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Titan Quest Member Review for the PC

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Titan Quest starts you off as either a basic male or female character. When you get into the game, the interface looks similar to other RPGs on the market. A feature I liked was the tip help system they chose to use instead of having you start off on a “tutorial island”. History buffs will probably agree that this game does have a interesting storyline backed by real life facts. The story line takes you on an adventure to stop a evil creature from unleashing titans.

The story was really interesting to me, the first time. Replay value of the game is based on making a different class, which is really a problem considering some classes cannot survive heroic and legendary difficulties. The game is very linear and lacks features such as Evil/Good Mechanics. In some cases this could be what a gamer wants though, honestly I was tired of playing gimmick games revolving around a particular idea. The game play is fun, but after the first hour or two seems to be redundant. Walk into an area, blast enemies, rinse-repeat. Overall I gave Titan Quest a C, as it does have it’s fun moments, but only one time around.

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