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MLB 2006 Member Review for the PS2

GENRE Sports 
DEVELOPER 989 Sports 
E Contains No Descriptors

What do these ratings mean?

n the Battle of EA's MVP Baseball and ESPN's MLB 2K5, there's 989 Sports MLB 2006. Which is become more of a challenge to the other two than MLB 2005. This game brings more than enough to the plate, Let's Start the Review.

The Graphics in MLB 2006 are very good, The Player Models are alot better than last year and face models are alot better. The EyeToy Is brought into effect for the create-a-player, so now you can finally say that's really you. The Biggest Standout in this game is the Stadiums. All The Stadiums are beautifully done and are some of the best ever for the series. Just wait until MLB 2007 when they have The Brave's new TV, the biggest one ever at a stadium.

The Sound is very good, from the Ball hitting the catcher's Glove to the crowd cheering whenever a Home Run is hit for their team, the sound is top-notch for this game. The Announcers are pretty good, but listening to them saying the same things over and over well drive you mad, "Yack!" Another funny thing noticed is the Crowd Chants, When you're blowing out a team you'll hear the crowd chant, "Boooring, Boooring!" When the Crowd doesn't like someone that's known to be good, they'll chant, "Overrated, Overrated!" And when Chipper Jones comes to the plate in an away game, sometimes you'll hear the ever popular, "Lerry, Lerry!" The Sound is fun to love in this game, love it back.

Here's gonna be a long discussion. The Gameplay is unbelieveable in this game. Starting with the Create-A-Player Mode. The game goes into some deep customization for this mode, with the EyeToy and Stats, no two people will be the same. For Pitchers, you have a good amount of pitches to pick: The 4 Seam and 2 Seam Fastball, The Curveball, The Slider, The Changeup, The Kunckleball, The Kunckle-Curveball, The Slurveball, The Forkball, The Circle-Change, The Splitter, The Cutter, even the Palmball is yours to master! Another thing for pitches is that you can pick what you're good at or not, if you want it a slow or fast pitch, how accurate is it, or how much break you want on the ball, the choose is yours. Plus for pitchers you can pitch just like your favorite, just find his name, and you're pitching like the pro!

New Features are in store for this game:

Guess Pitch: This feature can help you get that Walk-Off Home Run or pull of that Triple if you need it. What this does is when you're batting, press the R2 Button, then you guess which pitch you think he's gonna throw by pressing the button assigned to which pitches he has. for Example, you think he's gonna throw a Slider, and the X Button in the Guess pitch is the Slider, Press & Hold the R2 Button and Press X, you'll feel a vibration on your controller, then if you see a Red Circle, that's where the pitch is gonna be, Swing at it and you should have yourself a base hit or more. But don't expect it to be a Single everytime, you can still get an Out when you guess a pitch right, it's just a boost to your power. If you guess it wrong, your power will go down and will have more of a chance to get an out. So Take your Risks if you dare.

Check Swing: This might not be a new feature, but it's one to point out. This feature can be used by tapping the X button, this will be the difference between a K and a walk.

Drag Bunts: This is always a fun little move to use. To use a Drag Bunt, you press the O Button at the last possible moment when batting. This will look like you're swinging but you tap it for a bunt. This will keep the Defenders on the toes and see if they can make the out in time.

Wild Pitches: This can only happen if you use the Meter in Pitching. The Wild Pitch will happen to you if you can't time your pitch right and the line goes all the way down, or up depending on your timing, this will make your pitch go flying and could send baserunners up a base, which could be costly in the long run.

Broken Bats: This is a fun little add-in. Broken bats will happen when you take that inside heater and take a swing at it, and watch the wood fly.

The Jump: The Jump is the all important jump at the outfield wall where you can save your team another run and steal a Home Run. This is used when the Right Analog stick is pressed up when at the wall.

These are most of the New Features, Look for more while you play!

The Career Mode has taken a revamp and look what it has in store. Career Mode puts you, a Created Player, into the Major League and you follow your guy threw, your guy gets traded to another team? You're going with him. It's a nifty look into the player's eyes.

The Franchise Mode is a Big Standout here as you pick what team you want to be and puts you in a 4-6 Year Plan with 10 Goals to achieve, these goals will help you either get fired, or stay with the team. Goals range from getting your team an Aerobic Room to getting 3 Rookie of the Year Awards. You also have to deal with Fan Support and Player Morale, don't match the Players Standards? They'll start to drop in Morale and do worse in games. Fans want some Free Hat Days? Give them what they want or they'll stop coming as well as the money won't either. In Franchise Mode you have to play the 163 Games, only in Season mode can you have less games.

Another Standout Feature is the Fast-Forward Option. Destroying a team and you dont wanna play anymore? Fast Forward it to whatever inning or to the end of the game. Need to get a Pitcher's ERA down? Fast Forward a Half-Inning and pitch away. But be Warned, the other team can score runs, so FF at your own risk.

The Home Run Derby is a fun (and only) Mini-Game in MLB 2006, pick from either 2-10 players to play in the Derby, 2 Players will have 1 Round of play, 3-6 Players will have two rounds of play, and 7-10 Players will have three rounds of play. So have fun and Swing away!

One of the Coolest things on MLB 2006 would have to be the Minor Leagues. Every Single AAA and AA Team is on this game and are fully playable. One of your players not doing so hot? Call up someone from the AAA and switch them out.

*phew* Long Review, After all this, MLB 2006 Gets:

Final Score: B+
+ Amazing Graphics and Sound
+ Unbelieveable Gameplay
+ Deep Franchise Mode
+ Create-A-Player with EyeToy
+ AAA & AA Teams!
+ Fancy New Features

- Annoying Announcers

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