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World of Warcraft Member Review for the PC

Black_Shadows By:
PLAYERS 1- 999 
T Contains Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

Welcome to the World of Warcraft
The length of my review strongly reflects how big the game is.
This Review has been reposted due to technical difficulty by Sams_Hitman.
Grade 5 like I said in my Generals review, I used to play my first computer game of all time, Command and Conquer Red Alert 2, which was really fun, until Tommy had moved out and departed from my realm. As time went by I was naturally introduce to Command and Conquer Generals. This of course is a Real time strategy, which I soon found out.
So I discovered my personal interests in RTS games and decided to do I bit of research of other RTS games, this is when I discover the world’s best RTS game, Warcraft. Grew up in an environment of Non-fiction and Science fiction, modern day warfare really tasted well, but what made me disappointed was the fact that the Warcraft series was so fiction and was so much more popular then Generals which I didn’t like at all. I saw many people at Internet Cafes playing this Warcraft game and people will always talk about it with me when I didn’t understand it at all.
Then my long time friend Tim, played World of Warcraft, a game I always saw him playing but never ask any questions. I was confused on the names. Warcraft and then World of Warcraft? I was like, are they the same or related or completely different. I ponder with this question for a long time until I decided to get things straight which I would never have image what the answer would be. Yes they are very much related, first came Warcraft then the other Warcraft games, then from RTS to RPG. Which I found a totally shocking, how does an RTS game go to an RPG game, well I said to myself I have seen it all.
Timothy played WoW for the longest time, when I had no intelligence of WoW once so ever, and his life was pretty much taken over by it, as him and his brother ward for the single computer at home. I also discovered that Blizzard made other very popular games for computer such as Starcraft and Diablo. Which I was now assume Blizzard the biggest or most popular computer game developer out there of the western world as, as many as hundreds of millions on a daily basis is invested and I soon discovered that this company had an industry of its own. I would assume that they are privately trading as it doesn’t take that many investors to invest into Blizzard, some of the biggest privately traded companies I could ever think of, beside Eaton’s and there Eaton’s Center, well they fell to Chapter 11 as they got to greedy with there money.
Another friend I knew recently that plays WoW like a maniac, was my friend Jason from School, he would always talk about WoW to me when I had no idea what the Hell it was. He claims to have 15 level 70 accounts on retail, yes you heard me 15, which I strongly did not believe as most of my friends love to lie and or boost about things they really don’t have. He is my counter part at Net Zone in the mighty Counter Strike, as he’s the only one among my henchmen that could take me one on one in Iceworld.
Then it all happened when my friend Shakk knocked on my door on a Friday Evening and came over.
There’s my friend Shakk, this guys a crazy player of Maple Story which is to baby for me, I’d have to pass that. But this guy goes way back before Tim, as he had his own era of chaos, which was ruled by the fifth generation consoles at his house. Every weekend in our apartment building every one came together like the United Nations and chilled at his house.
He was like the headquarters’ and the most popular, he was the King. The era was ruled by the Playstation 1 and Nintendo 64, which was before the Counter Strike Era of Lord Lansdowne.  This was the Orde Street Era, this was my Junior School, Orde Street Public School. For Nintendo 64 were the Legendary Goldeneye of James Bond, the Perfect Dark of Joanna Dark and Mario and his whole crew had a brawl in Super Smash Brothers. For Playstation we had Crash Bandicoot, Metal was Twisted in Twisted Metal and Dance Dance Revolution but for key pressing. For years we celebrated on the weekends as the school was like horror to us.
So then Shakk came to my house a few months ago, with all of the Orde Street Era long gone and dissolved , Shakk and my younger brother and myself still hang out once in a while as everyone grew up and went there own ways. This was the day Shakk came to me and ask me to give World of Warcraft a chance on my computer. As I sat in the same chair I am sitting on right now, I thought of WoW and the number of times I wanted to consider the game, so I gave it a chance. Shakk said lets install it and if you don’t like it you could just take it out.
It was decided that we will install it on the computer. The following day, for six hours, we were installing on the following morning. At 12:00pm we began and at 6:00pm we finished.
The biggest game I have ever installed on my computer.
