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Resistance: Fall of Man Member Review for the PS3

jong4tv By:
GENRE First-Person Shooter 
PLAYERS 1- 40 
DEVELOPER Insomniac Games 
M Contains Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

What do these ratings mean?

Call of Duty game mix Rachet game that what I think game is

Opening: Great opening show the tittle screen good very awesome way.

The Story: Alternative World War 2 time that never happened. There was some a virus in Russian in 1920's-1930's that go over the hold world. The virus start over the world by 1949 then in 1950 get England the hole capitor city of England take-over. The vius that I am talk about is some-thing called Chermera that are like human soilder's will hardward that is not from those time's. Your Character that is the only character is called Nathan, Hale in U.S army. By July of 1951 the American army sent trooper's to help the people in England. Your character is sent there your mission meet up British resistance in York. Then by the secound level of the game you have the virus in that can heal in the game. Then  the Chermera bring back there base were turn human into then. You found other character that is lady that also the narrow of this game. So the hole story by other character tell you what happen's then you play will the story. There are lot's Chermera you meet over-time big one's to the little one's. Lot of the story you battle Urban battle's in city of England outside the capitor city of England. Laster in the story you finsh in the captior city of England save England from the Chermera. The narrow think that Nalan, Hale die in huge  destory a Chermera Town. After you watch who made this game. You get a clffhanger ending to the game. I am not huge fan of Cliffhanger ending. I real hate those ending. I real like game when only end that don't have cliffhanger. Lot game's have that thing those day's. Score is A+ for the story: I do like the story is will how chane histroy real histroy alternative of 1930-1950's. 

The Gameplay:  Game is has Rachet & Clank all over the game by weapon's, other thing in the game. Here one thing is game made by the company that start Rachet & Clank.

There lot weapon's in the game that look cool  use in the game and then there secret weapon's that you only by completel the game those gun you have found on you own.

On the human side you get base gun's

Shotgun that power gun as one barrel and two barrel shot

Machine gun: It is has big clip in the game will 50 round clip and also secoundary fire shot. Note when say big clip say only on the human side.

Rifle that as scroop that secoundary fire have slow motion that has be use so much in everything game.

Other gun's on the human side

On Chermeria of the game there more also gun's

Chermrea-Machine gun is called Bulleye it is shot lot bullet's and secoudary of to tag target's that cool gun in Chermea gun's. The easy gun found more round's.

Auger: This gun shot laser thought wall's and other sold object's and as Secoundary fire of sheild that only Auger laser

Other Chermera gun's that  will not say that I think there are secret at the end. When you replay the game.

There are grenade's in the game and mine's on chermera side

Human side: Only as Flag grenade's

Chemera side

A grenade's called Hedgehog that shot spike's out of and also a mine in the game

There also Mine's

One of mine is one shot a laser at you

There another mine that plastic mine that as crouch or up were never my favourite then

There are skill award when you are finish the game. It early design of PS3 tropic's because game come-out in 2006 before PS3 have those tropic's on the platform.

There is transport in the game

The first one is Jeep that feel like warhog from Halo series

The secoud transport Tank from Halo series

There is online play for the game. It the normal mode's Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, other mode's in diffture games. The game as lot's map's play on online some there are the single-player game. One thing that werid about this game this game as coopertave offline but no online feature. Since come-out in 2006 as laugh tittle for PS3. There lot people play the game. Not like other game called Turning Point: Fall of Libertry for PS3 that no one people. Found some-one play will was very hard. That also go for Xbox 360, PC version of Turning Point: Fall of Libretry.

There is Download content for the game cost nothing because of the sequest come-last year. So that is good cost nothing now.

There health bar that is squard will colour in then. You health self and there are health found in the battle.

There are lot creator of Chermera in the game that you meet and the narrow talk about and you can intel about creator's and people before U.S. army come to England.

Score A+ because great gameplay and also great online play. My favourite part of play this game is weapon's there cool try out.

The Graphics Look like Ratchet & Clank will engineed the creator the game use. Wait make the same company make Ratchet & Clank for Sony. One thing that cool the cutscene are use graphic of the gameplay. Lot game make the cutscene graphic's look better the graphic's in the game. I am not review that only give my thought about the graphic's. I give my thought on Gameplay and story other stuff. Not tell much love the graphic's in the game so much. In my review of Turning Point Fall of Libretry for PS3 that only my favourite review to check-out on my page say how much hate the graphic's in the game. One thing about this game as graphic for PS3 not for PS2 that Turning Point Fall of Libretry for PS3. Score: A+: Those graphic are for 2006 game for PS3 not like Turning Point Fall of Libretry for PS3. That look like PS2 graphic's so much thought game was codemaster since 2001 on there desk. Then one say let make the game put come for all the platform and no Wii game.

The Music: Very good music that make me feel like I play Halo game for PS3 then on Xbox 360.

History of this game; Will there is no history of game because this game not very old like about 3-4 year old.

Good Things:

Not another world war 2 game that so many of then +

Have lot fun will gun's in the game +

Feel like Halo game for PS3 in good way +

Bad Things:

Sometime's hard game to play -

Cliffhanger in Video game's don't like -

Ending of the review: This game that has lot play online it. Since come out in 2006 only for PS3. I like this game and lot other people like this game lot. The game as very high replay value to replay the game over again found the secret game's that cool use. This game show have great idea can make great game. Not like game called Turning Point Fall of libretry that how great idea can make-up be not very good game. Score for this game is A+ 98% will this game does have some problem's will. Every game as problem will some game you have fun play will the time you have after school or work, anyother thing. Then those game make feel you waste you life. But this game does feel I waste my money and time on great game. That is why I give this game  mark as A+ 98% was going give it 100% for the game but I am not fan of Cliffhanger's in anything. Like game that end that is over and hope you at stay play the game.

Will I am think about review Resistance 2 for PS3 or Killzone for PS2 will I think about it soon.










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