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Just a small update to the existing review for the PS4 version of the game. What are the benefits to upgrading? Check here to see. ~Ed. Nick Tan

Cut the Rope: Triple Treat Review
Cutting the ropes has never before made gravity so… pricey.
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Sending bullets through the hate.
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So much more than war...
By shandog137
Posted on 04/18/14
The recent blog, Peace in the Era of Call of Duty  really made me think about war games that dig deeper than simply a kill streak reward. The first game that came to mind was Spec-Ops: The Line and although I haven’t played it, I began to wonder if it did the war genre as...



Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault 05/06/13
Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30 05/11/13
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 12/14/07
Fist Puncher 08/30/13
BioShock Infinite 05/24/13


South Park: The Stick of Truth South Park: The Stick of Truth
GunZ 2: The Second Duel 03/05/14
Blood Knights 12/27/13
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons 11/04/13
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified 10/27/13
Fist Puncher 08/30/13

Title Created Rating Pageviews
Rome: Total War 11/13/05 2137
Renegade 12/11/05 1371
Rome: Total War 12/23/05 1883
RuneScape 01/28/06 1729
Rome: Total War 02/20/06 1551
Rise of Nations 04/20/06 1436
RuneScape 04/21/06 1258
Rome: Total War 04/22/06 1396
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory v2.6 04/28/06 949
Recoil 05/05/06 1403
RuneScape 09/03/06 1043
RuneScape 09/18/06 1024
Red Faction 09/27/06 1161
RuneScape 10/25/06 1079
Rome: Total War 11/04/06 1185
Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion 11/05/06 1817
Rome: Total War 12/15/06 1127
Rome: Total War 01/02/07 1272
Rise of Nations 01/14/07 1035
Renegade 01/17/07 886
Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends 04/13/07 1718
RollerCoaster Tycoon 07/07/07 1205
Rome: Total War 10/01/07 1232
Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield 05/22/08 696
RollerCoaster Tycoon 11/23/08 674
Rise of Nations 02/22/09 582
Rappelz 06/04/09 568
Red Faction: Guerrilla 06/26/10 511
Red Faction: Armageddon 09/04/11 529
Rage 11/11/11 1082
Rage 11/22/11 475
Title Created Rating Pageviews
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