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Crash Bandicoot Member Review for the PS

Superweapon667 By:
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Crash Bandicoot
"What is a bandicoot?" I know what it is
Presentation and Introduction

 - When Naughty Dog went on to the world of video gaming, the Crash Bandicoot character was a big mascot for the SONY PlayStation, which was the starting of a new series in 1996!
Plot and Story

 - An experimented animal protagonist Crash Bandicoot genetically created by the antagonist Dr. Neo Cortex comes across the idea to create an army of super-animal beings to conquer the world with the help of Nitrus Brio. When Crash comes across as a failure and is rejected he is then ejected from the laboratory. As for that Crash does love interest Tawna is at the lab and is held there need rescue. As where Crash's adventure comes across he has to get past the evil forces.
Gameplay and Level Design

 - The gameplay of 'Crash Bandicoot' is your usual standard typical platform game where you have to go through the level all while controlling the character Crash Bandicoot throughout the game on over three different island kind of similar to the "Mario games' where it’s an over-head map. Crash's attacks are a spin attack and a jump attack as where goes, you will be able to break boxes as they contain special items inside such as apple-like fruit which are known as Wumpa Fruit which are found throughout the game most of the time, other items are extra lives, an Aku-Aku mask which is a one hit time only which protects you from harm and if three are obtained then you get an invincibility and run through the level and sometimes token which comes in character shaped heads such as Tawna Bandicoot, Dr.Cortex and Brio. A different crate which there is, there is an explosive crate which is a "TNT" crate which cannot be used to spin but can be jumped on which goes off in 3 seconds, goes down to "1" it explodes.
There are about to 32 levels in the game (counting the bosses) which are creative and well designed and have a very linear and one way place where you can only traverse forward, if you go back the camera doesn't turn where you are going in the opposite direction. In the chase levels the camera makes you focuses in a reverse area where you have to run away from a giant boulder as it is like you are in an action movie. There are other levels that have you in a side scrolling perspective view where it is like the 'Mario' games as it goes on.
The levels consist of a beach which is really easy, few jungles easy, ruins which have a fair difficulty and the castle labs of Cortex which are harder. There's also a level which lets you play as Crash riding on a hog through the native villages of avoiding obstacles where it gets fun sometimes and sometimes aggravating trying not to crash into anything in your path. 
Bosses in the game have their own pattern of when you have to come up with a strategy when you have time to attack them before they get a chance to attack first. 
 There is a VERY frustrating flaw to this game which my friend addressed. The save system is VERY broken. To save, you must go through a level, collect 3 tokens, complete a Bonus Stage, then choose to save. The problems that arise from this are that you save half-way through a level, when you quit, you must replay the level from the start. Another problem is that each level can only be saved in once, you cannot save in a level where you completed the Bonus Stage. You MUST find the 3 tokens to access the Bonus Stage, and what if you fail the Bonus Stage? You CANNOT SAVE! (You collect passwords through the same process.) 
You can partially remedy this by looking up passwords online, but it won't remember your progress 100% (gem collecting).
Graphics and Animation

 - The game's levels are very well designed and well detailed as some parts do look polygonal and not at all look like a jumbled mess of pixels. As the back on the PlayStation era this was very well designed and detailed for a PSX / PS1 game and the backgrounds and environments have a lot of solid shadowing and lighting here and there. Everything in the environment has a linear atmosphere and fits in with the creativity it has in the jungle and ruins environments in the game have a very realistic feel but a bit drowned off. The 'Generator Room' level has te best details in my opinion as it looks like you're onboard an alien spaceship.
 The polygons on the characters were just a few pixels in size which at times lack a few or many details, shadowing and shading, shaded characters would look better than textured ones. Thus, polygons were emphasized over textures; this was advantageous in that it allowed the programmers more polygons to work with and allowed them to work around the PlayStation's real lack of texture correction or polygon clipping.
The character models of the game have their own animation to put some motion into it but far as that goes the animation at times can be a bit mediocre. As where the Crash model's death scene he is in a death animation they did put some comedic feel into it. 
Animation I say could have been better but comes down to being mediocre and the graphics are great and almost perfect for a PS1 / PSX game.
Sound Effects and Music

 - The sound effects in the game are original and cartoonish, as they do fit well into the game's atmosphere and universe. Sounds in the game that are the most recognizable is the Wumpa Fruit collecting sound effect that you hear almost through the entire game at times and it is unique. Other sounds sound like typical, traditional cartoon sound effects that you might hear in a show that is full of slapstick at times.
Music is great but not that memorable or forgettable but it does fit into the environments of the cartoonish world of this game. As each level has their own different background music they use different types of music and instruments to add into the background of the area which is quite fitting and it feels as it’s got that usual American / Western cartoon feel to it. 
Music so far is quite decent and the sound effects are done nicely and go down to being decent too.

Plot and Story - 4 / 10
Gameplay and Level Design - 7 / 10
Graphics and Animation - 9 / 10
Sound Effects - 6 / 10

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