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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Member Review for the Wii

GENRE Action 
M Contains Blood and Gore, Violence

What do these ratings mean?

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (crappy 10 Minute) RE:view
The Resident Evil series has been the true start of survival horror games since the Sony Playstation. In this series, the total count for the main series is: 0, 1,  Code Veronica, 2, 3, and 4, but it does have its spin-offs (both craptacular and great): , Resident Evil: The Missions, Resident Evil: Survivor, Resident Evil Outbreak, Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, Resident Evil: Dead Aim, Resident Evil Gaiden, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, and Resident Evil: Survivor 2. But now, we add a new spin off to this series: Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. So grab your wii mote, and possibly a friend, as we finally uncover the secrets that Umbrella owns.
Let us start off with the graphics! The graphics in this game are superb and nothing less of it. The game is in First Person View, which means you get to venture the old classics in a new way. Of course, this is the Nintendo Wii, which means its graphics are not up to par of the Sony Playstation Three or the Microsoft Xbox 360. However, this does not mean it is bad, in fact for a Wii game, it looks great. The textures look well placed, the character models, if a bit overused, are also good, the enemy models look better than anything in the past Resident Evil games. Also, you might find your eyes wandering a bit, and only to find a familiar item! These graphics give you the perfect sense of fear, when a Crimson Hunter is about to swipe your face off, or a crazy Zombie Baboon rushes toward you. Thus, I give Graphics: A 8.5/10
Now, lets journey a bit more into this game, and lets talk Sound. Unfortunately, all of us Capcom fans have know that Capcom is notorious for its bad voice acting and dialogue *COUGHDanteandLeonCOUGH*. This is plain ridiculous, I mean Rebecca sounds like a Whiny 10 year old (Down Loli fans! DOWN!), and none of the characters sound like themselves. The sound effects for cut scenes or other places are absolutely laughable, I mean, in Mansion Incident 2, you are chased by a boulder and when it hits a wall, it sounds like a fracking spitball hitting your friends head (Dang you boulder, I’ll get you next time!). But other than that, the zombies and bosses have okay sound. But I can honestly say that the weakest part of this game is the sound quality. Thus a 6/10 for Sound Quality.
Thank GOD we are done with sound quality, now on to Story! Like every fellow Resi Evil fan out there knows, Resident Evil is all about the Umbrella and how they corrupted the world. Now, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles is the retelling of Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 1, and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and although the lack of Resident Evil 2 is a bit disappointing, it fits in very well. Also, it appears that the game features what Albert Wesker was doing behind the scenes, HUNK surviving Resident Evil 2/3, and a new mission on how Umbrellas End came to be. Also, files you can receive by shooting special breakable objects will lead you on to an intriguing story. Despite the shortness of the game, it compresses the story into one well fit package. Thus, I award Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles a 10/10 for story!
Now, about replay value! The replay value in this game is pretty good if I do say so myself. Umbrella Chronicles will keep you coming back for more, a lot more really! In this Resident Evil, you can collect and upgrade weapons like you could in Resident Evil, but in this one Stars counts as upgrades.  Not only that, but like I mention before, you can acquire certain files to venture into the darkness that is Umbrella. Then, we have missions, and in which you can get higher ranks to unlock items from the past Resident Evils, or unlock stages. In addition to missions, there are difficulty modes: Easy (WIMP!), Normal (Wimp), and Hard (not a wimp). Also, you may grab a friend and play Co-op mode to battle the dreaded zombies together! Umbrella Chronicles is chock full of things not T virus stuff, to make you come back for more. An 8.5/10 for Replay value.
We have know ventured into sound, replay value, story, and graphics, are you ready to blow off some zombies heads with the Wii remote? The control in this game is all point and click shooting. You will aim the IR sensor to an enemy and press the B button to shoot. To throw grenades, press the A button, and then the B button while holding down the A button, this will decrease your counter for grenades by one. You can use the directional pad to change your weapons (Up and down). The nunchuck, or the wired piece of the controller allows the analog stick to move around, along with the camera, the nunchuck’s C and R button lets you change weapon or pull out a knife. The only problems with the controls in this game, is that the aiming can get a tiny bit wonky, the zapper sucks with the game, and that looking around is albeit limited (but it does make sense because it is a rail shooter.). A 9/10 for Controls
Now the most important part of any game: Gameplay, the thing that determines if the game is good, or sucks like Bomberman Act Zer0. The gameplay in this game is standard Rail gun shooting, which means you only use the cursor in this game to aim and shoot. However, there moments in which there is Resi Evil 4 style, like when you get attacked by a zombie you can shake to counter attack(in which Albert Wesker is one of the coolest character evar even more) or in a cutscene where you have to press a button or shake the wii mote to escape or counter. Now, there are 20 different main weapons in this game in which you either have to find, or you get in certain levels, and they are all upgradeable up to level 5(hard mode only).

Continuing on, in Co-Op mode, you can have a friend team up with you to blow some heads off, and in this mode you will get two rankings in the end, one for you and another for your friend/brother/rival/lover (you are playing video games, so I doubt this).   There are also special stages like I mention before, like you get to play as Wesker, HUNK, Ada, or Rebecca. In ranks, you will be graded in certain areas: time, enemy hits, files collected, critical hits, and objects destroyed. While in levels, destroy paintings to stone objects to acquire items and files. A critical hit is a BIG problem in this game, often I found myself couldn’t even hit the red flashes because the critical points were way to small. Another problem that was so annoying is the alternate paths, and how there are not enough of them. But still even with these annoying (but small) gameplay mechanics, I reward Umbrella Chronicles a 8.5/10 for gameplay.
Overall, if you are craving to blast of some zombies with the wiimote, then I highly suggest this and Resident Evil 4 WiiEdition. The game itself however, does not compare to its superiors, such as The House Of The Dead series or Time Crisis series. But the game is very good, and I could not see this working on any console without a special peripheral. In the End, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles is literally a wet dream for Resident Evil fans but still does not compare to the superiors. But if there is one thing I can assure you, is that this game is better than Resident Evil Survivor series *shudders*. Now, if you may excuse me, I got to go take a Sharkazooka to Resident Evil Survivor.(credit goes to Spoonyone for this).
My Final score is not over 9000, sorry =(.
       FINAL Score: 8.9/10 for Resident Evil Fans
       FINAL SCORE: 8.4/10 for regulars.
       FINAL SCORE: Whytheheckareyouplayingthis?/10 for people who hate Resident Evil

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