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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Member Review for the PS2

GENRE First-Person Shooter 
PLAYERS 1- 24 
T Contains Language, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is the first console Battlefield game. The thing that I really enjoy about this game is that it isn't a watered-down PC port, but instead it is an actual Battlefield game that is incredibly fun to play (online, that is). Any console owner who has a liking (or fetish for some of you) for online shooters, go out and buy it now!

MC is pretty much like the PC version in terms of the storyline. You can play as either the American troops or you can play as the enemy, which happens to be China and the Middle East. The maps you blast your way through are unusually large and full of vehicles and weapons that can increase your kill points fairly quickly. But to be fair.... No wait, lets not; MC probably one of the best online shooters for consoles to date!

MC does emulate the PC version again by almost including all the trademarks that made Battlefield 2 such a hit. Unfortunately, they also included some of the flaws that turned some people away from the game. For example, if you don't have broadband access for your PS2/Xbox, I would advise you not to buy this game, seeing how the offline portion is nothing like the online portion. Also, the online modes are fairly limited, seeing how there are only two: Conquest and Capture the Flag. There are some new issues introduced into the game, but they don't destroy the experience.

The online portion is the part that you should be spending your time playing, and it features pretty much all the things that you would expect from an online shooter. There are quick match settings so you can get into a war quickly, and there are also a leaderboard, friends list, in-game clan option, medal scheme and plenty of tracked stats. Yay!

Conquest mode is pretty the same mode as in the Star Wars: Battlefront series' main online mode. You start the game with a set of Victory Points and your objective is to take over as many Victory Points as there are on the map. The Victory Points you capture allow you to respawn there when you die. If one team takes over much more than the other team, a meter will appear onscreen for the other team, and if they don't capture some Victory Points before the meter depletes, they lose the war.

The map design is excellent, by the way. Most of the maps usually have a base at each end of the map, but in between is the things that you should be looking at. Huge trees and plenty of foliage are there for your cover, and sniping is encouraged to do so with so many great areas to take cover and take out your enemies. The only problem with this is that a red triangle hangs above your allies and enemies heads', which makes it almost pointless. Dams and buildings sometimes stand in your way, which is great to use for cover when you are in close-quarters battle with your opponent. Getting around these large maps is fairly slow on foot, but that is why plenty of vehicles are littered about. Land, air, and sea vehicles are all placed around for your amusement and your enemies demise. Use them or perish.

Every class featured in the game (Sniper, Assault, Special Forces operative, Engineers, and Support) are all balanced perfectly. Each class can help in a different situation, and if the enemy is being overpowered by you, they can easily use the classes to their advantage and take out whatever you have.

The control is incredibly smooth and responsive while this is happening also. You can run, jump, go prone, and so much and the animation is all fluid. Controlling vehicles is just as fun! The shooting in the game (and I say is the most important part) is very well done. If you have a good-eye, you can expect to plant many headshots.

The problems in the game are small, but noteworthy. You can't create a game of your own when you play online, so expect to play with a bunch of strangers when it should just be a private game with your friends. Also, the player-maximum for each and every map limits to 24 players, which is quite small compared to what some other Xbox titles are limited to (36 mostly). This is forgiving on the PS2, but it definitely isn't on the Xbox.

The single-player is terrible though. The story is based on American troops invading Kazakhstan for oil and the Chinese and Middle Eastern troops just decide to come in and defend Kazakhstan. Instead of actually proceeding with the story, the faction you play as switches every three missions, which eliminates the point of character development and so on.

The graphics are another standpoint for the game. The characters and maps are all very detailed and crisp, which can be stand for both the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game. The Xbox version does have some better textures and the explosions are more noteworthy, but the PS2 doesn't fall that far behind.

The audio is great, too. Each gun sounds as great as it should, each explosion sounds as great as it should, each vehicle- screw it you get the picture.

Anybody with a craving for a war game for their PS2/Xbox that isn't Call of Duty/Halo should definitely check this one out. Don't be surprised if you run away from your TV when you see a grenade come your way, though.

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