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FEATURED VOXPOP oblivion437 Update: I was unfortunately not aware of Shamus Young's severe criticism of Fallout 3 available here to link in the original piece and I regret that.  It dovetails rather nicely with what I've written and it's much better executed than my piece.  I strongly recommend anyone...

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Member Review for the PS

T Contains Animated Blood and Gore, Animated Violence

What do these ratings mean?


rnAn classic and appreciated game that put you in spoils of Dracula's son seeking to put an end to chaos generated from former castle' s new appearance. An rare and expensive gem deserves your attention. It's big due to fact that is a pseudo RPG game and you have to build your experience. You have a big quest to carry but it is worthy every time you play it. This is generally considered one of the best PSX titles of all time and simply it is.
A special ovation to gorgeous soundtrack: You have to hear it, it is for sure the strongest point game has to offer. rn

P.S: For those ppl concerning is not your standard castlevania I warn you can playing real castlevania action simply putting RICHTER once you finished the ordinary game.


Presentation B+
Graphics B
Sound A+
Playability A
Lasting Appeal A-

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