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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Member Review for the PS2

S-for-the-star By:
GENRE Action 
M Contains Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs

What do these ratings mean?

The Review of GTA Liberty City Stories. (Man, finaly all this writing stuff is over. It took me three hours!!)

The Story is set around Antonio "Toni" Cipriani who returns to Liberty City after a four year hiding after killing a made man. Toni is introduced to Vincenzo Cilli, Salvatore Leone's current Caporegime, and Vincenzo is tasked to give Toni some work. Toni dislikes Vincenzo, as Vincenzo acts like his "daddy" and keeps pushing him around.

Portland Storyline

The Portland Island Storyline is set around using JD O' Toole to weaken the Sindacco Family's influence in Portland, which includes destroying their strip club the Doll's House, stopping them from destroying the Leone Gaming House, and preventing them from crushing Salvatore, who takes over the Red Light District and JD's Club (Actually owned by Sindacco Don Paulie Sindacco) after Toni saves him from being crushed. Vincenzo then later betrays Toni after he is sent to pick up a sports car which turns out to be a Police Trap. After losing the police and parking outside Vincenzo's Garage, Toni gets a call from Vincenzo and Toni berates Vincenzo for setting him up, Vincenzo thinks of this setting him up as when he got Toni an apartment and a job. After the call, Toni crushes Vincenzo's Car to teach him never to mess with him again, after the crushing, Toni's Ma calls, and Toni visits her and it ends up with Toni having to prove to his Ma that he is a better son than Giovanni Casa, but fails and Ma sends a hit crew after him. After saving Salvatore from the police outside of JD's Club, Salvatore offers Toni some work, which involves around forcing the Union Boss Jane Hopper to reopen the ferry terminals and docks. When Toni sorts this all out. Toni gets a call from Salvatore's girlfriend Maria, who tells Toni to come see her, Maria gets Toni and her into lots of trouble, like gaining the attention of a Portland Biker Gang after killing their leader Wayne after Wayne hits Maria, and robbing shops. Maria needs a drug called a Zap, to save her life, Maria believes the drug is at a Callahan Point Diner, then behind a trash can in Hepburn Heights, then back at her house, but it's actually at Salvatore's Mansion. Toni does a few more jobs for JD, which involves following a Sicilian Caporegime Massimo Torini around Portland who is meeting with the Triads and Diablos, to tell them to ruin the Leones in Portland. Then driving JD to be made in the Leone Family, but it turns out to be a murder, as Mickey Hamfists, Salvatore's Enforcer, shoots JD in the back of the head with a Pistol. Toni takes Mickey home and dumps the car containing a dead JD into the river. Toni gets a call from Vincenzo, who apologizes for being a jerk towards Toni and tells him to go to his warehouse, Toni arrives there, and Vincenzo calls to say that he is on a large tanker near the warehouse. Toni goes to the Tanker, only to discover it to be a trap. Leone Mobsters loyal to just Vincenzo, attack Toni with Chainsaws. Toni slaughters them, then kills a furious Vincenzo in a firefight. Toni flees Vincenzo's Tanker, then receives a call from Mr. Leone, who tells Toni to come back to his mansion. When arriving in Mr. Leone's Office, Toni is told to rescue some Leone Mobsters who have been caught in a violent firefight with the Diablos, a few Leone Wiseguys were killed before Toni arrived. Cipriani fends off the disturbing Puerto Rican Gangsters and saves the Leone's Red Light District Turf. Salvatore then needs another favor, he can only trust Toni to collect some money from his warehouse in Callahan Point, but the Liberty City Triads blow up the warehouse, which slaughters all Leone Warehouse Guards except Cipriani, now Cipriani must collect the remaining money and murder any Triads that get in his way, then get back to Salvatore's with the money. The final job in Portland involves getting Salvatore to the ferry terminal, and it is revealed the police are waiting for Salvatore there, Cipriani and Leone escape to the almost finished Callahan Bridge where they speed and jump over a ramp (Actually a bit of the Bridge's Road not lowered yet) and escape to a safehouse on Staunton Island, this triggers the Staunton Island Storyline.

Staunton Storyline

After settling in at his new safehouse, Toni receives a call from Salvatore, telling Toni to answer a payphone near the Courthouse. Toni goes to the payphone, answers it, and is told to assassinate Mayor Roger C. Hole, and steal his phone, so Salvatore can see who he has been talking to. After the assassination, Toni finds a letter on his Apartment's table written by Sal, saying that some of his men will arrive to pick up Toni soon. Toni later leaves his apartment and sees Salvatore's men, including Mickey Hamfists, who assassinated JD O' Toole during the Portland Storyline. Now nervous that he might be killed also, he greets Mickey nervously as he drives to the meet location. As it turns out, there is no setup, and Salvatore emerges from behing a wall, telling Toni that he is going to be made, which Toni's Ma has waited for a long time. After the ceremony, Sal, Mickey and the other goons take Toni home, and Salvatore tells Toni's Ma about the ceremony which leads to a proud phone call for Toni. Soon after he meets a man named Donald Love, who has Toni help him become Mayor of Liberty City with ties to the Leone family. The campaign goes well until someone finds out that Toni did the dirty work for Donald and he does not get elected and goes bankrupt, and Donald blames all this on Toni. Toni later goes to a church to ask for forgivness for the bad things he's done, and the man in the church convinces him to do the Lord's "dirty work". The man in the church turns out to be a reporter who Toni later ends up killing.

Shoreside Storyline

After completing all Staunton Missions, Toni receives a call from Salvatore, who mentions that he has been arrested and taken into police custody on Shoreside Vale where Toni gets some tasks to do from Salvatore while he's inside. After destroying a tank at a Yakuza weapons compound, he gets a phone call from Donald asking Tony to forgive him and work with him once again, and also gets a call from Toshiko Kasen, Kazuki Kasen's (The Yakuza Boss) wife. When Tony goes to a residence for hobos to meet the now messy Donald Love, Tony forgives Donald and they bring Donald's campaign back to life. After doing a few jobs for Donald, he goes to Toshiko, who wants him to weaken Kazuki's organization before he dies. After weakening the Yakuza, Toni checks on Toshiko, who reveals that Kazuki is coming to kill Toshiko and Toni soon. Toni decides to gun down Kazuki at his residence in Belleville Park (The Staunton Safehouse in GTA 3), after killing Kazuki's guards, Kazuki escapes to the Big Shot Casino in a helicopter, where Toni stabs and kills Kazuki in a sword duel. Toni takes Kazuki's sword to Toshiko, who then commits suicide. After that, Toni visits Donald at his mansion on Shoreside. After a large mob of Colombians try to kill him, Donald then escapes the city by jet. In the final mission, Salvatore refused a truce with the Sicilian Mob, and Sal wanted to visit the mayor about getting his charges dropped, but the Sicilians had already kidnapped him. So Salvatore and Toni go to the docks where they see Massimo Torini drive away with the mayor on a speedboat. Salvatore and Toni give chase, which ends when they all stop on Portland Rock. When the two reach the top, Torini is holding the mayor at gunpoint, and escapes to his helicopter that has just arrived. Toni destroys Torini's helicopter and takes the mayor to Sal's home for a meeting. They then go to Toni's restaurant and Salvatore appoints Toni as his Caporegime and also awards him with $500,000.

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