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Wii Sports Member Review for the Wii

SkylerOcon By:
GENRE Sports 
E Contains Mild Violence

What do these ratings mean?

Well, hope you all enjoy this review seeing as I'm the only one who made one!  Not even the site admins did!  But still, Wii Sports is an unusually appealing game for somebody who can't stand the very thought of sports, much like myself.  All five of the games, Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf, and Tennis, stay fairly true to their real-life counterparts


Baseball is the second most complex of the five Wii Sports games.  Actually it’s only kind of complex, the only real complex one is Boxing.  But you know what?  Boxing has nothing to do with Baseball!  So back to the point, shall we?  Pitching and Batting are the only two actions that the player will perform throughout the course of this games.  You bat exactly like you would expect yourself to.  You swing the Wii-mote and pray not to smash your family’s priceless $50,000 vase.  You have a chance of four separate pitches, those would be splitter, screwball, curveball, and fastball.

The splitter would be the most confusing out of all of those.  It looks like a fastball, and then bam!  It’s out of the batters box, and it looks like your about to get a ball!  The screwball… well, I really haven’t found what the big deal about that is.  Nothing bad about it.  The curveball curves and it’s tricky to hit, but it goes very slow, so you have plenty of time to thing ‘What could I do to get a life?’ and my personal favorite ‘Why won’t that hot chick/hot guy go out with me?’.  The fastball is fast.  No trickiness included.  So basically, the best out of all of these I would say is the curveball.  I just like laughing at people think about how pitiful they are.

Now then, what about the fielding?  Well, I got you some bad news!  Ya don’t.  Fielding is done by the computer and is absolutely NOTHING like real baseball.  No matter how the computer catches it on the inside of the baseball diamond, it’s an out.  Now then, for outside of the baseball diamond, if they catch the baseball from in the air, regardless of whether or not the baseball got there from bouncing up from the ground, it’s an out.  It can also be either a single, double, triple, or a home-run.  Not surprisingly, you get the home-run by either hitting it in the stands, or hitting it out of the park.  You get either a triple, double, or single depending on how long the ball is rolling on the ground outside of the baseball diamond.

The baseball section does have some flaws, mainly the fielding thing.  But it’s fun, but not the best in the world.

Baseball grade: B


The most realistic of all five of the Wii Sports.  Basically you follow the exact same formula of actual bowling.  Ten pins, and a ball that you throw at them.  But for all you SUCKY BOWLERS out there, there are none of those little bouncy things that prevent you from getting a gutter ball.  HAHAHA!

The bowling ball will go at different speeds depending on how you throw it.  Very realistic, no?  Another gratifyingly realistic feature of this game is the fact that you can tilt your wrist to hook the ball.  If you manage to perfect these two features, you’ll be able to get major pin knockdown-age.  t3h PWNAGE lol.  But be careful.  Much to the effect of actually bowling, strikes are tricky to get, but with practice, you’ll be getting 10 frames of pure strikes in no time!

Multiplayer is fun.  But, it’s bowling.  You do tend to become impatient with people who treat the game like they could win 20k off of it and spend 30 minutes angling their shot to perfection.  So I guess you could say that they should use a time cap on how long it takes people to finally throw the ball!  But no!  Nintendo didn’t, did they?

All I can really say is well… Bowling is… Bowling.

Bowling Grade: B-


Ah yes, the only part of the game requiring the numbchuck attachment.  It is very fun, and is incredibly simplistic.  I like simplicity, do you like simplicity?

This is the only Wii sport that could make you actually work up a sweat if you played it for a while.  It does have good controls, and through the quick speed that you’re moving your hands, the motion sensitivity works surprisingly well.  Though it sometimes does feel like that it doesn’t pick up a punch, this is a new technology for video games, and I’m impressed that Nintendo even got it to work.

With the boxing game, you use both the Wii-mote and the numbchuck (As I stated before).  The Wii-mote does more powerful punches, and if you get your timing right can pull a cliché moment and momentarily make time slow down as ripples spread across the screen from where your fist hit your opponets.  The numbchuck does weaker, but quicker, punches.  This does help if your opponent is low on HP and you need a quick knockout.

