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The Matrix: Path Of Neo Member Review for the PS2

JesseDarkin By:
GENRE Action 

If this is the Matrix, give me that goddamn blue pill

Created By: Shiny & Atari

Genre: Action Brawler

Players: 1

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Rated: Teen

First there was "Enter the Matrix". It was not as bad as many made it out to be, well in my opinion at least. The key factor in that games downfall was the lack of Neo. Get it through your heads, no one cares about side stories featuring Niobe and Ghost! Everyone wanted to play as the one himself, Neo. Well "The Matrix: Path of Neo" finally puts us in the shoes of Neo….sort of.

Now the game doesn't just follow The Matrix Reloaded, this game makes you go through all three movies. You start by attempting an escape from the agents in your office building and end in the one on one final fight with Agent Smith. You get to take part in the many famous movie sequences including; the lobby, the subway fight, the chateau, and yes even the burly brawl. Now right now you're asking me, how the hell can you mess up with a solid line up like that? Well simple, just throw in a huge assortment of new yet boring sequences. In between the well known scenes we get newly designed levels or simply expanded events that frankly are usually quite bland and slapped together. For example read this conversation.

Game Programmer: Umm sir, Neo's Chateau fight is a tad short, how can we expand it?

Game Writer: How about we make three doors that block his path and he needs to pass a trial to advance through each one

Game Programmer: Okay, anything else?

Game Writer: Add some new characters that serve no purpose, some annoying mazes that make little to no sense and how about some red ants who hate fire?

Game Programmer: I still get paid even if game sucks right?

Now let's move onto the game play. Even though it tries to add a stealth level and a turret level, "The Path of Neo" still remains an action brawler. In most levels you will run around as Neo completing tasks with an assortment of martial art moves and a few guns. Now the martial art system is not to bad considering basically all the moves are done with only a few buttons. The moves look very impressive at first, but eventually you end up repeating the same moves so often that it can become strangely dull. Who knew kicking a man into a wall and having the wall shatter with your fierce kick could become boring? Now the gun system is laughable at best. The targeting system is shaky and becomes a real bother when you get a whole crowd of guys shooting at you. When it comes to fighting, best advice is to use then weapons you were born with. Also the focus bar for bullet time action makes its return into battle. Once you get a significant bar of focus you will permanently being using it. Well that's what I did at least. One interesting feature this game could have expanded upon was the upgrade system. After each level will you will be given the opportunity to gain new abilities. The problem is most of the abilities are just slightly better versions of older ones you already have therefore toning down the awesomeness of this idea.

Now the graphics of this game are nothing to write home about for sure, but would be passable if the game play didn't falter. The character models are not to pretty from close up or even from a far. The only thing graphically I must admit was decent is the destruction of objects and landscape. They are a nice touch during a heated fight. Fights sound great when it comes down to punches or even steel pipes smacking some poor guy out his wits. My one beef with the sound is the music. Personally I loved the soundtracks from the Matrix movies and was expecting the music from the movies to be accompanying these legendary battles. To my horror the games creators found it necessary to put on an uninspiring new track list of music in the game.

Now this game is called "The Path of Neo" and even though you play through the events of all three movies as him, part of me stills feels not like Neo. Once you become the one you would expect the ability to waste huge groups of enemies. The only difference when you fight as the one is a costume change, a few new abilities and the difficulty of the agents has been turned down a notch. I was taking out the same number of cops and swat team members with Neo before he became the one, what gives?

This game is a true example of game developers rushing a project in hopes of some good quick money. This game had some potential, but with a lousy targeting system, low-grade side story bits and little to no Matrix music this game has ended up being a huge disappointment. Now if you excuse me I will be taking the blue pill to forget this entire experience.

Pro: You play as Neo

Con: Not as the One

Con: Lousy music

Con: You call that a targeting system

Pro: Famous battles

Con: Lame side story parts

Pro: Cool moves

Con: For awhile

Con: Ugly Graphics

Score: C-

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