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Resident Evil 5 Member Review for the PS3

damo_rox619 By:
GENRE Action 
M Contains Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

What do these ratings mean?

i was so super excited about this game after i'd first finished RE4, even though i knew it wouldnt be coming out for a few years, i still just wanted to see how exactly capcom would improve on such an awsome game and make it live up to the standards of the new generation.

i have a PS3 and an xbox 360, but i just decided i would buy it on PS3 because i thought the graphics may be a bit better considering it's blu-ray (i was wrong, they're exactly the same) and just because playing online was free on playstation and i knew there was online involved. speaking of online, who would ever have thought that RE5 would be a co-op game? when playing resident evil 4, it was really hard to see how capcom would make it into a multiplayer game. it just didn't seem right for the kind of game it was. but i'll be getting back to the multiplayer later.

first off, the graphics are awsome. you could not ask for more. everything is slick, the character models look great and the framerate is perfectly smooth from what i can remember. so as far as looks go, this game is about all you can ask for. the sound is good, the voice acting is the biggest improvement i thought when it comes to comparing it to RE4. that being said, good sound doesn't mean good writing. the dialogue in this game is appauling. example, last line of the game: "after all that's happened, i think to myself..... is it all worth fighting for? for a future without fear? yeah. it is". honestly, thats about as cliche as it gets. i cannot stand listening to most of the stuff chris and sheva say, but wesker is actually kinda funny to listen to when you can stand not to block your ears. his dialogue is chock-a-block full of cliche and cheesey lines that should not be in there, not by a long shot.

come to think of it, this review will probably be mostly negative things about  the game, but the truth is that the game still rocks, so the bad things dont weigh it down as much as they would in most games. i'll try and fit in as many positive things as i can.

the combat in this game is fun as ever, just like RE4 and maybe even somehow more fun. blowing enemies heads off is still fun, the bosses are awsome, and there is a good variety of weapons that all rock. there are a lot of great moments in this game that i'm so glad were in it. like having to dodge a giant alogator while on a raft that is slowly moving towards your partner, not a lot of effort in dodging the attacks but its ok when you think about how much you dont want to see someone get absolutely slaughtered by an animal that everyone fears. the fear in this game, however, is not present. i find it funny that the cover of the game says  "a fear you can't forget". it makes this game seem very unprofessional. the game is not scary. at all. the fear is gone, all old resident evil fans will be hating capcom at the moment.

but while RE5 does have some truly great moments, there are also a few very unnappealing parts. its all basically the same as the story mode in resident evil 4, taking plenty of elements from it and just putting them in high definition, but that doesn't mean they will be good. i can think of at least two parts in each chapter where i just think "aw not this again". thankfully, the chapters are short, and thankfully (again) the game overall isn't short. it isn't as long as resident evil 4, but its still much more satisfying than the length of halo 3 or fable 2 (fable especially). the story mode is still great fun and is worth a few play throughs. just turn down the volume when it comes to the dialogue in the videos and  do your best to have fun while doing those unnappealing moments in the game.

on to the controls. i have one word for capcom on this: "why?". seriously, why? why change the controls that much when the game basically plays the same? sure there are a few changes with the game itself but with the way its been changed, you would think you could at least move while you aim. the controls can feel really awkward at times (try going from ps3 to 360 or the other way round, that will confuse you). ok, put it this way. for 360 owners, the controls for shooting are: LB = get knife ready, RB = toggle map, LT = equip weapon, RT = use weapon/knife. for ps3 owners, these are the shooting controls: L1 = ready weapon, R1 = use weapon/knife, L2 = ready knife, R2 = toggle map. ok, switching between the two will get really confusing, (i have done it). but think about it, with the way they are done, you would think you could move while you shoot, like on dead space or GTA4 (terrible grand theft auto btw), but for some reason you just can't. see what i mean when i say "why?"

as far as i can tell, i've covered all of the big things besides the multiplayer, but there is a reason i was saving this for last, and that is that the co-op in the game is unbelieveably good. think about how hard it is to imagine RE4 as being a co-op game.... exactly, you can't. this is the same with RE5, but since the game is played through 100% with a partner, this obviously means that capcom concentrated on the cooperative more than you would expect. it's hard to explain why it's so good, but it is. i played it on split screen with one of my friends and i couldn't believe how much fun i was having, and despite how much i like the co-op, i haven't even tried it online yet. playing this game online with friends while using a headset to use teamwork would make for so much replayability. i could see myself playing RE5 online more than cod4. its just so fun!

i would reccomend this game to fans of resident evil 4, but dont get your hopes up. it is an awsome game, but its not as good as RE4. this game could even gain new fans among the gaming community, ones that havent played any of the old RE's. let me say this, if you liked RE4 and you would like to see how it would go as a high definition co-op game, get RE5! you wont be dissapointed in that respect.

actually, one thing i forgot to mention was how the item management goes for the game overall, not just the single play through. you can play through the game on ameture, keep your upgraded weapons, keep your ammo (which you wont have much of anyway) and play through the game on normal. you may think this seems stupid, but trust me, you will need your upgraded weapons to get through professional.

+awsome graphics

+awsome sound

-awFUL dialogue

- i mean really awful

+as fun as RE4

+with some awsome moments

-and a lot of bad ones

- where is this 'fear' that i apparently can't forget?

+good story length compared to most recent games

-weird control scheme





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