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Killzone 3 Member Review for the PS3

Ivory_Soul By:
GENRE Shooter 
PLAYERS 1- 24 
DEVELOPER Guerrilla Games 
M Contains Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

What do these ratings mean?

The Good: Looks amazing, tighter controls and weapons, new weapons are awesome, jetpacks!, the story is engaging, the characters are well fleshed out, varied game play and environments, the multiplayer is super addictive and fun

The Bad: Difficulty is poorly balanced, not enough multiplayer maps, doesn't do much to the core FPS game play to make it feel revolutionary

Once you start calling out beloved franchises and threatening to kill them you will get scrutinized for it by fan boys/girls. The first Killzone (released in November of 2004) was deemed a Halo killer and was Sony's late attempt to create an FPS killer app that would dominate Halo. It failed big time due to the lack of power the PS2 had and Killzone was released with lots of slow down and didn't look nearly as good as Halo 2. It's sepia toned art style was also a turn off from Halo's colorful world. So, Killzone 2 was shown and and trumped Halo 3 in a lot of ways (mainly graphics) and became PS3 owners favorite FPS.

Fast forward almost almost 7 years from the first game and Killzone 3 is an unstoppable juggernaut and a huge technical powerhouse. Plus don't forget about the astounding multi player suite. The single player campaign has always been touch and go for some people, but I personally think Killzone 3 has the strongest single player in the series and even stacks up (or is better) than some of today's FPS single player campaigns.

You play, once again, as Sevchenko and you're righting the genocidal Helghast army, but this time it's a lot more personal and the ISA are really in some trouble. After assassinating General Vasari at the end of Killzone 2 the ISA squad has to stop a new rising threat while the Helghast high council tries to use a new super weapon to wipe out Earth. It sounds cliche but the characters are engrossing, and they are more fleshed out and their personalities are deepened which makes for a more riveting story. You really feel like you're on the brink of defeat due to the constant struggle for survival. The dialog is sharp, and the set pieces are phenomenal which makes for a roller coaster campaign.

You really care for the all the characters in this game since it feels like it was directed like a movie. Every scene is carefully plotted out and the action compliments it. Speaking of action that's what Killzone is all about. Shooting guns in this game feels tighter and a bit faster than the past games. The recoil has been toned down so not every weapon feels completely inaccurate which makes the game not so hard as well. The old weapons are slightly upgraded so they feel nicer to wield around, but the new weapons kick ass. The WASP is a portable mortar which homes in on enemies and if you zoom in you can use it as a one shot artillery strike. The Arc Cannon shoots green energy and makes enemies explode, so this naturally replaces the lightning gun.

There are also more weapons that you can carry such as detachable turrets that you can store on your person for later. Ammo crates scattered around help you stay loaded up on ammo for your favorite guns, but being able to carry a normal weapon and a heavy is a great change. The jetpack is a new addition and it feels great to fly and works well in multi player. There are also some other parts of the campaign mixed up with vehicle sections and even a section in space! The campaign never gets boring and is constantly changing things on you and this includes environments (more on that later).

Shooting overall feels better than the past games and is really fun. The guns have weight to them, but not the annoying weight where it makes the game feel slower. Aiming is a lot better since it's not as stiff as the past games as well. Killzone 3 is also heavily cover based so you can't just run and gun or you will die almost instantly. This requires strategy with the weapons you choose and I love this alot.

When it comes to looks Killzone 3 shines over any FPS out right now. Fighting the huge MAWLR at the end of the game is just jaw dropping since everything has such detail. It seems impossible for Guerrilla to have squeezed so much power out of the PS3, but it really shows here. This game just looks astounding with a ton of background detail and not just in the foreground. Everything moves, everything feels dynamic and the lighting is amazing. Killzone 3 tries to dodge the complaints about the "boring" sepia tone by adding color to the environments without ruining the art style. Fighting in snow, lots of reds and oranges and Helghan, the burning city of Pyrhhus in the beginning of the game plus not to mention all the green from the new super weapon's energy.

The multi player is extremely fun and more refined this time around and the unlocking and level up system is addictive. Using points to unlock new gear keeps you coming back and the more you play the better you get like in any great FPS. The maps are very well designed and don't feel so random like they did in the past games. There are great spots for strategy and learning the maps only takes a few play throughs. Each class has it's own unique abilities and you will want to try them all because not every weapon is available for every class. I never had so much fun on a PS3 FPS online than I did in Killzone 3.

When it comes to 3D and the Move I couldn't test this fully, but I have tried a bit of each and I have to say the Move feels great to use, but not as tight as the controller. the 3D is also great for certain moments of the game, but other times you won't notice much. Apart from this you in for a great ride with Killzone 3 due to it's varied game play (the stealth section actually works!) to the brutal melee kills that add a "Hell Yeah!" factor to multi player. Even being able to be healed when you die in the campaign makes the game feel fresh. Everything is tighter and even looks better than the last game, and that's worth my $60.

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