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Ratchet & Clank Member Review for the PS2

Superweapon667 By:
GENRE Action 
DEVELOPER Insomniac Games 
T What do these ratings mean?

Ratchet & Clank
Rip you a new one!

Presentation and Introduction
 - After Insomniac Games finished off the "Spyro the Dragon' series they went on to a newer title to go far with a 3rd-person shooting adventure to the outer space shooting game known to be Ratchet & Clank.

 - A little robot called Clank comes across a catlike alien named Ratchet, as they become a duo they work together to save the galaxy from planets getting demolished and destroyed by this evil businessman known as Chairman Drek who is using pieces of planets from other planets that he needing in use for making a new sheltering planet since the pollution of his own home planet is so uninhabitable from the toxic atmosphere. As they try to manage to aid the help of the galaxy's greatest superhero Captain Qwark, when they meet him they find out who he is the superhero is not at all what he appears to be.
Seeing how these two are its not likely they get along.
Gameplay and Control
 - The gameplay focuses around with being a 3rd person shooter as it should be as it relies on gun-play and fighting enemies and being a platform game like it should be. The game after defeating foes gives you a fair amount of bolts which they count as money. There are gold bolts found and in hidden areas and they are a surprise what you can unlock later. They do have an amount of weaponry to give you and most of all the weapons that are there are very creative and unique (quite laughable) in their own way. You have the greatest weapons which I like such as having a Tesla Claw, which creates a bolt of electricity and shocks the enemy off, the Morph-O-Ray  which transmogrifies enemies into chickens, the Suck Cannon which pulls characters in and launches them out as projectiles and the RYNO (Rip You a New One) which is a heavy powered rocket launcher.
The other weapons and gadgets they have are a Swingshot which works like a grappling-hook and lets you swing to different areas when there are gaps too long to jump over, the Devastator which works like an RPG, Pyrociter which is an upgraded version of a flamethrower, the Blaster which looks similar to an ordinary pistol but fires off like a machine gun and the Visibomb which is like a remote control bomb which lets you travel across the level.
As the controls are decent but not out of place, they are flawed when you have a junky camera, combat is weak and the hit detection on the enemies is quite awkward at times if to want to hit a VERY small enemy you end up getting hit before you do to it.  Now firing a weapon can be a bit off, like if you are shooting without aiming the gun it will sometimes hit something else, like if you fire the Devastator with aim sometimes the projectile twirls around like a firework has been set off and it won’t always hit the target.
The AI is proven very stupid, when you toss an inflatable Decoy this just proves how poor it is. They end up focusing on the dummy rather than fighting you off. If you throw one behind a wall they end up shooting the wall knowing that you are still there. The spaceship battles are not that fun at times but will have you dealing with more or less of enemies.
There are hoverboard stages are based on skateboarding games, the controls on there are partially slippery and whenever you sometimes do a trick you will increase your speed meter.
Boss fights are simplistic, the last boss is irratating and will get very annoying as it will be the most annoying boss fight in Ratchet & Clank history.
Graphics, Visuals and Frame rate
 - The camera angles can be a bit clunky and faulty as the camera has some issues. If you go into an angle you can get stuck when you use the 1st person view you can get out of that angle.
Patterns, textures, graphics almost as equal to those of the Crash Bandicoot game levels but looks not too bad. It is 100% 3D and not at all 2D.
Character designs are creative and imaginative.
The lighting, shading and shadowing is excellent for environments for this time. Let alone being in a PS2 game.
Designing for how much into the alien environments have it as almost as just detailed as the original 'Crash Bandicoot' game. The shining on Clank stands out on him. Seeing everywhere where it is sci-fi buildings there is far a lot of 3D put into them.

Music, Sound Effects and Voices
 - Sound effects are decent, in my opinion. Some of the sound effects sound pretty much like everything fits in when things shatter break and get destroy. Most are new and most are sound effects reused, recycled and broken down from their previous games like 'Spyro the Dragon'. Just listen to the sounds from the previous Spyro games and listen to the sound effects in this game.
The voice acting, the people who did the voices did manage to put some emotion, feeling and humor into it. Clank sounds exactly like a traditional robot, everybody else's they sound as they match the character's personalities as they don't sound too bland as they go far.
Soundtrack here does not always fit here well at times and goes forward as things go on approaching in the level, with the sounds of 2000's electronica with alien / futuristic esqe house / dance music that use almost the same instrument to go with the background and scenery into the alien-like, futuristic planets of the environments. However the soundtrack that is most remembered is the music used on Blackwater City and Metropolis.
 - This game proves that this is a far bigger improvement from the Spyro series on the PS1. Ratchet & Clank is a fun 3D platforming game, with nice graphics, big variety of weapons and gadgets, great humor, good replay value. Few things that can get in the way are the camera issues, too many options and broken combat. This game is quite challenging and those who like it will have fun.
After all if you like Insomniac Games, I reccomend this game to all who will like it.

Plot - 7 / 10
Gameplay and Control - 8 / 10
Graphics, Visuals and Frame rate - 8 / 10
Music, Sound Effects and Voices - 7 / 10

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