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Super Mario Galaxy Member Review for the Wii

GENRE Action / Adventure 
E Contains Mild Cartoon Violence

What do these ratings mean?

                    Here it is folks: That time of the decade when another great Mario game is released! And to celebrate this amazing accomplishment, we have his lovely brother, Luigo- ( Sun: Luigi ) Luigi here, to help review this game! Aren't you excited? So, Luigio- ( Sun: Luigi godd#mnit) I mean Luigi, how are you today?
                                                           Luigi: I'm doin a' good!
Dance_Dude: Well that's just fantastic huh? :D So, we're here to talk about the Wii's newest game, Super Mario Galaxy, a fantastic game, don't you think Luigi?
                 Luigi: It's iight. I mean, c'mon it's not the next ocarina of time or nothin.
Dance_Dude: Well, I disagree. In my humble opinion, this is one of the games to be released in the past few years.
Luigi: I don't a' believe it, this game has a nothin' on the god's of wars, and halo's, shut up before you get a fireball in the mouth! 
Dance_Dude: :O Well don't get mad at me because MARIO is getting all the spotlight. For the 8th time.........Luigi's mansion? lol Mario bought it!
                                             Luigi: I'll a' b!tch slap ya mama mia!
(Sun: Luigi, I know you aint trying to bag on people's mama's. There's a reason you came out green...........) CRACKLE!! Dance_Dude: Sun, you can't talk about nobody, with yo' ho a$$ being in the galaxy as it is- Mario was ALL OVA you in this game!!!SIZZLE!!!
                        Luigi: Ya mama mia's like a' goomba, everyone hops on her!
Dance_Dude: :O ( Sun: :Q ) Dance_Dude: Oh it's time to brawl mothaf#cka!) -Mario pulls a drive-by riding yoshi on dubs with his water canon.
                                         Mario: Take this, you son's of a' b!tche's!

                     That was an action packed paragraph huh? You want some more? Well, you better read it again, because I aint bout to get my a$$ wouped once more! :( Them shells hurt!! lol Good thing Super Mario Galaxy is there to save the day. Simply put, this is the most fun I've had with a game in a LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time. Everything about it is just, I don't know how to explain it, just so damn LUVABLE. Not with an O, but a U. As in, U will love this game. I don't know how else to say it. It's like Nintendo took everything you loved about mario, and multiplied by 10. And then subtracted all the bullsh#t that was left. One hell of an equation huh? From your first footsteps on Mushroom Kingdom ( Again ) to the final battle with Bowser ( Again ), everything is just so damn perfect. I RARELY say that word, and yet I'm using it to describe EVERYTHING in this game. Well, wait a minute, EVERYTHING's not perfect..........but I'll get to that in a minute. Awww, to hell with it.

                     We need a new story. Plan and simple. Peach gets kidnapped. She screams. Bowsers takes her to his castle. ( Or galaxy....) He laughs. Mario Jumps. He says, "Woohoo!"
This is really the only things you need to know about the story. OH!! And the plot twist that happens half way OH MY! ( Sun: And what's that? ) Me: Oh, what a great question Sun! Well, since it's a PLOT TWIST, it might be a good idea to keep it to myself. That way we won't anger others, and you'll get further enjoyment out of this game! ( Sun: Oh I'm sorry dance_dude, I couldn't hear you walago! Maybe it was the unclear point, I don't know. Maybe it was the bullsh*t.) -_- Very funny Sun. Kind of like this game's story, haha. It's funny how we get the same story every game, hahehe. You're killing us, Nintendo, hahaha. No really, you're killing us, come up with a new story please? I know some of you are going to be like: "Well, the story helps keep the game nostalgic while still being fresh to play!" Well, that might be true, but really, Nintendo can throw a curveball in the storyline SOMEWHERE in the mario saga. Maybe Peach can kidnap bowser, and then Mario will have to.........I'll shut up now.

                     But whatever Nintendo changes ( or doesn't ) with the stroryline, they better not change the brilliant platforming elements this game contains. I've never played a platform game that has you runing parallel, then upside down, then FLYING, then around and then inside all on the flip of a dime. Sure, we're used to having topnotch platforming with Mario games, but I don't think they've ever been this unique and different and complex,(run-on!) or this fun, for that matter. I mean, c'mon, the first galaxy is called 'Good Egg' Galaxy! If it was me who was designing this game, we would have still been on Mushroom Kingdom! (lol) And the power-ups- they're as cool as they ever were, and yet again, your almost DEPENDENT on these to progress. But, as messy as that last sentence is, the game never once forced me, or made me feel like I HAD to have that power to make it. It's sort of like saying you can do it other ways, but THIS way is more fun. Oh, and Fireball mario is, and will always be, the best power there is. Just putting it out there.....this really is the most well-rounded gameplay I've ever seen from Nintendo.

                        But however good the actual gameplay is, the graphics look even........well, they look good. And not just 'Wii' good either. I'm talking about 360 good! Everything is smoothed out to where there isn't an actual 'edge' to be seen, and everything blows and dies all 'fluffy' like. I know these are lame words describing how this game looks, but c'mon, how else would you describe it? "This game looks space like!" No no no no no no, you describe it like this: "Everything is smoothed out to where there isn't an actual 'edge' to be seen, and everything blows and dies all 'fluffy' like" See? *BOP* OUCH!! Who threw that shell? Chik-chik.

                       And you know, out of all the things I noticed, I never once thought of the two objects in my hands while I was playing. Whether I was moving mario, or the Nunchuck, it all felt second nature. Too bad I noticed the camara though. Not badly though, mind you! :D The more I looked for the camara to screw up like it did in sunshine, the more I was dissapointed. I really wanted to find a flaw in this game! ( That was an adventure in itself )

                      Maybe I'll find one in the sound department! Dun-Dun-Duuuuuuunnn. But then I heard that old Mario Melody that played on the tetris looking galaxy, so I had to throw this assumption out the window. :( To be frank, listening to how many remixed throwbacks this game had was almost as fun as the game itself. I guess I could say this game had no bass WHATSOEVA, but...........can I dock this game a point for that?..............Hmmmmmmmm.

                      You know you have a winner on your hands when your TRYING to find something wrong with a game. ( Sun: It's not that difficult with your mom :O) What is up with you today? Did wario sit on you? Ok, let me skip to another paragraph so I can get away from Sunny D right here.

So yeah, (Sun: Boo!)

Anyway ( Sun: aboogaboogaboo!) BOOOOM

......................Hello? Sun are you here? Oh yea, my fault, I accidently pulled the trigger in your direction, I'm sorry- can we still be friends after this? Oh, let me pull a peter griffin, remember the time you talked about my mom, and I shot you? haha, classic.

                    So yeah, this really is the game to beat for the year (Or years) in my book. But who knows? Maybe a game will come along that's insanely addictive, incredibly fluid, magnificantly revolutionary, and genre changing........yeah, I don't think that'll happen for a while either. Get the point? Good. Now get this game.

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