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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Member Review for the PS3

AngelofDeath3030 By:
GENRE First-Person Shooter 
PLAYERS 1- 16 
PUBLISHER Activision 
DEVELOPER Infinity Ward 
M Contains Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

What do these ratings mean?

CoD4. Alright this one is a big game. So I will break it down into simple, to the point, paragraphs. Alright lets start off with graphics.

The graphics on this game are some of the best out right now. you have all the lighting effects, mixed with real time combat. The level of detail is really nice. At some points when your playing through the single player when your fellow teammates run through the cities it litteraly looks reall. Instantly I was drawn into the game. My partners looked and reacted realistic. Your gun itself is top notch. In fact. The first few minutes of playtime will be just you sitting there checking out the games effects/graphics.

Sound, the sound is just as great as the graphics, online or off. You will feel like your in the battle. As all CoD games do. Realistic gun fire to bullets zinging by your head.

Single Player: I personnaly dont play many shooters single player mode unless it really stands out. And this one did instantly. The single player starts off you working for the SaS and it kicks off from there never once missing a beat. THe graphics are a lil tighter on single player than on multiplayer, but really not enough to dissapoint. they do a really good job of telling the story, although it might not be what you like, the whole pollitical inballence in governments, people killing other people in iraq type situations. THe single player will have you running all over the world from boats to cities, to beat up wartowns, to fields of grass. Which brings to to a point i must point out. There are missions where your a sniper. ANd I loved them. Youll have to crawl, sneak, take aim, choose just the right moment, just the right hight, judge the wind, everything that in reall life youd do. And it just feels fun and reall.

Online. of course everyone will play the online. WHy wouldnt you? Its one of the best. YOull start off only being able to play modes like TDM and DM. But as you rank a whole slew of modes will become available. ANd each is fun in its own way. Online the graphics are dumbed down a bit, and there is this flaky square stuff floating around everywhere, im guessing it is suppose to be war dust or something but its just to much and to blurry to work. not very noticeable at first but after 3 hours in a row of play itll start being seen more and more. Everyone online is cool too. THere isnt a whole lot of lil kids trash talking to release anger from being picked on all day on this game. "Unlike Halo 3" and I liek the overall maturity online players have. Youll sneak around killing and loving every minute of it. The only negative I really have for online play is the rank system. Although I love how they did it, I found it way to easy for a vet of shooters like me to rank up to lvl 55 withen a few days. I dont like to rank to get rank itself I like to unlock guns so when i hit the last one which i think was at 52, the game lost just a lil bit of my intrists. But to this day im still playing.

Gameplay overall: This game is so smooth. It feels very good when you take down someone. THe animation online and off are amazing. The moment you turn this on youll notice the graphics then the second you tauch your thumbstick your going to be impressed by just how smooth this game runs. I have never played a game this pollished in a long long long time. In fact I dont know of another game as pollished as this one. From reloading to sniping itll run as smooth as milk over glass.

There is one thing I have to point out before I do my overall rating, the knifing in this game. I must say this. I have never in my days of gaming seen a game actually put a animation as badass as this one did. On most games with a knife you swing it back and forth and the person dies. On CoD4 they finnaly took it up a knotch and made the knife animatino actually stab the other charactor. I noticed this online and off. Its always different too. "Of course some are the same over days of playing" But, serisoulsy, if your aiming high and puch the knife button, your guy actually stabs the other character and pulls the knife out and you can see it go in sink in and pull out. ANd the sound effects with it make it feel awesome.

Ok, my overview

graphics, A+ Amazing

Story, B average

Sound, A+ Goes right with the graphics

Gameplay, A extremely impressive.

Trust me, youll want to play this game if your into any shooters.

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