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Gun Member Review for the PS2

GENRE Action 
PUBLISHER Activision 
DEVELOPER Neversoft 
M Contains Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol

What do these ratings mean?

Ever since Grand Theft Auto III came out developers have been looking at a way to copy it. And they should the game was very good and its free-roaming game play was immensely fun and a downright good idea. However like any copies some are not all to good, most lack depth and a good story, others however lack everything needed to be a game. Luckily Gun manages to have most of those things, making it more than a simple clone of GTA.

When you begin the game you are awoken by your mountain man father and taken hunting. This serves as a tutorial as you learn the controls and the basics of the game. The controls are excellent and you can very quickly learn and get use to them. After the quick tutorial is over you board a ferry boat and the real story begins. The story, by the way, is good. It is told through cut-scenes which are well done and move the story along at a nice pace. The story line involves all the goodies which are expected from a western; greed, murder, and just downright lawlessness. The game is somewhat linear, but does have side mission you can do between story missions. These range from pony express missions(in which you must ride from one side of town to the other, doesn't sound like the pony express I learned about) to deputy missions and poker. All these side missions will grant you money which you can use to by things from the various vendors around the game. They will also upgrade your stats.

Yes there are stats in the game, but even if you never do a side mission it wont really matter because they don't improve you that much. What sort of missions will you have to do in this game you ask? Well thanks for asking. The story missions start with the tutorial missions then progress into fending off savage Indians, blowing up trains, fighting traitorous outlaws and much much more. You will do all of this with the variety of weapons you pick up in the story mode. Bows, shotguns, rifles, pistols and knifes they're all here and waiting for you to kill. Of course killing has never been easier thanks to a well made aiming system, and of course quick draw mode. Quick draw mode is the latest thing, pulled straight from bullet time. Pushing the quick draw button will slow down time enabling you to get more precise shots with your pistols (in which you have unlimited ammo, handy aint it?) targeting normally with the left analog stick is much to slow for this mode instead you can flick the right analog stick to switch targets. This system is really very well done and most importantly its fun, enabling you to take down twelve thieving crooks with twelve well placed shots.

During combat you will generally be in close to medium range and the most useful weapons are the pistol or rifle while the sniper and bow are seldom used. It is possible to hop on a horse at any time so if your feeling tired of laying waste to the baddies you can always just trample them, or you could trample everyone in town, because hey trampling people is just so easy in this game. The horse of course is primarily used to get around the map, that is well how do I say this... small. While on the horse you have a stamina meter, drive your horse to hard and it will die, I had to learn that the hard way. A horse isn't a car and wont go as fast as one, which isn't that much of a problem since you can still get between the two í¢â‚¬…“citiesí¢â‚¬? in a few minutes.

The voice work in this game is top notch and the sound design and music is well done too. And the graphics, well the graphics are pretty amazing for a PS2 tittle but they're certainly not the best I've ever seen. All and all this game is very good, sound, graphics, storyline, action they're all here. But don't rush out to the store just yet. This game is much more linear than most other í¢â‚¬…“open endedí¢â‚¬? games and its short, God of War short. Unfortunately theres nothing after you beat the game either, unless you count a bonus weapon and the ability to stay and complete all the side missions unless you've already beaten them in which case your out of luck. Anyways if you've played out you copy of GTA and are looking for any free roamer this might do the trick, or if you love the west (common who doesn't right) you should definitely pick up this game, and hey if you just want a good game to play for a day or two and have some fun this is good. Try renting it, then you can have all the fun for a fraction of the price. Bottom line? Pretty good for guys who have only been making tony hawk games for the past few years, but needs more.

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