The Titans, colossal, metallic-skinned gods, the current existing creatures of the time desired to explore the new world that was formed, from the complete catastrophic cosmic explosion just like how our world is probably explained to be made, the big bang. Like what god did to our planet they did the same, when the Titans came, they shaped worlds by raising mighty mountains and dredging out vast seas. Just like in Christiany how God made the Land and the Sea, so did they, to the World of Warcraft. They created the sky and the clouds. They created races or living creatures to help build the world, as they wanted it. The Titans were ruled by the elite sect known as the Pantheon; they were very responsible as they brought much order to many of the realms that came.
The leader of the Titians; the Pantheon, promised himself to protect the worlds against the Twisting Nether, that was connected the myriad worlds of the universe. The Twisting Nether was home to many demons and monsters the wanted to suck and destroy everything, as they were born evil. As so the Pantheon decided to go out of his way to find there weakness and to kill them.
Over time the demons made there way to the Titans’ worlds from there home, the Twisting Nether, and the Pantheon, the Titans’ leader summon there strongest warrior to defend first as the Demons where on there way. There warrior was named Sargeras as he was a giant noble of molten bronze rock. He was a warrior for hundreds and hundreds of years, with one goal, to serve and destroy. During his journey of protecting he came across two counter races.
The Eredar, which were pretty much voodoo devilish sorcerers, used there powers of Magic to take control of several realms. There power was unique, of all the indigenous people and races who live in the Eredars’ controlled territories where turned into Demons themselves and served the Eredar. But Sargeras was just too strong as his powers developed over centuries and took the Eredar out like nothing. Sargeras soon became more depress, and defeated them will pleasure.
While things got worse for him, there was another conflict with the Titans. The Nathrezim; having a race and army of Vampiric Demons, they also called them Dread Lords, also conquered many worlds and turned there people and inhabitants into what we call Primal Shadow. As Sargeras fought the Nathrezim, the Devils convinced him that what he was doing was wrong. For that he was given even more stress and depression and he was generally unease with everything he has been doing. The people were manipulated as well as Sargeras.
Sargeras lost all faith in his mission to keep the peace of the worlds and also the true belief in what the Titans believed in. He came to believe that law and order will not always to strong enough to help the world that there are always evil to come. The titans tired to persuade him into not thinking so, but they failed as the Warrior decided to depart from the family.
Ever since then his stresses got worse and pure evil came out of him, while in anger, he destroys the prisons of the Eredar monsters and Nathrezim Vamps setting them free, and as they escape they bowed before him and granted him leadership. Leader of what we now called the Burning Legion. He selected two board of directors, one of which is Kil’jaeden, where whom Doom Lord Kazzak chills at this Thrown at Hellfire Peninsula.
His other partner was Archimonde, summoning the pit lords and there leader, Mannoroth the Destructor, Archimonde hoped he would develop an elite army do destroy what ever comes within his path.
Ever since; the Titans went on customizing each world, along their journey they happened to come upon a small world that its inhabitants would later be named Azeroth. As time progressed the Alliance was formed and the Burning Legion got stronger. Many wars were fought between the Times the World was at creation and the release of the Burning Crusade game, Such as The War of the Ancients and War of the Three Hammers. The horde became established to set out to destroy the worlds as they banded with the Burning Legion, marking the Horde and Alliance as bitter enemies, after the first invasion of Azeroth, bringing all mortal races together to stand against the might of the Burning Legion.
As in the story, there were many wars, of many armies and races, and explanations on many things; this is pretty much the Genesis from what I know of the Warcraft. There is so much more then what I said, I am not even sure if I am right. There many armies fighting many armies for many reasons, I think, as Illidan and his army are against the Lich king. As I am only a long term beginner for this game writing a big review.
The adventures of World of Warcraft are almost limitless as there are many things that need to be done to become pro, and the game eventually turns into a chore of the household. Most people should take WoW in moderation and not let it take over there lives’ as it’s very addictive and will kept you in the system as you constantly have to pay for retail every month. I forgot to mention you have to have money to play this game. Blizzard takes in at lease 1.3 billion dollars a year for all players playing. As I said before, there market cap speaks for the game. The World of Warcraft is so much larger then the Lands of SanAndreas, Vice City, Liberty City, maybe Runescape, maybe Maple Story as Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms are totally huge. Since the Outlands came out, if you don’t have an epic flying mount, you will suffer.
