their comrades, you will encounter a very sullen and quiet mood. Many times in the game you will travel around with a soundtrack of movement pieces such as you shuffling your feet across the floor. In general music is non-existent in F.E.A.R with a few exceptions. The music may jolt when a giant machine appears, or when a bridge collapses, or possibly when the little girl from hell runs across your view. A sound piece that really helps the story really get interesting is a variety of phone messages you will have access to while exploring the games environment. The voice work on these messages and on the characters as a whole is really well done.

Now F.E.A.R does have multiplayer, but it really isn't anything to write home about. You get your usual games types such as Death Match and Capture the Flag, but for me it never really got addicting as a multiplayer game. Part of the reason I enjoyed F.E.A.R so thoroughly was due to the constant paranoia the dark environment the single player mode provided me. It's ok online, but really nothing I would highly recommend.

F.E.A.R is a horror action title chocked full of brilliant fire fights, and bone chilling scenes that will reduce many to yelling out loud, pausing the game, and hiding in the corner. As a single player game it is nearly flawless in its delivery provided you have a computer with a competent graphics card. I have played many lame FPS games, but I got through F.E.A.R and enjoyed every moment of it. I guarantee if you are fan of horror's and FPS games F.E.A.R is great addition to your gaming library.

Pro: Amazing graphics!

Con: Perhaps to amazing

Pro: Nice flow to single player mode

Pro: Creepy environment, bone chilling moments

Pro: Great voice work

Con: Multiplayer not amazing

Pro: Nice new additions to the FPS formula

Pro: Smart A.I


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