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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Member Review for the PS3

damo_rox619 By:
GENRE Action 
DEVELOPER Naughty Dog 
T Contains Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

This year has been an epic year for video games. Last year, the only games that really caught my eye were metal gear solid 4 (i am a fan of the series) and dead space, even grand theft auto IV didn't do it for me. But there were obviously big expectations for the gaming world this year. Resident evil 5, Killzone 2, Assassin's creed 2, Modern warfare 2 (especially) and of course, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

I can honestly say that RE5 was great even though it didn't exactly succeed over RE4. Killzone 2 i did not enjoy one bit and inFamous was slightly enjoyable but only a hiree at best. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was the first PS3 game i owned (alongside the dreadful Motorstorm) and i could instantly see was going to be one of the greatest series of the generation. Despite the fact that it was the first game of this generation i'd played, i think it deserves to be seen as even more than that. and this is coming from someone with 18 xbox 360 games and 10 PS3 games. I was hoping for so many things to go right with Among Thieves and didn't expect many of them to come true, i.e better graphics, longer story, some kind of multiplayer or co-op mode, and to be at least a little more appreiciated than the surprisingly unheard of Uncharted 1.

But when i saw the wildly early review from (around 15-20 days before the games release) i couldn't believe what i'd read. A 9.5 out of 10 and claiming that "Among Thieves is not perfect, but it's as close as you'll get from any game these days", and seeing the x-play review: "There are only so many good things i can say in the short time i'm given, but you can quote me on this one. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the best single player experince i have ever played". I was afraid i was going to get to the point of expecting too much and ruining the whole experience for me. but as i found out on the day of release, Among Thieves is too good to even let that happen.

Everything I wanted to go right did, not to mention the the amount of surprises i got from seeing everything else the game does. The games menu system is the same basic layout as the original, with no load time between different menu's and having the same tune from Drake's Fortune with the slightest change that most people would barely notice. It still has that great Uncharted feel that makes you want to start the adventure. excuse me cheesey-ness. You start off in probably the best introduction in any game in years (or the best ever) just waking up inside a train hanging over a cliff and only being held up by the cart attatched to it and being forced to climb your way to safety. climbing may not sound like fun, but it is enjoyable and the graphics with the music are very dstracting as they are both phenomenal. There is no better game for graphics, not even Metal Gear Solid 4. And for you 360 owners, no. Gears of War 2 is not compareable with either of them. The PS3 exclusive games have monumentally better visuals than anything on the xbox. exclusive or not.

Even with the amount of praise i've given the Graphics, which are generally seen as one of the best aspects of the game, i'm only getting started with the positives. Uncharted 2 is one of those very very VERY rare games where the single player campaign is not boring from start to finish. Most people will say that while still thinking that there are some boring parts, like the street roaming parts of Halo 3: ODST, the level "Safehouse" on COD4, and all of Fable 2. But this game is literally, trust me, never boring. the climbing parts, the puzzles, the action, the final boss fight, everything. Every chapter, every cutscene, just plain everything is awesome or at least interesting. And to heighten the awesomeness, there a plenty of movie-like playable moments that are only seen in the likes of Die-Hard, Star Wars and (the overrated) transformers. And what is probably the greatest part, despite the fact that it ends, it isn't a short game! In its entirety, the single player campaign is, in my mind, flawless. Even the voice acting and dialogue can't be beat. normally i'd have a hard time telling what voice acting is good at what isn't, but even i know that this game's actors really know what they're doing. Especially Nolan North (the voice of Nate).

The Co-op is surprisingly fun for a mode that no one cares about. They are objective based missions, they handle lag well and it takes it's settings from the campaign so people will instantly feel at home. The multiplayer itself is even a nice surprise. just like everything else, its very fun. it has unlockables, or buyables, it has a ranking system, and you can choose your own characters. I haven't played a lot of the multiplayer but i know that it is better than the likes of GTA4 and splinter cell, even if it doesn't match up to the online based Call Of Duty or Halo, but this is not a multiplayer game so don't expect to much because no one really cares much about it. Again, this game is all about the single player.

One area of unocassional criticism from critics is the stealth section of the game near the start since it's unrealistic. WHO CARES? it's fun! as long as it's fun, realism doesn't matter. i've always played games by that logic and that's why i enjoy them as much as I do. The story in the game is simple yet interesting. It doesn't try to get to complicated but it has enough twists and turns to keep you playing (not that the gameplay won't do that anyway).

Uncharted 2 is equal with MGS4 as my favorite game of all time. It deserves to be known as game of the year and i am not joking. Modern Warfare 2 is the biggest thing in the way but i have played and finished both, and even though the difference is only  marginal, like, very marginal, Uncharted 2 Among Thieves is a better game and is the best game of this generation. Period.

+ Benchmark Graphics

+ Unbeatable Voice acting and dialogue

+ Fun, long and interesting story

+ Promising multiplayer

+ Even better Co-op

+ Blockbuster movie action sequences...

+ ...And they're playable moments!

+ Never boring

+ Excells any expectiations and disproves any doubts





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