When you start playing the game, you are considered a survivor due to many wars and little intention of making children, as you start out at level one on the top right of your screen. Before you start playing the game, you have to make your character, deciding upon your race, sex, class and physical features, depending upon your race and class will decide the majority of your abilities and fighting skills, you should pick wisely. There are 10 races including the Burning Crusade Expansion, and there are 9 classes to choose from, and two sides the Horde and Alliance, you cannot select two different sides using the same account, so if your first character is Horde all other characters must be Horde when creating a new character. The tens races, the alliance are Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome and Draenei. Hordes are Orc, Blood Elf, Troll, Tauren and the Undead. The Classes are Paladin, Rogue, Priest, Hunter, Warlock, Druid, Warrior, Mage and Shaman.
For example if you are a warrior you will be using your sword for most of the time where as if you are a priest you will have magic and holy spells, also depending upon your Race you will be given small bonuses if you select the right class. Every race and class has cheap moves and abilities but people are unsure of who is really the best race, class combination. But According to Shakk, Jason, and Tim, the best classes that are on top of the food chain are Warrior, Warlocks and Rogues. The reason for this being is because these classes need more skill to use and due to the sacrifice, you are given a higher skill range for these characters while other characters have lower skill range. Therefore the more skill a class needs, the more improvement you have to make on the character, where as the enemy can improve only so much. It’s like taking academic classes in high school for the beginning and getting **** marks but in the end you will be the smartest. Also the best class for beginners if they choose to choose, the beginning class will be the Hunter as he has the least skill among all classes therefore his skill range is a lot less shorten then the others.
Your are a soul survivor, and start in a small village in the middle of nowhere, close by might be a city, but not for sure. The game is based on leveling, killing monsters doing quests and getting good gear, third person perspective. You start from level one and each level you go higher gets harder and harder. Getting to level 2 will be easier then getting to level 3 and it continues to level 70 for the Burning Crusade Expansion. Soon the new game will come out, The Wrath of the Lich King, where you can level to level 80. Some servers are custom and let you level to as high as 250, which I find cool. When you level you need to learn more skills and abilities, that’s were the value of money comes into play as well and buying purchasable gear, some gear is not purchasable, when killing monsters will be given some money and some gear and support items and most of all experience, quests also give you experience. Doing quests will help raise your experience and when your experience bar reaches full you will be leveled. Getting a high level and good gear will consider you a high average or pro player. The whole thing you are working for is to become good to be able to fight the opposite side in hostile territories. The better you are the more dangerous you are to the enemy. The enemy can be a controlled bot or a human player of opposite sides. Remember in the story, the Horde and Alliance are fighting, it is your duty to either protect or to attack or to call for backup when fighting. There are a number of ways to call backup and communicate to other players including people you don’t even know. As World of Warcraft you can communicate with people across the world and its seven seas, don’t be shy or afraid. This is cheaper then long distance.
As in the game, there are many territories, to you your starting city and village is your home turf and to the enemy it is the enemies’ turf. As you venture farther from home you come across contestant territories, where the land belongs to no one and any side can be there, which is dangerous to low level players at times. But the home turf that is closet to the contestant turf is in more control but at times that means nothing. You can go to your enemies’ turf which is there home turf. There are a numbers of rules about turfs regarding who can attack first and what level can’t and can attack what players. In any ones home turf there are guards protecting lower leveled players, but to some that will be a piece of cake to kill and invade.
In the game there a number of ways to doing many things as there a many alternatives, which brings me to professions. Professions are qualities you work to learn and use to create or make things for personal use or for trading. There are many things that are needed to make many things which create markets in the World of Warcraft. 
You have primary professions and you have secondary professions, you can learn all secondary professions but can only learn two primary professions, this is like your career or specialty is what I like to call it in WoW. The harder you work on your profession the more skills you learn and the greater and more things you can make. Some professions are rarer then others judging by how many people there is for each profession in the server. This is the part of the game I dedicated my self to, because I have no time to play and get good gear, where I only play to support my friends with gold, also because I love business and that’s my imaginary primary profession in the game and in real life or going to be. Most primary professions need to be hand in hand with each other so choose wisely. Such as a Blacksmith you need to be a miner to collect ore to be a Blacksmith. There are gathering professions, crafting professions which are the biggest category and then there’s the enchanting profession which teaches to enchant and disenchant many things for bonuses and getting resources.
