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The Sims Online Member Review for the PC

DawnOfNight By:
T Contains Comic Mischief, Mature Sexual Themes, Mild Violence

What do these ratings mean?

Wheres all the TSO players now-a-days?!

Yes - I have to admit I play TSO. It is the most truely boring game you will evr come across, yet, highly highly addictive. The early Beta days of TSO were great, I loved the tagging (easy, fast, and painless way to befriend or become a enemie to somebody.) Now they make you buil dit up LAME!. After beta the rise of the 'Mafia' began. A lot of people say TSO is all just a chat where you have a Avatar and you do stuff like the Sims. If your a TSO expert (I have 4 years experaince, yes I'm lame.) TSO without the Mafia is like masturbation with no payoff. On a good side you do make a lot of new friends. I could get into a long detailed story about the The Sims Online history, but, I would just make it look better than it is and you'd have to play it and be disappointed and hate me...

+Aniversy gifts for members (Statue for 1st year, Mystic Tree for 2nd, Campfire for 3rd)
+All My TSO Buddies
+Mafiaso (MaranZano for Lyfe)
+Government Bodies
+Selling 30 Million/3 Mystics on Ebay for $160 USD!? Nice
-Government is all dead
-Its just the sims....with talking
-No more tagging
-No more tagging
-80% Of cities are now ghost towns
-Alphaville died
-Mafia Dieing

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