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Posted on 03/09/15
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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Member Review for the PS2

bigdawg81192 By:
GENRE Action 
T Contains Suggestive Themes, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

Pull out that White, British, Sex minded Agent, cause he wants to take on William Dafoe and a few hundred billion nanobots…sounds tasty…
            Well, James Bond is back….again…and he’s got a new assignment… protect the world from a madman armed with an army of nanotechnology, a hundred platinum tanks, and a backstabbing broad…sounds like a walk in the park for 007.
            You start out in Saudi Arabia… (or some place like that…) making sure that an exchange of nuclear missiles are in fact NOT exchanged…because that would be bad… Anyway, you kill a few terrorists, destroy a tank, avoid gunfire, you know, the usual stuff… you are then extracted via helicopter and taken back to MI6 where everybody opens the wine, passes around a “good job” and then you are sent right back out to Egypt where a facility full of cute little nanobots have to be destroyed….I don’t know why… So you get to Egypt, blow some $H!* up, kill highly armed guards, and throw yourself of the ledge of a building…repeatedly. When you finish everything on that little “to-destroy” list, you get down to the bottom level of the building where a train with even more nanobots is getting ready to leave…oops…actually you just got there in the nick of time, you don’t get to board this train like a NORMAL person… you just have to chase it in an SUV equipped with missles and a .50 caliber automatic… and there is more to it than just that, you actually get to be chased, just like you are chasing that train…
            Finally you enter the train, kill guards, yada, yada, then (Dun-Dun-DUN) the famous mute shark attacks our hero! (Yes, it’s Jaws…) After promptly beating him into some…pillars…you make your way to the final train car where some babe is chained to a rail and a helicopter is taking off and destroys a bridge ahead of you, thus soon causing the train to plummet down a cannon of rocky, stony death…(apart from Jaws, who climbs out, and shakes his giant fist at Bond). Lucky for us, there was a spare helicopter which is jacked by Bond and used to pursue the other offending ‘copter. After a 2 minute chase, you destroy the copter and put your newly found Bond Girl on solid ground, and shortly after taking off for MI6, again, a cut scene reveals that there is treachery afoot. Your “girl” and some ugly dude are in cahoots…and only a small platinum vial of nanobots will launch these crazy lovers into a plan of evil…
Seriously, the story goes much farther than that. Bond travels form Egypt to Russia, to New Orleans. Killing bad guys, and saving babes, it seems like he’s addicted to the caffeine patch.
Honestly, the game offers such continuous in-depth gameplay that it almost seems like the game would make a good movie. In fact, not only does the single player mode offer a good plot, but bring a friend and you can plug into the co-op, which is not only amazing, but on the last level, you get a really cool and thoughtful surprise that actually ties into the single player. The game will take a long time to beat also…and with the multiple difficulty modes on a couple missions, you might find yourself hurling the controller a few feet every now and then in deep frustration. Then again, it’s always nice to have a challenge.
            While James Bond still can’t jump (he is white, after all…) you still get his mighty arsenal and all the confusing buttons that goes with it. When you switch your weapons, everything goes into slow-motion, offering just about 1 quality…targeting your enemies while you see their bullets slowly whizzing by your body. And after you target that annoying sniper up on the crates, you still have to use the right analog stick to move a tiny little dot to the point where you want to shoot them…just want to target and shoot? Okay, then just target a person, and that dot is waiting for you in the center of their bodies, so while the targeting control is a bit….um…different, it still works for those “I’m gonna pump you full of lead moments…”

The graphics are great, offering high quality visuals that go with great sounds…like something you’d find on the CD “Sounds of the Battlefield.” (Coming to stores July 18th…). And while the fire in some levels may not look as spectacular as it should, you can still give the graphics a standing ovation as well as a couple roses on the stage.
Well, I guess that when you’re completely done beating the game you realllly don’t want to do it again, so I’d suggest you just barrow this game from a friend…for about a month. Just enjoy it for the good game it is, and use a gameshark after getting over ½ of all the gold metals on 00 agent difficulty….

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