So other then getting to know how the games works, the World is huge and very dangerous, has a lot of suspect at times, and there is so much to know, you wouldn’t know it all and see it all when you absolutely finish the game. This game is so huge it has its own financial market for gold, the increments are 100 copper, make 1 silver, and 100 silver make 1 gold.
Mark for Gameplay: A-
I will be judging the graphics on the highest settings possible due to the extensive power of our modern day computers. Back when WoW first came out, to run WoW you would have to have a very powerful machine to have it on high graphic settings, but under today’s standards of computer technology we can all agree that every one can get a good computer to run this game on full settings.
Blizzard Entertainment has a lot of creativity with the art and landscape with the computer science in creating a world of such beauty. The graphics are just excellent under being such as old and big game. WoW came out a long time ago and so the graphics back then must be bad for most console games and computer games. With Blizzard giving in many years before releasing this game I would just like to say they did a very good damm job on the landscape and graphics. It may of course not be as good as other games, but for being such a huge game, this is awesome.
The graphics are awesome everywhere.
Mark for Graphics: A
WoW excellent sound, World of Warcraft and Bioshock are the games I have to really have to reward the people who worked on the sound. From everything from Bags being move in your inventory to the world wars and raid bosses, the sound effects are very appropriate and well done, the sounds of Outlands and the mountains and forests of Azeroth are fantastic.
As well as the music, the music was very carefully made and picked out; I can see they worked very hard on the music for the game. The log in screen is awesome with its sound and music. The music, all music, every single bit of it was very well made, the music fits the game perfectly, blends in with the environment and the adventure. There are many music’s of the game as well and many sounds.
Mark for Sound: A
-Entertainment and Life Span
World of Warcraft is truly massive and fun game to play, it is a limitless adventure, with much stories to be told and is one of the worlds biggest games.
Mark for Entertainment and Life Span: A-
Commentary on the Game
When Shakk, Simon and I, installed the game onto my computer, the Darkportal opened up and my adventure began. I was first alliance and was a Draenei hunter, I played for a while and got to level 40, this was my first character, his name was Veyron. We played on retail for a while all of us and couldn’t keep up on the payments this was when we transferred to welfare; the private servers.
Blacktauren’s Business and Fortune
The real adventures began in the private servers as the servers were not properly maintained and good glitches formed and bad glitches broke out, which gave us the opportunity of doing the impossible as well as made us being handy cap. We played on the WoWscape network and were in the WoWcrack server. As I grew older there was no time to play often, but playing for a bit was all I could afford, so raiding and gear building wasn’t a thing for me. Since the server was times 8 experience level, I managed to get to level 70.
His name was Blacktauren; in our family business was always something of our talent tree. My big brother has a lot of ambition in his life and towards life, his dream is to open up his own company and do big business. I don’t know if it will come true but I do know that he working towards it and he will try to succeed. As he grew up, he to taught me to love business as well as he did, so I grew a passion for business and every once in a while I will watch Jim Cramer on Mad Money, watch CNBC, once in a while. My passion for the beginning was real-estate and built an entire board game around it.
So what I first realized about the game was the fact that people did business in it, trade items, sell items and do a lot of business. So I developed a passion for the World of Warcraft markets. Also gold was very important for people in the server and very little of it gone around for the noobs. I was mainly interested in bags, and first got into it on retail, but never got around to it until I got onto Private. Time came and went and I worked on my tailoring business. The tailoring was too hard, and I couldn’t reach the highest of 375. I was happy enough to make the 16 slots Neatherweave bags and sell them and make the 18 slot Imbued and sell them. I was obscene with the bags and loved owning them and selling them on the channel. But soon the values shifted and I couldn’t make a profit and that’s when I discovered the Primal Mooncloth Bag. On September 22nd of 2007 the Primal Mooncloth Bag was Introduce to the server and the markets opened up, anyone that got involve quickly sat on white gold for life.
Cashing in the bags was another story, as Bankers and Major Share holders of
WoWscape came to me to buy the bags. I sold one for 100k gold, and so touch I the Forbes list. Some even bride me and gave me highly expensive items to sell to them.
