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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Member Review for the PS3

jong4tv By:
PUBLISHER Codemasters 
DEVELOPER Spark Unlimited 
T Contains Language, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

War is heck this game is it

The Opening: To the single-player is that tell you about histroy on World war 2 but then it what if some stuff that would change histroy that Americans and Canadians, other countrys fight the Germans fali the battle.

The Trailder: As be preview of lot's of websites and TV shows that preview games and Video for the Trailders  make the game will not be bad game when it comes out

The Story: That alias fail fight back of German's in World War 2 and tell you about on something that happned in 1930's. By 1950 Germans take over every where but not North American or South American. On sunny day in 1952 or 53 the germans attack New York. You places as a work on building that you make then you knows airplanes come near you then you get off place found your first bad guy that he is landing get ready to kill you then kill he found you first weapon. After get to the streets you found army hold the line for every ones that is live trains by that you have to hold the line then worst that have have put a bomb under the tank and if you
go out of your place that hold the line you dead what the heck real dumb that the people that made the game that dumb for the player then there is cutscene of Newscast say about German's have attack New York, Washington D.C and any place on eastern side board. Next mission is that you are in city that Germans scoops will lasers so get to the end then. You go to Washington D.C that the Germans got the hole city on lock down. One thing when there is a cutscene will Newscater is places of World War 2 wow that show have cheap codemaster was for make this game. Is the first games that have hear that you can destroy the White house. Then after Germans were make the Nuclear bombs. So You have stop the Germans for did that by going in to a Castle in England found make of the bombs and see if he can defuse then. By that you have only more bomb to defuse but it on the Germans battleship then you get on then the end is What is heck was that. By that you man that you plays as save world and defuse the bomb he as only secs to jump in to the sea then does not do that dies wow what a ends real sucks. Final score D+  Looks like Codemaster was try out something on it but did not work out

The Gameplay:

Will you use weapons that the Germans have made got can because lost there power in world War 2

German MP 40 will flashlight

Scoops gun will laser for dark places

Light Machine gun will More bullets other new stuff

Handguns are the same

Rocket gun that can  shots more rockets out of it

There other weapons that Germans in other future

Light Machine turrent that never heat up


Tommy Gun that very hard to kill anything

Handgun that is ok and hard to found in the game

Rifle that hard kill anything will

Other Light machine turrent that is the samething

Bomb parts very hard to

Checkpoint's  like on   the last level of the game is so hard feel like was playing Super Mario Bros 3 on Last world that how hard take me over 2 hours get to end of a hanger on battleship in the sky what is will that.

One thing is odd about this game to get cheats you need call a number in book what the heck will that is like what was talk about in Clive Barker's Jerchio for Xbox 360 will I think CodeMaster is do see if can make some of money on that have call there place to get allowed you use cheats

The Game short other first-persons not real like Call of Duty 4 was almost close to that

Online look after think

You only get 2 modes Team deathmatch and Deathmatch what real sad online play  almost no ones is play this game when rent only saw 4 people then me play online to together

Heal is the samething get hit three times and you are dead

Last levels of the game feel like a game never it was

Final score D- Feel like Codemaster was think more then did there jobs will make this game be a hit all right it is  a very bad game but can rise up for the problems will no will show you what I am talking about

The Graphics: Are lame and bad and out of date have look at better graphics on Ps2  game  then is bag of BullS***t that is called a video game. Final score F because Was this game going be on Xbox or PS2 look for the graphics and samething on Xbxo 360 verson of this game

Will the only thing that is keep is game live is the Music lf the game was not great game would go into places that I called What the heck I am on this platform only one other game got that far go in there Hour of Victor for Xbox 360 that I redo. Both will be happened there but not got that far down the hole let called this game is hold on for dear life.

Will let move on to Music

The Music: The music is not bad but not as good like a game called Halo other great games Final score C

The Histroy: Will can't found any histroy about this game but to make up for it will tell oyu about Codemaster Company will back in 1980's to early 1990's Codemasters was very bad games that were to hard boring anything other then that but clean up there actor when 2000 start now is make bad to good games.

Good Things:

Will Codemaster had a great thing to make out is game not work out but try out +

Better then play another World War 2 god real hate those games I know about histroy on World War 2 all ready +

Will the game going to pass grade +

Bad Things:

The game is short and real want more out of it -

Online look and feels like CodeMaster staff spent like one day on it and forgot about -

One thing kept is game for be in What the Heck place -

Everything Gameplay is not good only Germans guns kept the Gameplay life -

Ending of this review:

Codemaster was do something that gamers called see what work and stuff does not work will look this game secound place not the first place at all. So ovally that is games into that place called Will we try something and going to have friends like Shadow the hedgehog for Xbox and Ps2 and Gamecube and other friend is Sonic The hedgehog for Xbox 360 and Ps3

FInal score D- because Codemaster did try but pass be off will not game that real say Piss-me off like what Hour of Victor for Xbox 360 did for me. one thing everyones hate for game makes then into be angry will for me it only Hour of victor. One thing to say me and Armake 21 or now on Youtube called NicotineAlien we both hate Hour of Victor that why write that review of Hour of Victor and redo it check out of your self. 51%

Will have dones this review and did not know what video game want review next

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