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REVIEWS Madden NFL 15 Review
How many times has it been said, “This is the best Madden game”? Probably just about every year. Well guess what, this is the best Madden game… maybe.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfa Review
[PlayStation release update] Electronic Arts and the development team at EA Canada hope to catch as many PlayStation gamers as they did when Garden Warfare first launched exclusively on Xbox One.
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NEW RELEASES Tales of Xillia 2
Release date: Out Now

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
Release date: Out Now

Madden NFL 15
Release date: 08/26/14

Release date: 09/09/14

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RIP Robin Williams (1951-2014)
By KevinS
Posted on 08/14/14
Robin Williams (1951-2014) Robin Williams was an absolutely exceptional comedian, talented actor, and holder of a special place in video game history: He was the first really famous gamer I know of. I’m sure there were others, but they kept a comparatively low profile, unlike one...



Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault 05/06/13
Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30 05/11/13
Fist Puncher 08/30/13
BioShock Infinite 05/24/13
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 12/14/07


The Typing of the Dead: OVERKILL The Typing of the Dead: OVERKILL
Murdered: Soul Suspect 07/07/14
A Story About My Uncle 06/23/14
South Park: The Stick of Truth 03/17/14
GunZ 2: The Second Duel 03/05/14
Blood Knights 12/27/13

Title Created Rating Pageviews
Max Payne 07/27/06 1263
Medal of Honor Allied Assault 10/15/06 1153
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault 05/06/13 34419
The Movies 01/05/07 1309
The Movies 02/25/08 771
The Movies 03/07/08 723
The Matrix: Path Of Neo 03/27/06 1220
Medieval II: Total War 12/26/06 1817
Medieval II: Total War 01/18/07 1497
Medieval II: Total War 09/20/07 1317
Maelstrom 06/06/07 1299
Maelstrom 06/07/07 1136
Maelstrom 06/09/07 1285
Medal of Honor: Airborne 04/28/12 355
Mafia II 10/04/10 771
Mafia II 10/08/10 659
Men of War 05/17/09 551
Medal of Honor (2010) 10/30/10 688
Metro: Last Light 07/14/13 600
Murdered: Soul Suspect 07/07/14 536
The Movies 12/27/05 2163
Medieval II: Total War 12/26/06 1372
The Movies 01/11/06 1864
Max Payne 11/04/05 3409
Max Payne 10/16/08 849
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault 12/27/05 1676
Max Payne 2 07/27/06 1389
Max Payne 2 08/28/08 871
MechWarrior 3 11/09/05 1505
MechCommander 12/19/06 1113
Maniac Mansion 05/18/08 766
Medieval II: Total War 01/18/07 1466
Medieval II: Total War 01/13/08 1520
Title Created Rating Pageviews
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