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Total Annihilation Member Review for the PC

GENRE Strategy 
T Contains Animated Violence

What do these ratings mean?

This is a response to the other review by lord fornelius.

Lord Fornelius:

Total Annihilation first impressions: You see, there are 5 video genres that I usually express hatred towards. They include sports games, JPRGs, point-&-click adventure games, MMOs and RTS games. RTS games have a good concept; give games like Heroes of Might & Magic and Civilization real-time action instead of turn-based action. It's a great theory, but pretty much every RTS released don't have the elements that made turn-based strategy games fun to play; like the achievement of finding resources, or having a strategic battle system. In RTS games, all the resources are given to you from the start of base-building, and are essentially unlimited, and the battle system require nothing more than rush tactics.

You despise RTS games? Well you should try playing competitively, it seems to do me really well when i want to win.
the idea of rts is good in theory and real life....otherwise there wouldn't be a market for rts games....
nobody buys **** to waste money, lol. >:P
Rush tactics in ta are not much more than trying to oppress your enemy/put them on the defensive. However, they do tip the balance in a war as your enemy is rebuilding what is lost, while you expand, wasting his precious time.
Play online and base your review on strategy on that, don't beat 2 ais on easy and come here complaining like a *****.

Every problem that I find in RTS games can be traced directly to Total Annihilation, one of the most praised RTS games in history. Since you can already tell that I despise this game, I'm not going to waste your time describing the short amount of positive criticism I have. So in that case lets get on with all the hate-filled rhetoric that I'm going to give Total Annihilation.                  your argument here is like playing jenga. thus im going to make it crash. For you to "trace" problems to total annihilation, Total Annihilation must be the source of all rts games. is it? No. This is truly retarded, and it is sad that i have to tell you that, considering past "stuff" that i have gained a bad rep for in certain places.........but to avoid a tangent, you must have a source to be able to trace. Im sure some rts games nowadays have used some of total annihilations tactics, yet you have proof that there are problems that are traced to total annihialtion? Name some. If your going to say problems, do the intelligent thing and list some. Makes you look like less of an *******.

One criticism I have for Total Annihilation, and RTS games in general, is the total lack of strategy. You can pretty much play through any round in an RTS by just sending out dozens of the same units on the battlefield with no worry what so ever. And no game makes use of this "tactic" better than Total Annihilation. There are three things that contribute to this overall lack of strategy. The first (and most obvious) contribution, is the absence of limitations for the amount of units you can have on the battlefield. This may seem like a good idea, because you're now only limited to the amount of resources you have, but in actuality it just encourages endless rush tactics (mainly due to the resource-collecting model, which we will discuss later). The other contribution is the utter lack of variety in the units you can have. Oh sure, they look different and they individually cost different amounts of resources, but all-in-all, they all just play the same, and there are no visible difference among them. So in other words, you can basically play the entire game (single or multi-player) by endlessly using the same unit.

Lack of strategy, eh? Play it more. Play past the game glitches and bugs and you will see where you are wrong. If your mind is that open, at least. While i do acknowledge that in non-modded ta, there are those cases of "a commonly used unit". Try throwing slashers/samsons/rockos/storms at an army (while keeping them moving). you will see what i mean, this works online against human players.

If you complain about unit limits, search around they have the 1500 & 5000 unit patches.
Not a lot of the units are redundant, ableit some are. Try using different units for attack and defense and see whether you get your ass whipped or whether its a success, come back here like that for more speak of no visible difference. No ****, its called 3d model style for both races, each have different weapons with different uses and different advantanges/disadvantages in different environments.

So you may be wondering what's the third contribution to utter lack of strategy in Total Annihilation? Well, that leads to our next problem with Total Annihilation/RTS games; Resource management. Resource managment has always been a major element with RTS games, but the resource management pales in comparison to turn-based strategy games. In TBS games, you get a sense of achievement for finding resources, mainly due to their scarcity. When it comes to RTS games....well..there is no sense of achievement. Anyways, continuing with Total Annihilation. I've read an article in, writing about how Total Annihilation's resource management is very competitive experience, but this doesn't make sense to me because the resources are essentially unlimited. And do you know why they are unlimited? It's because there's a capacity to the amount of resources you can have. In other you can only carry around 500 units of resources. Now I don't know about you, but I think that having a game with a small capacity of resources is a bad game design idea (i mean, did anybody really praise the fact that you could only carry 99 gold in the Legend of Zelda games?). This makes resources essentially unlimited and makes the game more tedious than it already is.

Again, utter lack of strategy? Get on warzone client with me ( and i will show you just how wrong you are.