Time came and went and I lived my daily life of being the Druglord but soon as always, like many Drug lords and kings, everyone at one point has to fall, and so a glitch came out and all bags became soul bound. I had 5 left but there worth nothing now, but as you read I am trying right now to come up with another plan for Business Domination once again. I am already happy with the fact that we have enough gold for a lifetime and would never have to worry about money. It strongly reflects on who I really am as I really have a passion for business.
World of Warcraft Movie and Extras
The other business thing I would like to say about the WoW is it was news knowing the fact that Blizzard is joining Activision, not that it’s going to change anything but it’s going to rather improve as they pool all of there best designers to make there best games. Also Activision is a public company so investing your money in the stock would be pretty much mean your investing in WoW. I honestly think this is a good idea. 
Also World of Warcraft is making big expansions as they also have the card game and board game, which I did not intentionally tried but I do have the starter deck for WoW, but I haven’t seen the board game yet.
They are also coming with the movie soon which I think would blow up the box office. People lets think about, World of Warcraft the movie is obviously going to do good or better in box office. Think about it, kids movies always do better then adult drama, action and horror movies. There are more kids and families out there that would see a kids movie then regular/paired individuals that would go and see a regular movie. Kids movies are bigger then regular movies, I know this for a fact because my cousin is a Cineplex Entertainment Manager and have been in the business for six years.
Kids movies are so big they have there own theaters, were my cousin actually works right now is a kids movie theater as manager. So think of all the kids movies that have been successful in the past. Doesn’t World of Warcraft pass as a kids movie, if it doesn’t which would not likely be the chance, you have 9 million people and plus backing this movie up to just make its break even. There budget to make the movie was 100 million dollars, well for one person to go and see the movie it cost 10 dollars per ticket, times 10 million people, that’s 100 million right there automatically making on the opening weekend, that would be the breakeven, then you still have all the kids and families that would want to go and see the movie and they haven’t even seen the game before in there life. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, for people doubting the movie.
This only applies if the movie is just like how the preview looks, or better.
WoWcrack Revelations
There have a number of scary moments about the game that made it really fun in the end.
There have been a number of times when I thought I would quit WoW but no, why does it keep coming back to me.
Several times I have almost lost my account and recently there have been revelations about the WoW Crack server going down.
-First came the Mass Lag
-Then came the Mass Network Disconnections
-Then Major Rollbacks where being made
-Then people have been getting stuck in the middle of nowhere land
-Then the bag glitch freezes the bag market
Then came when one of our GM’s became corrupted, apparently, Peyton, the Queen (Biggest) GM of all WoWscape servers had kick Burlex, another GM from the team because for some reason, apparently not liking some one’s girlfriend. Burlex is upset because he’s been working really hard on making the new servers, and how Peyton just kick him off the team. Burlex also doubted that Peyton couldn’t make a perfect server in the end.
So Burlex decides to have fun, and pulls a Live Free or Die Hard on the entire WoWscape network or so I think, I only seen the Crack server fall down at the time. When I logged on about 95% on the population had there name changed to Peytonsaman. Players were randomly being picked as GM’s and some GM’s were spamming there lives away several times from kicking one person from the server. The player GM’s took good advantage at the time as they made one rampage item for the server. The community website was shut down, as Burlex’s message and meat spin was the new location for the current address. This was really funny. But trust me I am not gay.
At one point, every time I try to log in even with another persons account, the server kept telling me I was typing in the wrong password, at this point I thought Burlex was knocking the entire Network out of the sky for sure, but a few hours later, everything went back to normal.
Blacktauren’s Business and Fortune (Continued)                                   Primal Corporation
World of Warcraft has its own Market’s, Economies, Financial world, so as time went on I decided to make a image of myself with all the gold I had and try to make Blacktauren a Trademark, a Name brand for Bags and Commodities. Just recently the bag glitch was fixed restoring the bag markets again.
I loved Bags and business ever since I started WoW I never knew when I would start my empire on WoWcrack. I like to call my self the Bag King and Primal Druglord. I love bags and gold. My latest move was starting a Corporation within WoW; my Company is called Primal Corporation because we specialize in Primal and Bags. Primal Corporation is a guild, and if anyone wants to join it, feel free to mail me with your faction and level, this guild only specializes in making gold, doing business and anyone that joins will market our company. If you join my company, gold will never be an issue and depending on the resources, they will come with no problem.