Another upside to boxing is just that it’s fun.  It’s fun to act like a crazy man punching an invisible enemy.  No wait, take that back.  I do that without Wii Sports.  How bout we say that it’s fun to punch the pixel’s out of a digital boxer’s boxers?  Yes, let’s go with that.

So, the multiplayer works excellently, and I was surprised that my sensor bar didn’t overload with the speed that my brother and I were punching!  The boxing is just all around fun ok!  OK!  Good, you agree with me!

Boxing score: A+


Don’t expect this one to be very long.  There’s really not much to say about it.

Basically, you get four clubs.  Listed from strongest to weakest, they would be Driver, Iron, Wedge, and Putter.  They each need to be used in specific locations, and require different techniques.

Another interesting aspect of Golf is the wind.  One hole, you’ll have no wind, and then the next you’ll have 29mph of it blowing to the left, when you need to hit the ball to the right.  It gets very annoying sometimes.  But hey!  Nintendo was going for realism and that’s what they did, so stop crying about it you noobish wuss!

You have an option of four modes.  Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, and the Nine-hole game.  The Nine-Hole Game is basically the three Beginner levels, Intermediate levels, and Expert levels rolled into one.  This is good if you just want to play a quick game, or aren’t good enough yet to do the Expert holes.  The putting is very realistic, and take my advice and use the ‘1’ and ‘2’ buttons on the Wii-mote while doing so.  It helps a lot!   

The Golf is fun, and is surprisingly fairly good for parties.  So, listen to me people, get 120 cases of your favorite beer and invite some friends over and hope that you don’t get to much puke on your Wii.

Golf grade: A-


Tennis is definitely a great game.  It beats boxing by far for those who want to know.

Basically, you use your Wii-mote as a racket, take aim, and fire!  You just learned how to hit a digital tennis ball!  Congratulations!  While it does seem easy, sometimes you’ll find yourself moving your hands faster than you do in Boxing, while sometimes you’ll find yourself waiting longer than for the curveballs in Baseball.  There are a few tricks that you can learn, such as angling the racket to make it go off in strange directions.  Another very useful trick is learning when to hit the ball for a serve.  If done right, it’ll go rocketing across the court, and the other player will either not hit the ball in time, or hit it so that it goes flying off court and they get an out.

The multiplayer is good, and can get dangerous in close quarters.  Be careful of noses.  That’s all I will say.  The reaction time of the players is good, but the game sometimes has trouble distinguishing the difference between your backhand and forehand.  In other words, sometimes the game will swing the racket in the complete opposite direction that you want it to.  I still have trouble with that.  Just practice and pretty soon it will only happen… 50% of the time!  Wow!  Such an improvement!  Not really, with practice you can get it to about 1% of your backhand swings which does make you play a lot better.

Tennis is basically incredibly simplistic, a good pick up and play, good for people who have no video game experience what-so-ever, and most importantly fun.

Tennis grade: A+

Training mode/Workout mode

Training and Workout mode use the same collection of fifteen mini-game, three for each sport.  While Workout mode chooses three at random for you to do, you select any of the ones you want in Training mode.

All of these games are fun.  Ok, a few are absolutely impossible, but some are really fun!  My personal favorite is power bowling, which is basically bowling, but after each frame a new row is added, and the end result is 91 bowling pins and once chance to knock them all down.  Do you got the skillz?

Another good one is Target Golf in which you hit a golf ball onto something that resembles and oversized dartboard and pray that you get the 100 point.  You can get either 10, 25, 50, 75, or 100 points per shot.  My best score sucks because I’m not a very good golfer.  But I wonder if you can do better than… 425 points!  Oh, what now?

I could list all of my favorites, but I think I’ve already wasted enough of your time with this game review!

Training/Workout mode score: A-


Wii Sports is a solid game and definitely could use a sequel with games such as basketball or track.  I absolutely love the Tennis and Boxing games, and while the Baseball could use a little fixing up, it’s still fun.  This game definitely deserves the best sports game of the year award.

And to top it all off, it’s free!

Overall score: A

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