You can't pump out unlimited resources in any sort of RTS environment. in ta, not even metal maps can make unlimited resources, because maps can only have so much volume and can only hold so much units. on non metal maps, its this special thing called  "you gotta place metal on metal patches to make metal". in case youdidnt know. with energy production, the volume of the map is limited, you can only reach such high energy output before:
A)hitting the unit limit
b)Running out of space of the map (which is really hard to do)
The achievement is that "you just got through something very hard." difficult stuff that you have beaten tends to prove your skill to others, and to yourself (if you hate yourself or whatever, this kinda helps). Its not the ****ingolympics with a gold medal for the winner, its a game. Gtfo.

Also, I'm curious why the press would always call Total Annihilation, the "first 3D RTS"? Despite the fact that anRTS game called, Dark_Reign came out one month before Total Annihilation's release. Dark Reign featured 3D terrain and units as well as being one of the first RTS games to allow you to queue production of units and set rally points. (sarcastically) Sadly, we all know that if it doesn't make it on the sales charts, it doesn't count as being the first. Speaking of 3D, I think that the only reason why Total Annihilation was praised so much was because of its 3D graphics and the immense number of units you can send into battle, as well as gamers thinking only about what reviewers say, and to not think for themselves.

I swear you don't know wtf your talking about.......while i accept that ta isn't the first 3d rts ever, it has the ability to queue the production of units, and set rally points via moving units to a certain point or setting a factory to send units to a certain point on the map via move commands. 
It counts as being the first, sales charts be damned. Its the first if it existed beforehand, and sales charts can suck my c*ck so gtfo. (Censorship, i still like a level of order, to an extent >:P)

However, there is only one thing that I can give compliments to Total Annihilation, and that's the development history behind the game. It's the beautiful, rags to riches story of a group of people who eventually developed one of the most successful RTS games in history, and than sadly, that success fails. Yes, this sound very silly, but I must say that the development story would make great for a novel by David_Kushner.

The Game's success doesn't fail until the gaming community/modding community AND the players all stop,gtfo AGAIN. Its still actively being modded, balanced, theres production going for it, i always share copies with everybody (through a loophole in which i can't sell it, but i can give it for free :P)
and they enjoy it, everyone who i know who has played it seems to have grasped the mechanics of this game through a 2 month long period at quickest. Its a hard  game to master, just dont get pissy because you can't beat the ai on easy.

btw, im serious on the warzone thing. if you dont want warzone,get gameranger gaming client.

come on. prove theres no difference in units. prove you can make infinite metal little peewees andsolars/metals anywhere on a map while i pump out hawks and brawlers and pheonixes/rockos/warriors, etc and own your ass.
try it. it  can't hurt to play me. (unless your scared of losing.)

gtfo man i just dismantled half of your argument.
oh wait i almost forgot
Now just because it would make great for a biographical novel, it doesn't make it great for an actual video game. The game-play is shallow, tedious, and just isn't fun overall. Total Annihilation is nothing more than a case of style over substance. If you have a craving for an RTS game, I would recommend playing something like Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War, or one of the Total War games. Both games/series offer the ability to command a large number of units, as well as having a cinematic atmosphere to them, like Total Annihilation. Hell, why don't you check out Dark Reign? It's available as freeware, and is allot less shallow than Total Annihilation. Or better yet, go to buy a Turn-based Strategy game.

the game play isnt fun overall for you because your a no0b who can't grasp the mechanics of the game, yet AGAIN do i find myself repeating....
Shallow? Look at the scripts they used for units and tell me its shallow. Mod it yourself to make it good with your own ta weapon coding knowledge, scripting knowledge, awesome texturing jobs, awesome non-hi-poly-models, gui coding knowledge, basic buildmenu knowledge, corpse file coding, fbi scripting, and weapon coding knowledge, ok?
oh wait i forgot. :P
Style over Substance? AGAIN, play online pumping out whatever unit you ****ing want while i play strategically, we shall see whether you need a new pair of boxers or whether i own your ass completely. Lets see.
I recommend ta because its awesome, i give it an A- overall and you can gtfo.

RTS games have a strategic battle system, its how you use it and use the units that you can truly use the system to your advantage.
So please, gtfo, look at ta coding, play online, learn to play competetively, record your game, win a few more, record them as well, give us the recordings for proof (your arguments are commonly vague, its annoying/gayt and you need to prove it as well if you want to be taken seriously.)
and thenn after that come back to say stuff, with full knowledge on the game. 

Also, i know you haven't grasped the mechanics/bothered to learn enough about it via playtesting to actually make valid points.Don't give me the usual defensive "your just assuming" bullshit because it wont work, again either your a ******* or you base all your comments off of reviews from no0bs, most of the **** you say is wrong. I have been playing since i was 3 1/2. What about you? Experience with the game units post-3.1/after?
Also, if you think im wrong, prove me wrong. otherwise your an annoying sack of hot air that makes accusations.

btw i dismantled virtually your entire argument, further proving that you really don't know much on the game playtesting-wise.

As for 
others,i recommend that you get this game, not only get this game, but you maybe learn how to mod it if you want to, and if you learn to mod it/play it properly, it is rewarding because you can master its strategy and get a few more kicks out of the game.Its cool.


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