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Shadow of the Colossus Member Review for the PS2

GENRE Adventure 
T Contains Blood, Fantasy Violence

What do these ratings mean?

Shadow of the Colossus a Colossus of a Review
       Shadow of The Colossus is made by Team ICO, the same game developers that worked on ICO, another game for the Sony Playstation Two. Shadow of the Colossus is the true blue epic adventure, which will have your heart pounding? Well then, let’s journey to the land is strictly forbidden, and let us become…the Wanderer…
       GRAPHICS: The graphics in this game are fantastic, for a playstation 2 game and nothing less of it. It’s one of THE best looking Playstation Two games out there, and nothing short of it. The game is highly detailed with its bosses and landscape; the textures look sometimes a little out of place but work well for most things. There is only one true thing to say about the colossi in this game, HOLY SHARKZOOKA(thank you spoon!), these humongous beasts will leave your jaw hanging,   The character models such as the horse or the girl have a little out of placed shadows and look a bit awkward, but it works so very well. Although the game doesn’t match up to the Nintendo Gamecube titles or Microsoft Xbox, it does do a pretty good job at creating spectacular visuals. Thus, I give Graphics: A 9/10(8 or 7 for those used to Xbox or Gamecube titles)

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       Now, let’s dig into a bit more of this game, and let’s talk Sound and Music. Fortunately, the sound effects of walking or riding on your horse sound pretty much real and it’s a bit better after playing a lot of Capcom games. The sound effects for cut scenes sound completely epic and sound fan-freaking-tastic, sure it isn’t up to Final Fantasy greatness, but it does a darn good job. The though, hits do seem a bit out of placed, but enemies screams sound so epic from your mighty blade digging into their skin! But I can honestly say that the weakest part of the sound/music is the Music, because I think that there are barely any tracks, but other than that, the music works so well. The over world theme is peaceful and serene, but once ye come in face with a colossi, the music will change into a grim and desperate tone that will make your heart pound so fast!    I give a solid 8.9/10 for Sound/Music Quality.

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       We are finally done with Music and Sound quality, now on to Story! You would think that with only a few characters, the story would be crap, how wrong you are, how wrong…you are my readers. Now, Shadow of The Colossus is the epic tale of The Wanderer who wields the mighty blade, who’s heard of a temple that can revive the dead. The person, who he must revive, is a young woman, who was the love of the wanderer was sacrificed for some odd and cruel reason. He and his horse Argo, have ventured to the forbidden land to find how to revive his love, there he meets a strange and mystical voice that tells him to defeat the 16 colossi and will revive his love! Man, this story really questions the famous line: “How far will you go for love?”, but holy crap, that woman must have promised the Wanderer the greatest time of his life or something to battle some of the most gigantic bosses ever made! Also, another little problem I have with the game is that, sure take advice from the ominous voice stuck inside a temple for about thousands of years! I reward Shadow of the Colossus 9/10 for story! Also, before I forget, it appears that Shadow of the Colossus seems to be either the spiritual sequel or prequel to the game ICO.

       REPLAY VALUE: The replay value in this game is the weakest part about this game in my opinion. Team ICO’game, although good has barely anything to keep you busy after you finish the main game, but don’t worry, there is things to come! In this game, you can kill and collect certain objects all over the main over world, such as lizards and fruits.  Including with this, after you beat the game, you will unlock hard mode and Time attack mode, and if you beat hard mode, you will receive hard time attack mode. Then, if you beat time attack modes, you acquire different weapons other than the standard bow and sword. In addition to this, you can change the color of your horse after completing a certain part of the game. Also, Shadow of the Colossus also features a secret garden that holds the entrance in which you came to this forbidden land, along with poisonous magical fruit that will decrease your energy. I reward a disappointing 7/10 for Replay value.

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       We have now battled into sound, replay value, story, and graphics, are you ready to blow off take some dangerous colossi? The controls in this game are(erm, kinda
       Left Analog stick: Used for running or swim.
       Right Analog Stick: Moves the camera about freely. Use it to view your
       Directional Pad: Use the left and right arrows to change your weapons.
       X-button: Calls your horse with a whistle your horse.
       Square-button: Attack button. Use it to slash your sword or fire your arrows.
       When equipped with your sword, use the square button to charge up for a strong
       stab (used in combination with R1), and with the bow, you are allowed to charge it up too.
       Triangle-button: The jump button. The longer you hold it, the higher he will
       jump. Also used to mount your horse when you are standing next to him. Used to
       jump out of water as well, as well as grasping in to places.
       Circle-button: Used to reflect the sunlight off your sword. Can only be used
       when your sword is equipped. The light beam becomes thinner as you get closer to
       the object of importance. Also shining the light on a colossus shows you its
       weakpoints so it's easier to know where you need to go. You can also use Circle
       to pray at the save alters.
       R1-button: Used to grab climbable surfaces, walls, ledges, etc. Hold this and
       use triangle and left stick to jump/roll when you aren't climbing. You can also
       use this to dive underwater a short distance.
       R2-button: Zooms in or locks on.
       L1-button: Look about at your surroundings and focus on the colossus (when in
       combat) and locking on will automatically happen when running
       L2-button: Re-positions the camera behind you.
       START-button: Pause/Displays your map. The arrow is your current position and
       the direction you are facing.
       The only problems with the controls in this game, is that the controls for can get a tiny bit wonky, the horse does not always control right, and holding on is a little wonky. A 9/10 for Controls
       Gameplay, the thing that determines if the game is spectacular, or is as craptacular as Bubsy 3D. The gameplay in this game is traveling across the land to defeat the 16 deadly colossi, which means the entire land is limited to: landscape, lizards, fruit, save shrines, the secret garden, the temple, and the colossi.). Now, there are many different weapons in this game in which you can unlock.

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       Continuing on, in Shadow of the Colossus, you will face some of the most giant bosses in the history of gaming. But do not fret, you can take these colossi by determining the weakpoint with the light from your blade, and to help is the strange voice you met in the beginning. To take down these enemies, you can climb up on their fur and destroy their weakpoints that are marked with strange symbols. Of course, the game isn’t easy, as it will challenge you against these many beings in time attack and in hard mode, which all colossi has an extra weak point. In time attack, you have to beat these godly creatures from once they came, in a certain amount of time. You fight these colossi on land, water, underground, and even air. But, there are a few problems I have with the gameplay, as it is the combat system only comes to certain slashes, climbing on to strike down these mighty beings, can get a little repetitive. Bosses are mostly slow, traveling to one colossi can get a little monotonous, and Argo is one sonuva*blank!*. I reward Fumito Ueda game a 9.3 out of 10 for gameplay.
       Overall, if you are looking for a fantastic epic game, look no further and meet your match! Shadow of the Colossus is a spectacular game, and no one should overlook this game in favor of other crap in the mainstream (I blame EA and Activision). Shadow of the Colossus will have your heart pounding and your mind wanting more, but sadly the game is so very short. However with the mentions of replay value I mentioned above, it just goes to show you, even a small developer company can make such an AMAZING game! With those tiny little ICO references, I’ll promise you the ICO fans will want this game. So please, hear this thirteen-year old out, and go out and buy this spectacular, yet simple short game!    

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       My Final score BODY CANNOT TAKE IT!
       FINAL SCORE: 9.1/10
       FINAL SCORE: 8.8/10 for people who are fans of Jeff Gerstmann.

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