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Assassin's Creed Member Review for the PS3

AngelofDeath3030 By:
GENRE Action 
M Contains Blood, Strong Language, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

O-boy! I have been wanting to review this one. I have to admit I have had my eye on this game since the ps3/xbox360 was first anounced. OOOooo where to start where to start, alright, first off

Graphics: On the back of the box it has a quote that I will return to alot during this review.Ok here it is, :"The First REAL Next=Gen Game" alright, that is one hell of a thing to say towards this game. Back to graphics, the graphics are pretty good. Its always dusty looking and dry. Good lighting very good lighting, but when it comes down to the detailed textures on a building its always the same thing over and over again. Infact, I wasnt able to tell what city I was in. All the buildings look the same all the streets look the same. The people look the same. Kinda cheap parlor trick. YOUR charactor looks awesome, but everyone else is kinda....not horrible not bad but not as good as the main charactor.

Story: I personaly hated the story, Im all for futuristic sci-fi storys but to me this game just doesnt pull it off. The back and fourth between the boaring as hell future sections of the game which include nothing more than walking around in a 2 room building and talking to 1 of two people and thats about it. Then switching back into the past to unfold a totaly predictable story. I just didnt get into this games story. Just felt broken and uncreative. Its like they created a game then tried to come up with a story to brake up the EXTREMELY repetitive gameplay. Like I said before the way the story is told and the story itself is as far as Next-Gen as I have ever seen.

Gameplay: Alrgiht, at first glemps I thought this would play like prince of persia. Boy I was wrong. Which wasnt a bad thing, just wasnt what I  cexpected. I had read allot about the gameplay about how detailed the ombat and stuff was and thought there would be more to do. Anyways,  you start off with barely any moves. Can't really do much at this point. Later on youll do missions and the old man "your leader"  will magically give you your moves back. the combat is so basic to me. Im used to fights like in pop and god of war, where you move quickly and slay your foes. I quickly realised this game is slow paced. so I slowed down to see if I would enjoy it more. I didnt. I finaly unlocked all my moves and the fighting was more fun. Taking on 12 guards at once is fun stuff.....the first 500 times.......after that it becomes a same move same kill kinda thing. You can do one hit like special kills, or hackNslash. The missions are awefull. At first it was neat. But god o mighty I have never gotten so board playing a game as I did in this title. The missions are simply this, "sit on a chair, listen to some mumbling, walk slowely behind guy, hold B take note" thats a mission that youll do 10 billion times or maybe youll do this " talk to fellow asassin, go kill 3 guards/poeple who he pissed off" youll do that one about 5 billion times, or maybe you will get lucky and get this one, "sit in chair, listen to mubling follow guy 10 feet behind building, punch him a couple times, get information" youll do that one 6 billion times. THen youll be able to go back to some smart ass blood dealer who gives you permission to go  kill your main target in that city, and let me tell you that finnal boss if you want to call it that, is easy as hell to kill. The only hard part was getting away, youll follow your target around a certain area untill you get the chance to kill him, then he will mumble a bunch of stuff and then you begin to run like a rat. And let me tell you later on in the game this part is cheap. THe guards know exactly where you are, its hard to hide, youll jump across roofs and they will see you imidiatly which in normal gameplay they never look up so its not balanced. But youll make it back to your asassins base and go to sleep to wake up next day clean-slate, report back to old man" Your boss" he will magicaly give you another ability and youll head back to another same looking city to do the exact same thing I just described above.

Alright now for the extra missions you can do besides main quest. They range from about 3 things, eather this, "save the most repetitive speaking towns folk from 4 to 5 guards to gain respect from the townfolk to gain there help later on in missions" to hunting flags which is boaring, to trying to climb all the high points in a city to do the overlook. Lol, let me tell you something about this viewing thing that it does when you go up to a high peak, youll climb this tower and be able to look out over a dusty dry city of tan buildings. That description fits pretty much every single viewspot you activate. Its so boaring. Well thats it for the game

I just describe the whole game. Its about 3 hours of fun. I expected so much from this game and I really truly beleive this game would have been better if it had never been mentioned to the media until a month or so of release. Its just so boaring after playing for 3 hours.

to sum it up for you

Graphics: 8.5 nicely done but repetitive. Not truly " Next=Gen"

Story: 3.65 choppy, doesnt keep you intristed at all in whats to happen. Not "Next-Gen"

Gameplay: 5 how can i say this, repetitive, repetitive, omg repetitive.

O and Ill do a quick sound rating,

Sound: repetitive 7. give it a 7 because I like the music the townfolk just sayt he same thing over and over again

so, I would definitly rent this game or trade for it off a freind who doesnt want it anymore, I would not buy this title its just i hate to say it its just not a fun game.

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