I don’t mean to be bragging or anything, this is really fun for me, and I feel it’s the first time such a idea has come to mind for a game. And I love to share my success, with the fact that I share all my gold with the server. You can also find me on You tube, type in the bar Blacktauren or Primal Corporation and you’ll find my corporate commercials.
The second in Command of the Company is Sushi, my friend for years Jankov, my venture Capitalist is Shakk and Shakk’s friend Zenin. And Simon, for him giving me all the time on the computer to build the Company.
Youtube Comments
I am Blacktauren for those who are reading this; this only applies to the WoWcrack server of the WoWscape Network. Please do not spam my mail box more then one time with more then one letter, please send your level in as your heading, please do not whisper me for gold; to mail me. Please do not mail me asking for bags. If any of the above is broken I may not give you gold.
I also sell commodities, such as Cloth, Rods, Leather and most of all Bags. As a matter of fact I am Obsessed with bags, so if anyone wants to Purchase a bag or any kind, any size, mail me and let me know, the highest bidder will win, also I am the Bag Drug lord and to tell everyone how I give Gold on the WoWcrack server.
The reason I say I am the Bag King and Primal Drug Lord is because I believed I hold the most Primal Mooncloth Bag's at one point in the server, an amount of 13, during Christmas of 07 that was a valued at more then 900,000 gold, if anyone knows if they had more, please say otherwise.
I have lost about 100,000 gold worth of assets and money through glitches, mailboxes, and server roll backs, one time I lost a Primal Mooncloth Bag from a Rollback, lost 10k through the mail box, lost a Spellfire Bag through the mail box and lost 5 Primal Mooncloth Bags from the famous Bag Glitch that broke out later this year of 07, and slowed down all Financial Bag markets. I sold a Primal Mooncloth Bag for 100,000 gold to a guy name Zeroptic; another player described him as the Chairman of Scyer Banks. Not to also mention both me and him are both Spanish and that all Spanish people are not stupid. I am also Indian, speaking on behalf of the Saudi Princes, the richest men in the world, half Spanish, half Indian, full Spices. I don’t know if I am Jewish or not I am unsure and it’s unknown to me, long story.
The reason for me giving away gold is because, most of all my friends that played WoW suffered in the beginning of there WoW lives with there mounts and skills, today they have Tier 6, and I am Democratic and believe in sharing and spreading the wealth, also I am giving on the behalf of the newest Company on the WoWcrack server, for marketing purposes. The [Primal Corporation] (A message from the Chairman of Board of Directors of the [Primal Corporation])
Time Line
Blacktauren      Regular Bag Seller        Neatherweave Bags                   16 Slots
Blacktauren      Regular Bag Seller        Imbued Bags                               18 Slots
Blacktauren      Bag King                          Primal Mooncloth Bags             20 Slots (13)
Blacktauren      Primal Druglord              Primal Mooncloth                    
Blacktauren      Noob King                        Primal Corporation
Sometimes in World of Warcraft it’s not just the adventure in the game but the adventure’s you make your self as you play, and how the server rolls out especially private because things like this would never happen on retail, life moves so fast in Private and gravity can change very rapidly, unless Burlex were to come. In WoW you can have, make and have to do so my types of adventures, quests, killing monsters, server going crazy at the same time, making money, people trying to assassinate you and etc. WoW is like all adventures you have ever play summarized into one single computer game. World of Warcraft is an epic adventure.
+Kalimdor and Azeroth are Huge
+Long and Detailed Story
+Huge and Limitless Gameplay
+The Best Graphics for biggest game
+Best Sound and Music
+Will last for a While
+All adventures into one
+Markets inside of a game to do Business
-/+Private Servers need to be more Maintained
-Retail requires loving Mom or Dad or a Part time Job
-Movie is not out yet
-Addictive to Human Players
“I am the King of Bags because I Love giving bags”
“I am the King of Noobs because I am biggest noob in World of Warcraft”
Primal Corporation©2008 Copyright Protected by Canadian Federal Government
Chairman:         Blacktauren                                                                  Xavier
CEO:                   Greenfever                                                                   Jankov

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