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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Member Review for the Wii

GENRE Action 
T Contains Animated Blood, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

Corrupting Social Life

Samus is out to kick some ass once again - Finally! Because that turd Dark Samus has resurrected out of some phazon pod and is much more powerful than before. So powerful, infact, that she has corrupted the real Samus with phazon power...the problem is, Samus is liking it!

I'll hop (actually I'll space jump) to the details. You start the game in the galactic federation ship called Olympus (or GFS Olympus), and it's basically a walking tutorial of the basics from where you start, to where you have to meat the admiral for a new mission brief. Straight away after the brief, the space pirates attack the federation. After that it's Samus fighting in a warzone on the ship with frequent space pirate battles.

However, once you arrive on the planet of the new mission, things explode even further! A big Phazon meteorite is pummeling into the planet, and it's up to you and the other hunters: Ghor, Rundus and Gandrayda to save this planet. However, they all meet Dark Samus, she then corrupts them all with a phazon virus - that *****.

From there on, Samus has to save these planets from corruption due to having these phazite meteorites crashing into their planets (namely Leviathans). From there on, the story elaborates and is full of surprise, deceit, and corruption!

So the gameplay is the same as before, better actually. You still wonder around the areas at your own accord, discovering all those new weapons and powers. Solving puzzles left, right and centre in order to progress to the next room - it's still like Zelda in the future. However, some of the time you tend to get more than one mission. It's less linear than the previous Metroid Prime titles, and it's a little more freedom to walk around.

Lots of tangents to go back on aswell, on the way there are many doors that you cant open due to lack of utilities. About Samus' utilities...well they're pretty sweet. You have the power beam, which is your standard gun where you point and aim with the wiimote to shoot. Then you have the grapple beam, which is controlled by the nunchuk. Then there are other new power-ups, including command visor where you control your ship to attack, pick-up objects, and of course travel you to different destinations. Can only be used in certain circumstances though of course.

Since you got corrupted by that douche Dark Samus, you now have the ability to go into Hypermode (thanks to some fit techs who attached a phazon suit enhancement device). So Hypermode (sounds good just saying it huh), press the + button, and you become phazon elite for a certain amount of time at the price of health! In this mode you can fire phazon beams, then you can gather power-ups where you can use other hypermode abilities. However be warned, sometimes you can get corrupted, and you have to keep shooting phazon just so you dont go ballistic and turn into another Dark Samus (if this happens you get game over). Also, you need to watch the balance between hypermode and health, as the ammo for hypermode is your health. It's a good tactic to have because you have to choose the right time to go hypermode.

Scan as many objects as you can! This time you can gather points depending on the objects you scan, and you then purchase using these points to attain soundtrack songs, movies, and art galleries etc. Also kill a lot (goes without saying), because you get friends vouchers, which you can send to your wii buddies!

The graphics look superb! Everything in Samus' sight has a healthy futuristc glow, and there are epic amounts of detail given to the Metroid world. It's amazing to look at, in fact sometimes you will be so jaw-dropped by the environment you'll forget that there are enemies around you(has actually happened, scared the crap out of me).

I do have one minor problem that I wish to say however. When Samus is fighting an enemy, you have the choice to lock onto the enemy so that he is centered. When locked on, you can do a strafe jump to dodge fast attacks, which is the same button as a normal jump. But when the enemy does quite a fast movement, the lock-on releases without you realising sometimes and then when trying to strafe jump, you do a normal jump and get hit! Pretty annoying! I dont know if the producers intended the lock-on to release on fast enemy movement, but it's not good either way.

The sound creates half of this fantasic environment as well. Sounds are scattered everywhere, when in a ruined space chamber you hear fuses going off, and lights flashing all over the shop. When in a more rural area, you hear the wind, sounds of falling debris. It's not just the looks that are detailed. I have to say, the music is a lot better than previous titles, they've kept the same melodies EG the space pirate fighting music. But you can tell without thinking, that the music is of better quality - maybe they got a new artist, i dont know. But you can tell it's improved from previous titles even if you're not into music that much.

Overall...phwoar (sound of jaw-dropping like you do when you see Elisha Cuthbert). This game is an amazing experience. The story is very gripping, I cant take my eyes of it. I think that's why the game is much better, because I couldn't really get into the first. The controls are spot-on, along with the sounds and looks. And it's one of those gaming experiences that HAS to be done I think. So be like Samus, and get corrupted into the game!

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