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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Member Review for the PS3

TheDiesel By:
GENRE Action 
DEVELOPER Naughty Dog 
T Contains Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

I've always loved Naughty Dog, from their early work with the Crash Bandicoot series, to their
PS2-highlight Jak & Daxter.  After Jak 3 was made, Naughty Dog fell silent until the launch of the PS3, where they entitled Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, which became a name synonymous with Sony's current-gen system. Fast forward two years, and the major-hyped Uncharted 2 rolls into the PS3 with a chip on its shoulder and a lot of pressure over itself.  I can personally say, I have a new favorite Naughty Dog game.

Uncharted 2 starts you off on what looks like a wrecked train.  You are Nathan Drake, and you're
bleeding from the hip; once you regain your consciousness you realize you're hanging vertically from, indeed, a wrecked train.  What would possibly be an intro scene for any other game, Uncharted 2 gives you a tutorial of the game while escaping certain doom in the wreckage.  Here you are introduced to Uncharted's gorgeous graphics, which are off the charts in terms of other games I've seen.  Player models are crisp and lively, backdrops look photo-realistic, and the whole gaming world in Uncharted 2 has the immense feel of polish that is incredible for knowing that it only took two years to complete this game.  It makes you wonder how other game companies are not seeing this and implementing it so their game can look this good.  The immersion of this game is fantastic, Uncharted 2 will keep you on your toes, no part of the game is safe: poles bend and break, signs fall, and grappled ledges break when you're on them.  The little details make the game look so pretty, as well as make Among Thieves not a carbon-copy world where everything is perfectly laid out for you; it's a war-torn, grisly world, and Naughty Dog makes you feel it when you're hanging for your life and are given the will to continue on.  It's a tremendous feeling.

While the graphics give incredible immersion, the detail of character development really goes the extra
mile.  All the characters in Uncharted 2 are voiced incredibly well and are very easy to enjoy and get used to.  I couldn't think of one character where I didn't care about what he or she was saying.  It feels like Naughty Dog put a lot of time an effort making sure these characters fit into this gaming world as much as the action does.  Plus the level of detail on the characters almost makes them look real: the lip-syncing is top notch, the little details like hair move perfectly and don't feel stapled on; these little details go a long way for me.

But what's a good game without good gameplay?  Well Naughty Dog certainly delivers with the
over-the-top moments to include a near perfect gameplay system.  Uncharted 2 borrows heavily on other cover-shooter games, but in a sense feels all its own.  The run-and-gun system with hip-fire and switching out weapons on the go in the middle of a firefight while running away from people is just a ridiculously awesome feeling.  The only gripe I have is that some weapons feel almost impossible in achieving headshots, and can be kind of concerning for later enemies and on harder difficulties where headshots are key.

While the singleplayer experience is as good as it is, Naughty Dog added a plethora of bonuses to
collect.  With 100 treasures within the game, and extra features able to buy [with in-game money] such as: new costumes, different visual settings, infinite ammo, and so on.  To the added replayabilty Uncharted 2 possesses, the extras give an extra breath of fresh air if you feel like playing through again.  Along with the replayability comes the Multiplayer section of Among Thieves.  What you would expect to be a tack-on multiplayer like most single-player oriented games have shipped out these days turns out to be quite good.  With perks like Call of Duty to be unlocked and a good amount of different playlists to continue your onslaught, the multiplayer facet is more than enough to add extra hours to your experience.

The one and only gripe I feel that really needs to be talked about is the final boss of the game.  I won't
spoil what happens, but just know it will be an excruciating experience.  The set of the boss shows nothing of what the game was possessing and just tacked on a simple gimmick, yet cranked the difficulty super high due to the boss' nature.  Once you play it, you'll understand what I'm talking about.  But other than this one problem, Uncharted 2 is a perfect game that deems multiple playthroughs with an insane amount of extra features and a multiplayer actually worth talking about.  Get this game.

  • + Perfect Gameplay
  • + Gorgeous Graphics
  • + Spectacular Action
  • + Above-Average Multiplayer
  • + Extras Aplenty
  • - That Damn Final Boss
[P.S. - Hi everyone, I've had a SEVERE case of Writer's Block, and this really should've been done like 3 weeks ago.  Sorry it took so long.  I'm setting up a GameFly account soon and I'll give more reviews in since I can broaden my gaming library.  Stick around!]

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